Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt – Far Cry 6

Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt

It’s been over a week since the release of Far Cry 6, and it is safe to say that fans are enjoying the season. Among all the other objectives and activities, Treasure hunt quests are one of the fan favorites to look for.

In this walkthrough, you will get all the information required to complete the Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt.

Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt Location

Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt Location
Treasure HuntSword-Crossed Lovers
RegionValle De Oro
Reward1000 Yaran Pesos, La Petite Mort (Unique Grenade Launcher), X Marks The Spot (Charm)
XP Reward150 XP

Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt is located in the Barrial sub-region of Valle De Oro of the fictional island nation Yarabi.

To reach the treasure hunt location, you need to read the note at the starting point of the treasure hunt in the open world like every other treasure hunt as it is a primary step. The treasure hunt location is always marked on the map with a purple diamond.

So it won’t be difficult to find it in Valle De Oro. Once you reach the location, complete the objectives to complete the quest and get rewards.


Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 1

The objective of this treasure hunt is to find the pirate treasure. This is one of the fun treasure hunts as you need to explore the attractions to find this treasure. The treasure in this quest is an ancient caricature that once belonged to a pair of dueling pirate lovers.

This treasure is present in a skull-shaped cave. This treasure carries a fatal curse set by the pirate lovers. But that curse would not stop you from getting your hands on that treasure.

Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 2

The Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt quest starts with you reaching the location. There it would help if you destroyed the wooden barricade present to the right of the treasure note. Then head inside the skull-shaped cave.

Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 3

There search for a grappling point that you will use to swing over to the platform to lead you to an outside section.

Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 4

There you need to climb to the top with the help of only the yellow ledges. After reaching the top, head down the rusted metal stairs that will lead into a cave with water and a wrecked pirate ship.

From the top, jump into the water near the pirate ship and swim to the ship’s back to use the grappling hook on the ship mast above.

Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 5

The water there is not that deep, so you can stand on there and grab the grapple hook. By using the grapple hook, reach to the canon on the deck of the ship.

Then interact with the canon and fire a ball to blow up the rocks blocking the exit, which is also the path to the treasure.

Now use the grappling hook on the ship mast for the last time to swing over to the cave path leading to the giant blown-up boulders.

Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 6

By going through that path, you will reach the treasure chest present at the end. This will complete your objective of this Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt and earn you rewards.


On completing the objective of this Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt quest, you will be getting 150XP, 1000 Yaran Pesos, La Petite Mort, and X Marks on the spotLa Petite Mort is a unique grenade Launcher that can only be won through this quest.

X Marks the Spot is a charm which you need to collect.

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