Special Cargo Missions In GTA Online: Everything You Need To Know

Special Cargo missions in GTA Online

Special Cargo missions in GTA Online will keep you hooked throughout. Popular for its missions, the Special Cargo missions are a part of the Further Adventures In Finance and Felony Update.

The Special Cargo missions in GTA Online can also help you earn some bucks while you are at it but calling the amount some would be an understatement. Players have made $286,000 after playing properly and efficiently. Keep reading to find out more about the Special Cargo missions.

Special Cargo Missions In GTA Online

Doling out truckloads of double rewards this week are Special Cargo missions in GTA V Online. You can get these double rewards on Special Cargo Sell Missions along with VIP Work & Challenges.

You can also earn triple GTA$ & RP on all the Rockstar Created Air Races and Stunt Races. Last but not the least, you will be able to earn double GTA$ and RP in the classic Adversary Mode Inch by Inch.

You can also score a Karin Calico GTF by getting placed in the Top 2 in an LS Car Meet Series Race for 6 days in a row. The latest track vehicles like The Pfister Growler, Vapid Dominator GTT, and Dinka RT3000 can also be unlocked and played with. Nebula Turbo is this week’s Lucky Wheel Podium Vehicle and you should definitely take advantage of the 50% of on all Hydraulics this week.

Special Cargo missions in GTA Online Delivered

Other discounts like 40% off Executive Offices and 35% off Special Cargo Warehouses must also be availed! The current Prime Gaming Discounts like 35% off the Dinka RT3000 and 65% off the Lampadati Casco are also drawing in more and more gamers!

“Special Cargo Buy missions are dangerous, multi-part missions that call for a coordinated team of Associates to complete successfully. Buy missions range in scope and size, from police stings to high-speed pursuits, helicopter ambushes and more.”

Rockstar Newswire description

But before you get all excited and thrilled about the rewards, it’s important to know how to start the Special Cargo missions in GTA Online in the first place. First things first, you need to own a CEO office and buy any Special Cargo warehouse.

After getting registered as a CEO you can start the mission from their laptop. You can also purchase a warehouse in GTA Online at any of the 22 locations around Los Santos. Available in three different sizes (small, medium and large) all warehouses come with a different capacity to store products.

Special Cargo missions in GTA Online Delivered

Players can earn a pretty good amount of money with Special Cargo missions which will require only two steps. Collect supplies for your warehouse after embarking on your mission. You can either go and steal supplies from any location present on the map or buy them from the SecuroServ website.

You would also have the option to buy up to three crates of products. Remember that the cost of buying more products is going to be significantly higher than buying them individually.

A crate will cost you $2000 but two of them will cost you $8000 and three of them will cost you a hefty $18,000. Regardless shopping supplies every now and then  does save a lot of your time and makes the whole process even more profitable.

But to get the best out of your returns on time investment, we advise you to buy three crates at once. Once your warehouse is all nice and stocked you will need to export the products to earn money. You will need to deliver the bought or stolen products to the given location.

You can sell a crate at $132,000 per hour and two at $189,000 per hour. Three crates can get you $286,000 per hour.

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