Heists in GTA 5 – All You Need To Know About Exciting Heists Updates

Heists in GTA 5

Heists in GTA 5 were originally introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online in the Heists updates. They were eventually extended in the Doomsday Heist and the Diamond Casino Heist updates, but only in improved game versions. Keep reading to know about the Lists of Heists in GTA 5.

With regards to the general framework, they are relevant to the fact that they include a sequence of fixed activities resulting in extremely lucrative crime in the Grand Theft Auto V. Moreover, apart from GTA 5, heists are generated by one player who pays the money early in funding the job and says how final income will be shared between those interested. Hence, check this article to know more about Lists of Heists in GTA 5.

What are Heists in GTA 5?

Heists in GTA 5 are cross narrative missions initially launched in Grand Theft Auto Vice City, which include a great crime, mainly a theft. The last crime is normally a greater revenue job, where the player will gain a large amount of money, ideally greater than most missions predicted.

Heists in GTA 5
Heists Execution

Many games have been featured in the series since the development started in the Vice Region, with related mission patterns, especially Grand Theft Auto V, based on the premise of many complex heists. Grand Theft Auto Online is now included in the Heists Upgrade.

What Are Things Required To Execute Heists In GTA 5?

Players need to be in Rank 12 or above to create heists in GTA 5 and have a formal room with a heist preparation space. When players achieve the desired stage, Lester Crest would inform the player by message and will reply to the telephone call introducing the heists theory. The player then has to visit Lester at his textile farm. It will initiate the Fleece Work tutorial. To teach, Lester struggles with front cash costs and is the pioneer in Heist.

Once the first Heist is completed successfully, Lester will add a new character who will directly contact the player if a new heist is available. After that, the player has the right to change him/herself to be a Heist Leader. Each Heist needs to be unlocked in order, and an increasing amount of front money needs to be created. A percentage of this front money goes to crew members who engage in establishment duties, but the Heist Chief does not earn this money and only gains once the main Heist mission is accomplished.

Things in Heists in GTA 5
Heist Gameplay

The Heist Leader in GTA 5 must have the appropriate squad to execute the tasks, usually of 4 players. The Heist Leader would not be capable of launching certain missions with less than the required number of players, except the Fleece Task, where only a crew contains two players, and The Doomsday Heist, where most of the missions can be completed by 2-4 players. Similarly, once the crew leaves, the entire heist setup would fail.

Current Heists in GTA 5 List (With Rewards)

The Fleeca Job

  1. Number of players: 2
  2. Set up cost: $11,500
  3. Potential take(easy): $57,500
  4. Potential take(normal): $115,000
  5. Potential take(hard): $143,750

The Prison Break

  1. Number of players: 4
  2. Set up cost: $40,000
  3. Potential take(easy): $200,000
  4. Potential take(normal): $400,000
  5. Potential take(hard): $500,000

The Humane Labs Raid

  1. Number of players: 4
  2. Set up cost: $54,000
  3. Potential take(easy): $270,000
  4. Potential take(normal): $540,000
  5. Potential take(hard): $675,000

Series A Funding

  • Number of players: 4
  • Set up cost: $40,400
  • Potential take(easy): $202,000
  • Potential take(normal): $404,000
  • Potential take(hard): $505,000

The Pacific Standard

  • Number of players: 4
  • Set up cost: $100,000
  • Potential take(easy): $500,000
  • Potential take(normal): $1,000,000
  • Potential take(hard): $1,250,000

Rewards from Heists in GTA 5

Heists Rewards in GTA 5
Heists Rewards in GTA 5

In addition to every reward, the player can receive bonus cash based on how the Heist has been accomplished. The available prizes are:

Finish each Heist Finale for the first time: $100,000, for the first time
Execute all the configurations and finales in order: $1,000,000
Complete both heist setups and finales with the same team: $1,000,000
Finish both heist settings and finals, in a tough time, with the same team and without losing any lives: $10,000,000
To evaluate the challenge, the host must fix the camera in the first person for each setup and finale.

The bonuses can only be completed ONCE per player and not on the same account on a second character as other GTA Online awards. The progress can be monitored via the Pause Menu > Results > Awards > Heists.

Updates for Heists in GTA 5

The update for Heists in GTA 5 is a new content update launched on March 10, 2015, exclusively for Grand Theft Auto V. The Heists upgrade enables players to schedule, practice, and conduct multi-tier Heists in Los Santos and Blaine County through a variety of new assignments coordinated by Lester Crest, Ron Jakowski and a new figure named Agent 14.

It requires close communication and coordination. These involve close contact and teamwork, with players in various positions, to achieve several goals on the path to accomplish the Heists. The upgrade contains a lot of modern vehicles, weapons, and clothing.


Heists Weapons GTA 5
Heists Weapons

The player is supplied with a flare gun immediately after the update has been modified during the Humane Labs Raid. The thermite bomb also appears in The Pacific Standard Job as a special weapon that cannot be bought.


Heists Vehicles GTA 5
Heists Vehicles

The first upgrade does not have any vehicles; all vehicles are only on GTA online. The new vehicles included are mostly armed and disabled vehicles that need completion of the purchasing mission. Both vehicles are made available for players who did not fulfill the Heist criteria. Still, they must pay a premium of 33percent of the Heist’s “trade” prizes after the Sly Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit upgrade.

The update adds the Hydra, the Savage, the Principe Lectro, the Valkyrie, the Insurgent, Karin Technological, and a new edition of the Kuruma. There is also a large aircraft carrier, and it is most likely used in the transport of aircraft such as the P-996 Lazer and Hydra, and even the primary goal for one heist installation.

Famous Heists in GTA 5

Doomsday Heist

GTA 5 Doomsday Heist

The Doomsday Heists in GTA 5 is a three-act heist for the GTA online. It is an update for the Grand Theft Auto Online.

The doomsday heist will be available as soon as the player becomes the CEO/VIP of a motorcycle club and purchases a facility. Lester then gets in touch with the player when the player is exposed to Avon Hertz and begins the first heist act. 

The Doomsday Heist incorporates pre-post work, which takes place during free mode sessions and must unlock Setup work. During Prep Jobs, players are charged with stealing and transporting appliances to their warehouse in The Heist. Unlike typical situations, the machinery of the player can be stolen by other players during delivery. If they don’t want to begin a Prep Job, they can buy the equipment or even steal it during their preparatory job from other organizations/MCs.

The Diamond Casino Heist

GTA 5 Diamond Casino Heist

Diamond Casino Heists in GTA 5 is included in the best-known content updates published in December 2019

This Heist can only be played in a CEO or a VIP or motorcycle group. The representative of CEO/VIP/MC must possess an Arcade to begin the Casino Heist. Relative to Doomsday Heist, a minimum of two players can be added in Casino Heist to make a greater payoff when played with fewer players.

Along with the Doomsday Heist premise, Prep jobs are introduced in every approach of the Heist Casino and are important to proceed to the finale.

The Cayo Perico Heist

The Cayo Perico Heists in GTA 5 is a new release to the Grand Theft Auto Online with the Cayo Perico Heist upgrade in December 2020.

It is the new release of Heist’s games on the GTA online, featuring a brand new unique Heist location on the Cayo Perico Island and a completely new approach to Heist design with the option to play it on its own or with up to three additional players.

We can expect more Heist updates from Rockstar game in the current year 2021.

Final Words

Heists are a GTA online mode in which players have to work together to achieve a specific target through a sequence of setup tasks and a final mission. 

The party leader is one player who starts the Heist, will act as a host, and should pay initial cash to start the Heist. This money is used to purchase supplies and other things and can eventually be returned. Therefore, the above article helps you to gain knowledge about the lists of heists in GTA 5 before you start playing this game.

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