How To Make A White Map In Minecraft

How To Make A White Map In Minecraft

Minecraft is known for this creative building techniques and changing building structures. The game has many maps which serve as a guide for Ocean Monument, Ruins, Forest Biomes, Buried Treasures, and an Empty map. Generally, these empty maps display the terrain around you.

Maps are handy things that will help you find your way through anywhere. But if you need a white map in Minecraft, things can get a bit more time-consuming. How shall a player make one with different varying colors? Let alone different colors, how to make a white map? Can we change its colors? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about it!

Materials Required To Make White Map in Minecraft

Empty Map: There are two ways you can make a empty map. First, by using 8 papers and 1 compass. This map will allow you to select any location on marker. Second, by using 9 papers. This empty map will not display any location markers. To make white map in Minecraft, we’ll use the maps made from 9 papers.

White Wool: White wool can easily be acquired from sheep. This will will serve as a terrain base to make our map white.

Snow: Snow is another alternative for wool which can be used to fill the terrain. Then as the terrain will become complete white, you can use it to make the map white.

How To Make A White Map In Minecraft

There are different ways to make a white map. All of them are as follows –

1. Using Wool

white map from wool

A default map is of a brick red color and is both 128 blocks wide and 128 blocks long. This is not an easy feat to achieve. This will obviously require you to shovel. Like other things in Minecraft, you can make one from materials like Wood, Stone, Gold, Iron, or Netherite.

For starters though, you can go with wood or iron. Now to make a white map in Minecraft you will need to create the first layer of the boundary made up of white wool. Continue in the same way till you have covered all the parts inside the map. Now you have a white map with you!

If the first way is just too hectic for you or if you are looking for yet another way that will help you make the perfect white map in Minecraft, you can follow the below-mentioned steps!

2. Using Snow

The second alternative method revolves around the concept of snow. Weird? Not when you really think about it. Snow is pretty white in color and using it would definitely turn your map white. But to use it to make a white map in Minecraft, players will first have to flatten it.

Players will have to move to snowy biomes to gather them. The snowy biomes do not just include snow. You can collect snow in different places in these biomes such as snowy plains, ice spikes, frozen oceans, snowy taiga, frozen rivers, and snowy beaches. In the game, players will have two choices to make it snow.

The first and very obvious way is to wait for it to snow in a natural manner without any interference from your side. The second way (for impatient Minecraft lovers) is to give a console command.

Remember that the command won’t just work anywhere. You will have to be in a snowy biome. Use Command: /weather rain to make snowfall happen right in front of you (provided you are in a snowy biome).

Fill up your bucket with powdered snow or mine it up using a shovel enchanted with Silk Touch. Now that you have your snow and have flattened it you have three options using which you can cover such a large area of land with snow.

You can either use a snow golem (which you can create by placing a Jack O’ Lantern or a Carved Pumpkin on top of any two blocks of snow) or you can build the map in a snowy biome.

If you put in the command for a snowfall it will eventually snow and cover all of your maps up. Last but not least you can also a snowman to generate enough snow for you to cover up the map. Flatten it all and you will have a white map in Minecraft!

Note: Readers must keep in mind that this process only works for those who play Minecraft in its Java Edition. This procedure of building a map of 128 blocks width and length and later covering it all up with layers of wool will not work for people playing the game in their Bedrock Edition.

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