How To Catch Spider Crab In Animal Crossing

How to Catch Spider Crab in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a game where a player roleplays a human character, moves to a rural village along with his anthropomorphic animals, and resides for a lifetime. Animal Crossing is an open-ended game where a player does not have defined objectives.

Still, a player is encouraged to live the rest of the life in the village and perform numerous activities, including socializing with village people, fishing, bug-catching, planting plants, and collecting items.

The Spider Crab In Animal Crossing is found to be a rare deep-sea creature that can be seen at the bed of the ocean in New Horizons and New Leaf. In New Horizons, the spider crab can be seen more frequently between morning 4 am and at 9 pm. If you want to get it, then you need to dive into the ocean.

The spider crab holds the most enormous shadow of its kind in the deep water, next to it one of the fastest in the ocean.

The game is played according to the real-world time, using the game console’s calendar and clock; therefore, as the time passes by in the real world, it reflects the same in the game also, and the same goes with the time of day and season.

Here is the complete guide and information regarding the Animal Crossing Spider Crab, and it will help you know the Spider Crab in detail.

Spider Crab In Animal Crossing Overview

New Horizons#29
New Leaf#25
PriceNH 3,000 bells (Pocket Camp)
NL 12,000 Bells
10,000 Bells
Shadow SizeVery fast, huge
SizeNearly 45 inches
Time of dayWhole day
Time of yearNH – South
September to October
NH – North
March to April
Scientific NameMacrocheira kaempferi
AppearancesNew Horizon & New Leaf’s Pocket Camp
LocationBed of the Ocean

How to Catch Spider Crab in Animal Crossing?

The first thing you need to perform is to get a swimming costume and dive or snorkel straight in the blue ocean. From here, you will need to move travel around the ocean, and while swimming around, you need to search for a large shadow.

Catch Spider Crab

Be aware that every large shadow does not mean it is a Spider Crab, but it can be a perfect place to start.

Once the big shadow is located, it is time to chase it by swimming. The shadow of the Spider Crab In Animal Crossing moves at a higher rate, so the player must use the bursts of speed carefully at the right time. The best you can do is predict the sea animal’s movement and jump in when you intersect the paths with it.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, you will find an information board inside the aquarium that lists all the spider crab information.

“The spider’s web has a bright orange body with white dots, making it colorful and attractive. They are considered to have lived for more than ten million years at the ocean’s bed and did not even change their shape. The male adult spider crabs are known for their long legs, which can extend over three yards. The male spider crabs are the largest species of crab in the whole world.”

Encyclopedia Information [New Leaf]

TimeAll day
SizeForty five inches

Spider Crab In Animal Crossing New Horizons

After donation or selecting “Tell me something more about it!”, the curator Blathers will state:

“Hooot hoot, I hope you won’t hyperventilate as I amuse you with the qualities of Spider Crab. But I would regret it if I didn’t focus on that; this is the giant crab living on earth… It appears like a Huge Spider! This crab is an enormous creature among the Arachnophobia species. These crabs can weigh nearly 40 pounds and grow to 12 feet; when measured from claw to claw, they are said to be submissive.

Moreover, these kind giants love to hide & seek, and applying sponges and seaweed on their shells resembles camouflage. My feathers, only if I avoid watching the Spider locate in the spider crab… I am sure that I will find it out to be the pleasing look.”

Encyclopedia Information [New Horizon]

South (Months active)September to October
North (Months active)March to April
Current Active HoursWhole Day

Little More Details

The giant spider crab is the largest crab seen globally, and it has a prolonged leg span among arthropods. The spider crabs are mostly seen on the south coast of Honshu in Japan. However, they are also spotted in the northern regions of Taiwan and Japan.

During the springtime, the spider crabs move into the shallow waters; at the same time, it is not legal to perform fishing for crabs in Japan. Their planktonic larvae do not resemble their parents, and the growth rate of the crab is also dependent on temperature; it requires 54-59 Fahrenheit (12-15 Celsius) and 54-72 days to get mature.


Following are the FAQs regarding Spider Crab In Animal Crossing –

How rare is Spider Crab Animal Crossing?

Spider Crab is one of the rarest sea creatures in the game. As a result, it sells for 1000 Bells.

What do you do with a Spider Crab in Animal Crossing?

You can either put the Spider Crab in the museum or you can sell it to Nook brothers for 10000 Bells.

How much is a Spider Crab worth on Animal Crossing?

Spider Crab is 10000 Bells worth.

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