Far Cry 6 – High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Far Cry 6 - High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Our Far Cry 6 – High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough will guide you through the quest. It will make you familiar with it’s objectives, requirements and rewards. Climb cliffs and dare to embark on a thrilling adventure in search of tempting rewards.

Far Cry 6

The greatest Far Cry villain is here and survival in Far Cry 6 is tougher than ever. You find yourself in the middle of a revolution. A wrong step might result in you blowing up, best case scenario. Far Cry is a pretty popular first-person shooter game.

Developed by Ubisoft the game has garnered many mixed reviews. The game was recently released on October 7, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and Amazon Luna. Have you tried Far Cry 6 yet?

Far Cry 6 – High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Treasure HuntHigh Supply
RewardM16 A1 (Rifle), 2 Gun Powder, 2 Supremo-Bond
XP Reward150 XP
High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough Location

Maps are strewn with treasure hunts and trust me, there are a lot of them. Some of them are located in Lozania. The High Supply treasure hunt is located in North Lozania, Madrugada. At the end of the treasure you will have rewards like 150 XP, M16 A1 (Rifle), 2 Gun Powder and 2 Supremo Bond.

The region is filled with cliffs and can be easily missed, so make sure you use the map for reference. You will find the orange box at the base to the south of the farm.

High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 1

Remember to snag some materials from the building before going on the hunt.

Grab the note from the orange box and start climbing the cliff. Get yourself ready for a lot of climbing. Now begin by climbing up the first sections of the rock and keep the gap in your mind once you proceed further on the path.

High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 2

Next you will find yourself facing your first grappling section with two grappling points. Get close to the first one to find an on-screen-prompt to grapple to the upper one. Keep walking on the wooden planks (be extra careful!) and into a cave, where you will find the next grappling point.

Next you will find a large gap in the ground but do not try to jump it as it’s too far. Rather, try to climb on the left side and hop over to the rocks on the other side. Use climbing ledges properly.

High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 3

Shimmy yourself over the gap and jump back to the other side before dropping down. The next section includes grappling hook and a bit of swinging.

Check the screen for the new grapple-prompt whilst swinging. You will then be good to switch from the first to the second anchor point. After you’ve completed this, you’ll have to triumph over yet another section with two grappling points.

Climb back to the surface with the help of vines and use your melee to remove the twigs. Use your gun to shoot the barrier off which will in turn cause rocks to fall and clear up your way.

High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 4

Make use of the climbing ledges to get to the supply drop on the mountainside.

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