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Roblox Doge

Roblox is a big platform where players create funny and enjoyable games. Many of these games are based on memes and another funny internet sensational. These creations give rise to a happy environment in the platform and improve the user interaction between players. Roblox developers are continually adding new features and avatar customizations to enhance the look of your character.

Roblox Doge is a catalog item in the avatar shop of Roblox. This item was published by an official Roblox account named “ROBLOX” and adds a great touch to your Avatar. But as easy it may seem, this item is added at a price greater than 10k Robux on the catalog, and you need to spend a good amount of money to buy it.

What is Roblox Doge?

Roblox Doge Funny

Doge is a popular meme which was originated in 2013. Featuring unique dog expressions, the Doge became famous worldwide, and everyone playing Roblox started discussing it. To take this forward, the developers created a unique face decal of Roblox Doge. These catalog items instantly received a great response from the player, and many players purchased them accordingly. Full details of this catalog item are as follows – 

  • Name – Doge
  • Published byROBLOX
  • Price – 250 Robux
  • Favorites – 205,000+
  • Type – Accessory | Hat
  • Genre – All
  • Description – Very Hat. Such Doge. Wow.

More than 1 million users purchased this doge hat till now. As 2020 experienced an excellent year for the doge meme, the new players again started buying this Hat to create more fun in the games. The eyes on the Doge are facing opposite sides to create a more goofy expression.

Why do players wear Roblox Doge?

Every player in Roblox wants to have fun and enjoy their time in the games. Many times, the players hang out with their friends and chill out a little bit. This creates an opportunity for the players to develop an excellent funny topic by using any meme items as a part of the Avatar. Using the Roblox Doge hat, the players create a suitable environment for themselves and increase the chances of interacting with other players in the game.

Roblox Doge Funny 2

You can meet new friends with the same Doge vibes and then chill out by playing games together. When I played games with this Doge hat, all the players started to give me attention. Then onwards, I always equip my Doge hat to have my unique look.

What is Doge Row?

Doge Row is a set of two Doge heads on your shoulders as the assets of your Avatar. ROBLOX published this unique Avatar Item on May 1, 2019. Both of these Doge’s faces lie on both sides of the shoulders in your Avatar. You can obtain it by redeeming the code included in Summoner Tycoon from Celebrity Collection Series. Many players like this version of Roblox Doge Row and use it on their shoulders.

Are there any different versions of Roblox Doge?

Yes, there are many different custom Roblox Doge avatars added by the official Roblox team. Some of these customizations are incredibly costly, while some other costs around Normal Doge price (i.e., 250 Robux). Apart from that, there are other items like doge scarfs and doge shirts.

Roblox Doge ID Codes –

Roblox Avatar to Doge

As there are multiple clothing items for Doge, I’ve separated each of them into separate sections.

Doge Hat/Face ID Codes

Hat/Face items in Roblox are the customizations that you can use to change your face. With the list of Doge face items below, you can swap your face from default to Doge. All the things are sorted according to their popularity.

Item NameID CodePrice (Robux)Favorites
New Years Doge19256235213,0005,648
Uncle Doge16349181314,9985,918
Captain Doge15567099511,9985,425
Lucky Doge22618998618,9984,611
Doge Bunny15395539615,0006,861
President Doge21572407215,8004,515
Zombie Doge30471870820,0008,956
Doge Santa18870301022,80010K+

Roblox Doge Shirt ID Codes

Doge Shirt items are the items that match perfectly with your Doge face items. All the shirt items mentioned below matched perfectly with the Doge Face and costs significantly less.

Item NameID CodePrice
Doge Natalino (Smurfzin)12744973065
doge hoodie52057537565
Doge in a Bag20018071785
MLG DOGE BUY NOW24913221505
DOGE Chirsmas sweater44833447955
DOGE NECKLACE19537701375
Royal Doge Shirt554908335710
Doge Christmas Sweater58061925655
Doge Face Meme21319469835
Muscle doge50100645702
Doge with glasses11566768612
Galaxy Doge86329949510
Muscular DOGE Body7446386325

Doge Pants ID Codes

Pants are also part of Avatar. You can customize these pants to match your look. So far, there are only two matching pants for the Doge outfit. Both of them are listed below, along with their ID Codes.

Item NameID CodePrice
Doge Face Meme21319469835
doge pants51186579145

Doge Song/Music ID Codes

In 2016, Roblox added a new feature to play the songs by using Boombox in your games. This feature quickly become famous, and everyone started playing their favorite songs in it. The table mentioned below contains all the songs related to Doge in any music sections.

Song NameID CodeFavorites
doge wow292117557269
DOGE JAM186574330167
Doge Adventure412964077122
doge song257674062113
Dorime Doge Version509635654483
DOGE REMIX53137512882

Roblox Doge Decals ID Codes

Decals are the part of your design materials that you can use in your game as posters or covering for any models. There are many Doge decals that you can use to display the Doge designs in your game.

Decal NameID CodeFavorites
Chibi Doge153988724109
Love + Hate or Doge52570143783
Watch Doge15976803948
Rainbow Doge15977450443
Attack Doge25850230118

Roblox Doge Spray Paint ID

134079000 is a Spray Paint ID that can be used to apply the decal of Doge on any surface. Make sure you test this code on your local game before using it. As using the spray paint requires the Robux, use it carefully.

How to customize our Avatar by using ID Codes?

Roblox Doge Avatar

Every catalog and library item in Roblox has a unique ID Code attached to it. This ID code can be used to open its respective pages, from where you can eventually use them. To use the ID Codes – 

  1. You need to open the Roblox website and login into your account.
  2. Use the ID Code to open the catalog page. For example, if the ID is 151784320, then it’s page URL will be
  3. Press the Buy button to purchase the accessory. Make sure your inventory has sufficient Robux to purchase it.
  4. Goto your avatar page. Now you can check the Doge face in your inventory. Click on it to equip it.
  5. The Roblox Doge face will be equipped accordingly. Now hop into any game to showcase your face.

Some good Roblox Doge Animations

Many different animations are revolving in Doge in Roblox. The most famous one being “Doge around the World,” which has over 595k youtube views. In this video, the Doge travels around th world and irritates all the people in every place. The journey of Doge starts from Puerto Rico and ends up in Chicago.

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Final Words

Roblox has managed to fulfill the funniest dreams of many players by adding meme items into the game. Roblox Doge is one of the popular things in the game. All the Doge items hit precisely as hard as the internet meme. Make sure you use them before it goes out of the trend.

Happy Gaming!

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