Is Taric Gay or Straight? Here’s What We Discovered

Is Taric Gay

‘Is Taric Gay’ is the question many people in League of Legends fandom ask. This question has risen to prominence since the rumour that Taric could be gay originated. This rumour spread like wildfire as almost everyone in the league of legends community knew this rumour pretty fast. Even when I picked Taric in-game, players sent ‘gay’ messages in all chats.

This topic is discussed actively in many forums and subreddits related to League of Legends. This article will attempt to provide you with a complete and comprehensive understanding of the topic above so you can come to your own conclusion on whether Is Taric Gay or not.

That much being said, let us waste no further time and jump right into answering the question of Is Taric Gay or Straight?

Is Taric Gay?

There’s been a lot of speculation around the internet as to whether or not Taric, one of League of Legends’ most popular champions, is gay. Some believe that his flamboyant clothing and makeup represent a homosexual identity, while others say he has an unrequited crush on the other team members. There are also a group of fans that say he is neither gay nor straight and is just acting that way for the sake of entertainment.

Taric Appearance
Taric Appearance

First, look closely at supporting points representing the theory that Taric is gay. First, if you look at the character’s design in the game, you can see that he’s got a long ponytail, which is often seen as a traditional symbol of male homosexuality (according to Reddit users). Also, his clothes are flashy and colourful- something people usually expect to see in a gay man’s wardrobe.

Additionally, he mentions on several occasions that he likes to wear makeup and dress femininely. Finally, one of his abilities is called “Fierce Kiss”, implying that he is in love with someone else.

Many fans of the game and the character conclude that Taric is gay by combining all of the above pieces of evidence. Now you may be wondering who the object of his love is. According to some Reddit fans, it’s Malzahar-another famous LoL champion. However, this is not something that is confirmed by any of the game developers.

As all these reasons are just speculations, there is also a chance that Taric is just playing a game of pretending and isn’t gay at all.

Taric In Game
Taric In Game

While all these pieces of evidence are not enough to confirm the character’s sexuality, fans cannot speculate him to be gay. It is not wrong to also assume that the character enjoys dressing up, especially in today’s world, where men enjoy wearing makeup and dressing nice just as much as women.

A piece of evidence that helps this assumption is that Teric never talks about his feelings for anyone else. In fact, he even makes fun of players who use corny pickup lines to try to get the attention of female characters in the game.

Until recent years, flamboyancy was considered synonymous with gay by both conservative and non-conservative heterosexuals. Many of them fail to realize that there are many other reasons for a person to be flamboyant that don’t have anything to do with his sexual orientation. There are many straight men nowadays who are far more flamboyant than real gay people.

Taric standing against Enemy
Taric standing against Enemy

The example of many fans speculating Taric to be gay is an ideal example of wrong and unnecessary social orientation labelling of society based on the appearance or flamboyancy of a person. So, we cannot know if the character is gay or not unless the game developers decide to reveal his sexual orientation.

There has not been any official confirmation from Riot to answer the question, “Is Taric Gay or not”. Since there is no confirmation from the Riot Games, we cannot say whether or not Taric is Gay. It all depends on how you want to see him as. Even if he is gay, there is no difference as his sexual orientation does not affect the gameplay or his character.

So, Is Taric Gay? Although, there are many common traits that represent his character as gay. But there is no evidence that proves or discusses his sexuality.

Other than being mentioned and discussed by the fans, there is no reason to take the sexuality and the sexual orientation of a video game character too seriously and discuss it with the intensity that this topic is being discussed.


This topic is so commonly discussed that there is even a subreddit dedicated to this to facilitate the discussion of this particular topic. This article has discussed everything one needs to know regarding “Is Taric Gay”, why the rumour originated in the first place, and why you could think so.

Since there is no official confirmation from Riot games, we cannot say for sure, and one can only speculate.

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and informative and has helped the players to answer the question Is Taric Gay and come to their own conclusions about this particular topic so that they can understand and appreciate this character more.

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