10+ Ed Sheeran Roblox ID Codes [2024]

Ed Sheeran Roblox ID Codes

With huge numbers of songs from various artists available on the Roblox, it might be a bit difficult to find your favorite one. So to make this mess a little bit easier, each song has its codes, and artists have their Roblox IDs for their Roblox library. In short, you need a particular Roblox ID or the boombox music codes to find the song of your liking to play in the background while playing your game.

In particular, this guide will help you find all the Ed Sheeran songs available on the Roblox by providing you with the music codes.

Ed Sheeran Roblox ID

If you are an English pop-folk fan, then Ed Sheeran must be a known name (even famous in Roblox). But even if you are not into pop, there could be no way that you have never heard of any of his creations in your lifetime, especially “Shape of You.”

And If you don’t know much about him, then here is a little brief about him. The famous English singer and songwriter from England have been writing songs from the young age of eleven.

His song “Thinking Out Loud” won the song of the year award at the 2016 Grammy Awards, bringing him his much-awaited success and recognition. His popularity skyrocketed after releasing his third album, “÷(Divide),” in March 2017, which also became the best-selling album of the year.

Every song has its specific boombox music code here in Roblox. Every artisthas their own Roblox ID, wssociated with the Roblox library’s songs featuring the specific artists. There are over 30 songs by Ed Sheeran available in the Roblox.

Here is the list of a few songs by Ed Sheeran with codes that are available in Roblox:

Song NameID Code
Stay with me1134058594
Trap Queen257942301
Hands of Gold1050109125
Shape of You670555027
1000 Nights3495714204
I See Fire257180137
I Don’t Care3173191582

Ed Sheeran – Stay with me

The Ed Sheeran Roblox ID for the song Stay with me is 1134058594. This song is originally from the debut studio album “In the Lonely Hour” by the British singer and songwriter Sam Smith in 2014.

Ed Sheeran later covered this song in his voice at the BBC Radio 1’s Live lounge.

Ed Sheeran – Trap Queen

The Ed Sheeran Roblox ID for the song Trap Queen is 257942301. The Song Trap Queen is originally a debut single by American rapper Fetty Wap from his self-titled debut album released in March 2014.

Ed Sheeran later performed as the acoustic rap cover on the “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” alongside “The Roots.” This cover was also nominated for the “iHeartRadio Music Award for Best Cover Song.”

Ed Sheeran – Hands of Gold

The Ed Sheeran Roblox ID for the song Hands of Gold is 1050109125. This song is from the popular TV series named “Game Of Thrones.” This song has a special significance in the series as the character Arya Stark comes across this unfamiliar but pleasant tune sung by a Lannister soldier on her way through the Riverlands, which later turns into a pleasant conversation between the parties.

Because of this song, Arya Stark gets to interact with the Lannister soldiers, who helped her understand the Lannister soldier’s mind that helped her see her enemies in a more broad light.

This song is from the episode named “Dragonstone” in season 7. Ed Sheeran himself has done a little cameo as one of the Lannister soldiers with this beautiful musical interlude.

Ed Sheeran – Perfect (Cover)

The Ed Sheeran Roblox ID for the song Perfect (Cover by Nominjin) is 3523049305. The song perfect is from the third studio album,” ÷ (divide)” by Ed Sheeran. This song was released in September 2017. It got the fourth position in the billboard at its release and eventually reached the first position on US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK singles chart by December 2017.

It also became the UK Christmas number one song. This beautiful song is about his wife, Cherry Seaborn, to which he has been married since 2019.

This song can give the feeling of falling in love even to the loneliest heart and can make you appreciate having your special ones in your life. This song was covered by Multilingual singer and songwriter Nomi Jean Cater, also widely known as Nominjin, in 2018. In her cover, she beautifully shared her interpretation of the song.

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

The Ed Sheeran Roblox ID for the song Shape of You / The Greatest is 670555027. The song shape of you is one of the most remarkable creations by the singer. This 2017 banger is the part of the album ” ÷ (divide).” It also ruled the number one position in the singles chart for 34 countries, including US Billboard Hot 100.

This song won Award for Best Pop Solo Performance at the 60th Annual Grammy Award in 2018. This song has a remix created by YouTuber and Music Producer AndDyWuMUSICLAND with Sia’s two hits, “The Greatest” and “Cheap Thrills.” Currently, the remix has over 3.5 million views on youtube.

Ed Sheeran – 1000 Nights

The Ed Sheeran Roblox ID for the song 1000 Nights (Remix) is 3495714204. The original song 1000 nights was released in 2019 as a part of the No.6 Collaboration project.

It featured artists like American Rapper Meek Mill and American Rapper and singer A Boogie wit da Hoodie. This song has a perfect blend of rap, beats, and singing.

Ed Sheeran – I See Fire

The Ed Sheeran Roblox ID for the song I See Fire (Kygo Remix) is 257180137. The original song “I See Fire” was released in 2013 and was written and sung by Ed Sheeran. It was commissioned for the closing credits of the movie “The Hobbit: The Desolation.”

This song was written and recorded just in a day. It earned first place in the New Zealand charts. It also was nominated for Satelite Award for Best Original Songs. Kygo also produced a remix version of the song in the same year.

Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care

The Ed Sheeran Roblox ID for the song I Don’t Care is 3173191582. The song is sung by Ed Sheeran and Canadian singer Justin Bieber and co-written by Max Martin, Shellback, Fred Gibson, and Jason Boyd alongside the singers.

This song was part of No.6 Collaboration project Sheeran’s fourth studio album. This song was a mixture of electropop and dance hall, released on 10th May 2019. It secured the number one position in 25 countries and the UK single charts.

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