6 Working Warzone Bunker Codes [2024]

Warzone Bunker Codes

Warzone Bunkers are a part of the map where you can camp and plan your strategic extraction. These Bunkers are easy to defend and can serve as a great place to plan your next moves. Although, as easy it may seem, some of these Bunkers require codes.

Warzone Bunker Codes are the access codes for the special bunkers in the game. These bunkers have a special advantage and can be extremely useful in fights. If you are aiming to open any of these bunkers, then move to the missile silo for the best results. In this post, we’ll look at all the working codes for these bunkers.

What are Warzone Bunkers Codes?

Warzone Bunker Look

Bunkers are a place where you can loot several things in the Call of Duty Warzone. There are so many bunkers spread around the different maps you have to solve the mystery, figure out the bunkers and get your rewards in the Gave. When players are involved in the war, they see so many bunkers, but they ignore it because they don’t know that bunkers specific role in the game and how to use it. For solving this problem, we are here to give you basic knowledge on Call of duty Warzone bunkers.

The bunkers have some specific loot whenever you visit inside the bunker, you something either it is money or some weapons there are several boxes you can open and get your reward. When you know all about bunkers, you can’t stop yourself from looting inside the bunkers. This is such an exciting thing. First of all, look where you can find these bunkers and how to open these mystery boxes.

Warzone Bunker Codes List

Warzone Bunker Codes List

Accept the Red Access Card. All the bunkers have some Warzone Bunker Codes, but the original bunkers doesn’t have any code. You can loot so many legendary chests like weapons money in six bunkers without using red access card or without solving any complicated puzzle. Continue reading below for the list of codes and their location in the maps.

  • Prison – 72948531
  • Farmland – 49285163
  • South Junkyard – 97264138
  • North Junkyard – 87624851
  • Park (nuke) – 60274513
  • TV Station – 27495810

Location for 11 COD Warzone Bunkers

Warzone Bunker Gameplay

There is a total of 13 bunkers in the cod warzone. Six of these bunkers have some specific access Warzone Bunker Code that we are mention in the article, and five bunkers required Red access card, which is quite tricky, and 11 required some different location for opening these bunkers and the final one Airport Bunkers that doesn’t need any of access or code.

In this, we are going to provide you all 11 bunkers’ locations. Follow the steps carefully.

Bunker 1 –For the first bunker, you have to go south of the promenade below the road that runs along the coast. You have to be careful while going there because near the road an out-of-bounds area is located.

Bunker 2 – This you will find just near the main road directly west of the southernmost tip of Boneyard and northwest of Promenade West.

Bunker 3 – For finding this bunker, you have to go south of Storage town and north of Boneyard. This is like a square form. Walk there to see the rest of that.

Bunker 4 – This is pretty easy to find because it this directly outside of Superstore. So you can quickly get to this location.

Bunker 5 – This bunker present near the dam and north area of the Airport but the southwest area of the Military base

Bunker 6 – This bunker will get directly located Military base near a radio tower alongside the cliffs.

Bunker 7 – This bunker is quite challenging to found. Follow the structure carefully head of the southeast of the Quarry there you will find one train tunnel. Outside of the tunnel and the left is the entrance to this bunker.

Bunker 8 – It is located northeast of the Stadium in the small building just near the road. you’ll have to walk some meters to get this.

Bunker 8 – One interesting thing about this bunker this is located with the 7th bunker, so when you get 7th, then you will also get the 8th one. It is a large structure that is closer to the building where you find the 7th bunker. Go inside the system, go down a ladder then you will discover the entrance of the 8th bunker.

Bunker 9 –This bunker you will get northeast of the prison near the side of a cliff east of the bridge. One door has located that leads to the prison.

Bunker 10 – On the southeast coast of the map (south of Park), you should find the bunker entrance. It’s located just off the main road that runs along the coast and is inside a larger structure.

Bunker 11 – Go northwest of the Military base outside of a cliff just near the fire station. You will get the entrance of 11 bunkers.

Use of Warzone Bunker Codes

These bunkers are very useful in the game. You can collect so many legendary things from these bunkers. There are total 13 bunkers which have different standard and different loots. Six have specific Warzone Bunker Code, and 11 have a separate location and reset of having Red access card.

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Using the Warzone Bunker Codes mentioned in the post, you can quickly loot all bunkers and get all the legendary rewards such as powerful weapons, money, and much more. Bunkers are boon for players in the game due to their advantages.

Happy gaming!

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