League of Legends Dominion’s Game Mode Explained

League of Legends Dominion

League of Legends is the world’s most played game in the world since 2012. Riot games have dominated the online gaming scene for more than half a decade. League of Legends is a challenging game with a sharp learning curve, but practice gives us courage. League of Legends is mainly regarded as an online game, but the League has many attributes of different kinds.

League of Legends Dominion was released on the League of Legends main website on August 4, 2011, with a new capture and hold game mode. Since this novel method was not understood before the new declaration, it has been completely revised in the Journal of Justice. Continue reading to learn more about the League of Legends Dominion.

What is League of Legends Dominion?

Dominion is a catch and holds online multiplayer game mode for League of Legends. Dominion was a survival horror Crystal Scar game mode that focussed on the League of Legend track. It was published on 26 September 2011 and was removed on 22 Feb 2016

Lol Dominion Game Mode

League of Legends Dominion is played almost exclusively on the European GamesCom and the PAX Prime in North America. A short official launch phase commenced and lasted about two hours. The further small test version began later.  Online gaming options include random collection and a draft choice. A scheme of ranking was scheduled but is scrapped later in the game mode.

When was League of Legends Dominion developed?

The League of Legends team realized that a new map was about to be created before the official announcement. The day before the launch of the site their gameplay had to be exposed and avoided as the plot was expanded.

Lol Dominion Game Play

Dominion will be released officially as the newest catch and hold game mode on the website of League of Legends. Although there was no information about this new approach before the publication, there was a comprehensive update of the Kalamanda storyline in the Journal of Justice. The mode is called Odin during the evolution cycle.

League of Legends Dominion gameplay features and changes

Lol Dominion Game Play 2


Two teams of five players compete in the Crystal Scar Field of Justice to demolish the adverse intersection of Dominion’s gambling mode. It has 500 life points and is unforgettable. These points of life will be decreased by controlling more capturing points than the enemy crew or securing enemy kills: the longer you manage, the sooner the life point will drop the enemy point. The node will not be harmed if both teams have the same amount of capture points. The HP threshold ends life by destroying champions above the 100 HP threshold to stop a victory by “winning kill.”

Capture Points

League of Legends Dominion has five points of capture that start as neutral points with the player’s globe. The capture points should be reported by right-clicking on the tower of capture points. If the player champion goes into the tower, he/she will continue to head for a certain time to the checkpoint. The more champions you channel, the faster the checkpoint is to be identified. If the opposing team has already set a target, you must channel it twice: once, to make it neutral, and to do it again. If the points are not ruled by an individual, they steadily return to a neutral condition.

If a captured point is the next capture point, minion spawn points behind it continue to spawn minion waves by making two normal convertibles. A super seducer alongside the outside ring will battle the oppressive captivating wave and neutralize the enemy’s capture as they arrive. Any League of Legends Dominion minion will not move beyond the neighboring capture point which is their programmed capture point. The minions will contribute to the capture of their group when the target catch isn’t selected.


The Dominion has a range of buffs: higher relics, wellbeing relics, pace sanctuaries, and grab quests. Greater relics are consumables that bear individual advantages at set intervals in the middle of the map. Health relics are items that give champions an eruption of HP, mana, and rage. They are designed to battle environmental champions’ benefits. Speed Shrines are a short bonus for any champion who doesn’t get exhausted and is close to controlling.


League of Legends Dominion Mode has unique features to supplement existing easy-to-ride gameplay and add elements not found in the classic mode of Dominion. All Dominion champions are rendered with their recommended products and make changing their structures simple for the game. Runes like Conqueror, Kleptomancy, and Dark Harvest are spawned at the default positions.


A quest is made for both teams after a mark of 5 minutes. This involves choosing an enemy point and defending a control point. The chase ceases, drains 20 health enemies from Portal, and gives a “Mark of the Conqueror,” buffer, with a 10 percent loss to the bonus. A new search is made five minutes after the first is done.

Fog of War

The outer route is almost totally disclosed and is not in warfare, except the 4 thin alleys between the ramps at each stage of spawning and the enclosed middle field. This allows calls to disguise their location to appear on the map to help a turbine grab or trigger a trap. There is no view of the Health Relics by each tower until friendly minions are created. Moreover, both champions will see the Middle Greater Relics, but the whole Greater Relic region does not exist at all.

Reference: League of Legends Wiki

Scoring System in League of Legends Dominion

Lol Dominion Game Play 3

Since capture and hold should not be destroyed, Riot introduced a scheme of scoring not to be confused with network health. Although killing is still available, it’s not as required as in classic mode.

However, the final result usually does not indicate a player’s cumulative achievement. As each action will stack the score, the player’s conduct is informed directly. A player is strategically inactive but plays a significant role in their victory. Players, like Quarry and Boneyard, who run through the base points usually have the lowest score in the team if they are difficult to leave the game.

Is League of Legends Dominion active now?

No, League of Legends Dominion is not active now. Dominion is supposed to be a routine game option. Developers at the time decided to retain this as an integral part of LoL. It is a catch-and-hold multiplayer game that was released on 26 September 2011 and is inactive from 22 February 2016.

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Final Words

Dominion is an alternative game mode to test players with fast-paced skirts, gameplay, and mastery skills. At the time developers felt the mode was going to bring new players to League of Legends and give existing players a fascinating experience like Summoner’s Rift. As League keeps on developing, the vision for the core game is steadily streamlined and now it is obvious that alternate game modes operate well in short periods, rather than as standalone queues. Hence, we hope the above article will help you to understand everything about League of Legends Dominion.

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