Pubg Update 14.1: All You Need To Know

pubg update 14.1

Pubg Update 14.1 is being released on consoles, resulting in a huge server down. The full patch notes of the update are readily available on the official Pubg website if you want to check out all the additions and improvements.

The limelight stays on a new feature that will let players pick up their teammates and haul them to safety. Keep reading to find out more about Pubg update 14.1.

Pubg Update 14.1

The new carry feature of Pubg will allow players to pick up their teammates and move them back to safety. You can also throw downed players over your shoulder (enemies included) with the help of the previously mentioned mechanic although you will suffer from movement restrictions.

pubg update 14.1 pick up teammate

For example, if players are carrying someone over they will not be able to jump, sprint, crouch, or use any healing items while being restricted to hip firing only.

The Pubg update 14.1 also features exciting new changes in Taego and Erangel maps. In Taego, additional covers have been added in some areas with minor improvements in the terrain. Both Taego and Paramo have been added to the Ranked and the rules have changed likewise.

Breakable Pots have items inside them you can break and loot easily and Erangel’s hot place Pochinki will be facing many changes too.

Some regions of Taego have a higher win rate than others, thus Pubg has made a lot of improvements to combat zones, objects, and terrains.

A cover has been added to the mountainous area located north of the Palace and the river area east of the Terminal.

There will also be a fixed field of view, bends, and cover for certain areas where terrain composition is quite difficult and won’t be easy to overcome.

The cliff topography present in the north of Buk San Sa area has also been improved. The height of the cliffside terrain (usually considered OP) has been corrected. After removal of surrounding trees and added fields, the topography around the School area has been modified.

Both covers and hills have been reorganized with terrain improvements in a few selected coastal areas. Redline results in the correction of the cliff topography of the whole coastal region while the Blueline has resulted in the removal of rocks located around the lighthouse.

Mountain areas like green, magenta, and sky blue zones will add trees, flat terrain curves, and cover for areas respectively. Players will also be introduced to Error Space – a map-exclusive feature that will allow players to collect map-exclusive weapons and supplies that could be spawned whenever one wishes within these zones.

pubg update 14.1 cars

After careful consideration of the issues players faced while waiting for Comeback BR, UI improvements have been made by the developers. A warning message will be shown to you whenever you try to leave while spectating Comeback BR.

If players die while being able to participate in Comeback BR, the “Exit to lobby” button will be disabled for three seconds.

Nicknames will be displayed brighter to your squadmates awaiting the beginning of Comeback BR. It’s almost impossible to travel in Taego without a vehicle.

Maximum speed has been granted to the vehicles along with high low-end torque and excellent stability keeping in mind the extremely demanding mountainous terrains of Taego.

pubg update halloween

Pochinki Church Renewal in Pubg update 14.1 will include blocking of church rooftop play and secret room addition in the basement of the Church where items can be spawned. This room can be accessed without a key.

The terrain surrounding Pochinki has been updated to include a new waterway, cover, fences, and a fixed terrain height. With additional Halloween updates, map rotations, and several new improvements, Pubg update 14.1 has everything that will keep players addicted from the beginning to the end.

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