League of Legends Conqueror Explained

League of Legends Conqueror Guide

Happily completing 11 years of such a long milestone achieving journey still has a plan to sail far. It was developed by Riot Games in the year 2009. Riot Games and its latest offering, League of Legends Conqueror, is an online battle arena computer game where two teams jump to try their fate to beat the other by their hard work and dedication. Before it all started when it wasn’t having following in millions, Revenues in billions, everything was just an Idea. An idea that was transformed into reality by mega mind Jeff Jew, the producer of League of legends who was an intern at that time.

League of Legends Conqueror comes as an addition to the Precision Tree—the latest offering to the game, which was offered after season 8. By the time it was first introduced, the rune’s beneficial aspect was that it could be easily stacked on minions. This helped them be prepared for battle at any time and keep their stacks high enough. Once you have your stacks high, the rune offers increased basic attack damage as well as Bonus True damage. Although it was long before, and the rune we know today doesn’t provide true damage.

What is League of Legends Conqueror?

Lol Conqueror Rune

The feature is beneficial for melee AD fighters against Fiora, Yasuo, or Jax as this gives them sustained energy to fight long battles. The rune became their Real Weapon as it grants them extraordinary power of bonus basic attack damage, and thus they were able to resist easily. With the use of items like Streak’s Gage and Black Cleaver, those who took this rune to become impossible to deal with became champions.

Effects of League of Legends Conqueror Rune

Effect of Lol Conqueror Rune

By the time it was released, rune had gone through very many changes. These changes are the main reason why apart from Melee AD player, AP players can also use it. By saying this, I mean One who uses a spell or uses special abilities rather than damaging direct.

  1. With the new update now Champions don’t take true damage.
  2. Now it gives 15% damage rather than it’s previous 8% against Enemy Champions.
  3. While range champions still are struck with one stack, Melee Champions get the ability to stack two per auto.
  4. The busy time for stacks remains the same, even for both melee champions and for ranged champions.
  5. NOW, based on the level rune, gives more overall adaptive damage.

How does League of Legends Conqueror work?

Lol Conqueror Rune uses

In this world, nothing comes for FREE. Even in this case, with its new release, the Riot game added a healing aspect, but they right away took back a few percentages of its destructive power. Another update in favor of champions as now their attack or ability can sustain. Apart from these changes, there were changes in the text from “basic attack damage” to “adaptive forces” on the enemy champions it changed, giving AP players slightly better edge players like Diana have not to get another reason to take the rune. Even it’s the legendary feature of stacking with minions now, and it could no longer be stacked.

The rune now gives one stack on League of Legends Conqueror if Champion player deals with basic attack damage over Time every 5 seconds. This may not work for AD players but works well enough for Champions like Darius and Teemo; This works as for champions as they could use their stacks from overall DOT EFFECTS in the case of bleeding poisoning. 

However, this proves well enough for both AD champion players and AP players for AD due to its ADAPTIVE forces; this proves to be a rune to take and for AP players due to its DOT effect.

Is Conqueror good in League of Legends?

Whether you are a top laner, mid laner, or even a Jungler League of Legends Conqueror will be right for you. Rune gives a significant advantage in the lane. If there is a match between RYZE and JAX, and both are in conqueror rune. We know that JAX plus is its strong engage, but RYZE has its range, so it’s better to maintain a distance with JAX. You could use your Overload Ability [Q] to poke him out for damage. AND it is gaining strength through Stacks, which now lasts whopping 8 seconds.

Other Alternatives to League of Legends Conqueror

Before you are all set to take League of Legends Conqueror on your next AP champion match, the real question now arises what secondary runes one needs to take? No one could predict it, so the answer depends upon the game up.

Though we could guide you as:

If you have a match against a lane bully, taking the Resolve tree would help you reach the higher level of the game as it cancels the early damage on you. 

If you got to match up in the bag, Domination would be the best idea. Because mostly AP champion has CC so having Cheap Shot would be helpful. At times a humongous rune often forgotten in matchups where you can fight as an AP champion would be Ravenous Hunter. AS Conqueror fails to give ranged champion same healing as it used to be, Ravenous Hunter aids to allow you heal; next time before you go for a match, look at these runes.

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Final Words

A conqueror in League of Legends, as the name suggests it was made with the essence to win overall. Next time be ready to defeat every other champion out there in the game, and to do so, we hope our article would have delivered you just enough to accomplish your goals.

Happy Gaming!

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