How Many GB Is Warzone? (PC, Xbox Series S, PS4)

How Many GB Is Warzone

The Call Of Duty: Warzone announced its mobile release a while ago. So it’s better to keep your storage area clean for it. But to our disappointment, the size of the mobile version of this warzone or any other information has not been released yet.

So you might be wondering, How Many GB Is Warzone? The size of the game is quite big around 150-170GB, but it is all fair because of the speculating visuals. This size is ignoring the updated data, which can easily stack up to 55-60 GB extra.

We’ll find out next why it’s so big and what contributes to this size.

In the time, while you wait for the release of the mobile version, you can continue to enjoy the game on your PC. But if you have not done it yet, you can download the Call Of Duty: Warzone from the official website.

How Many GB Is Warzone (Storage Size Wise)

The Call Of Duty: Warzone takes up a total storage space of 175GB. It is the modern warfare version that has been released recently. It is because of the new features and visual enhancements that have been incorporated into the game.

Installing Warzone on PC

How Many GB Is Warzone Update? The size of the game varies from 52GB to 57.8Gb based on the platforms, as it is available on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The regular version takes up to 52.4GB for warzone, whereas the modern warfare version takes up 133GB.

This updated version can hold about 200 players in the warzone, as earlier, it could hold only up to 150 players.

Though the initial downloads will be much smaller and eventually, it will take upon 175GB in the storage drives. So it is advised to keep the quoted space available on the device.

Why Does It Take Up So Much Space?

This modern warfare version of Call Of Duty: Warzone has too many newly incorporated features that can not be compressed. Also, it has new textures for maps and graphics updates, making it more difficult to compress.

As compressing the size would cause damage to the visual quality. Though it may look like a lot of space, it is justifiable as it was originally made for PCs only.

How Many GB is Warzone On Xbox Series S?

Installing Warzone on Xbox
Warzone Xbox

Warzone on Xbox Series S is sized 91.78 GB. This comes up including all the graphics and skin visuals. Even though, this size seems low compared to the PC version but is a lot considering the storage capacity you have on Xbox Series S.


How Many GB is Warzone PS4/PS5?

Installing Warzone on PS4
Warzone PS4

Warzone PS4 is sized around 81-101GB on PS4. But the good thing is you can start playing the game after downloading 18-22 GB. Based on your internet speed, downloading Warzone can easily take 2-10 hours. So make sure you press the download button before going to bed.

Other Requirements

Apart from the additional storage, there are also certain other aspects that you need to keep in mind while downloading this game. This game would require Windows 10, a 64-bit Operating system with Intel Core i3-4340, or an AMD FX-6300 processor.

For visuals, it requires an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, or AMD Radeon HD 7950- Directx 12.0 compatible system with a Hard drive space of 175GB. This is important as the modern warfare version uses crisp and high resolution to preserve the quality of the game. It uses 2048×2048 resolution or 2K resolution.

If you are willing to run this game on your laptop, it might not go as expected as the resolution rate decreases on the laptop.

Where to Download Call Of Duty: Warzone

You can download this Call Of Duty: Warzone directly on its website. You can also download it from Blizzard. You can also download it from other sources as it is free of cost and available on all websites to download.


How many GB is COD Cold War?

COD Cold War size varies from 90-95 GB depending on the device you’re going to play. But post installation, there are more downloads which can easily take up the size of Cold War to 180-190GB.

How many GB is Warzone Mobile?

Warzone Mobile is not released yet. Considering the other sibling game sizes, Warzone Mobile would be around 2GB.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Overview

The call of duty: the warzone video game will release its mobile version soon. The 2020 release has announced its mobile release in March 2022. Though the release is confirmed, the date of the release has not been out yet as it’s still under process.

Like any other Call of Duty part, this is also a free-to-play battle royal multiplayer video game. This game has Battle Royale and Plunder as two main modes. This version can hold the quads, so now you can play the game solo or in a group of two, three, or four. Also, the newly launched version has an added in-game currency system that uses currency to buy stations on the map.

In this version, cash can be traded from the Loadout drops for players’ custom classes. Players can also buy Killstreak and gas masks with cash.

In the battle royale mode, players compete on a continuously shrinking map to survive till the last to win. With running time, the widespread area starts to shrink by spreading yellow gas, which makes the area contaminated and depletes the health, and kills the players.

In this mode, players can use the parachute without any restriction. While in the air, they can cut and open the parachute numerous times without any restriction. Also, it has a respawn mechanic, which allows the players to respawn after character death.

In the Plunder mode, each team has to gather money that has been scattered around. It is said that there are 1million $ spread around the map, which all the team has to collect. The team with the most money gathered will win. Also, after all the money is collected, the money increases by 1.5 times.

Apart from these two modes, several other new modes are introduced from time to time.

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