Is NoxPlayer Safe? Here’s A Detailed Answer

Is NoxPlayer Safe

Emulators are a big part of the developer and gamers community. With the ability to run android apps over Windows or Mac-based devices, many emulators have created fierce competition. Competition sometimes brings shady and doubtful practices to the table to make more money. Similarly, in the Emulators market, privacy and security are a huge concerns.

Is Noxplayer Safe? Yes, currently Noxplayer is absolutely safe to use on both PC and Mac. This safety test is based on two main factors, privacy, and security. In this post, we’ll go through why Noxplayer is safe and what is the probable risk of using it?

But first, let’s have a look at the origin of Noxplayer –

What is NoxPlayer?

NoxPlayer is an emulator where you can install and run the Android Operating System (OS) virtually. Many users play games, watch TV shows, or develop an app using these virtual systems. But whatever may be the reason the main thing to run Android over your PC or a Mac is itself quite fascinating. With increasing popularity, NoxPlayer is one of the most used Emulators in the world (3 Million+), just behind BlueStacks (15 Million+).

Especially in Tier 2 Countries, where there is a trend to play mobile games on computers, NoxPllayer is intensively used. Games like Player Unknowns Battleground (PUBG), Apex Legends, and Among Us have given huge boosts to the emulators market since the games are free on mobile and paid on computers.

Nox Player Preview

Surprisingly, the Nox player supports 64bit and can be used to test your developmental applications from your Android Studio project. As a result, many companies use Nox Player to emulate the apps during the development stage.

Who owns Nox Player?

NoxPlayer has its legal name as “Nox Limited” and is situated in Hong Kong. With the quick acknowledgment from the investors, they raised their Series B round in 2018, just after 3 years of their first product release.

Zhe Han (CEO) lead the investing round and acquired a whooping ~31M$ funding. This funding included some of the best investing Ventures like Everest VC, Sea, and Y&R. So, we can say that as of now, Nox player is owned by these investors and the core team members from Nox Limited.

The team at NoxPlayer is extremely skilled and releases new android version supports soon after its release, leaving behind its competitors.

With such skills and investor relations, the company is constantly being watched by its competitors. This can be one of the reasons, why Nox has not been reported as a virus not even once is considered to be safe.

Is NoxPlayer Safe?

Let’s cut the chase and talk about why we have marked NoxPlayer as safe. There are numerous reasons for it, let’s break them down into different sections.

1. Industry Leader

Being the industry leader, Nox definitely has great responsibilities over its shoulders. NoxPlayer (Nox Group) was the first to ever release the 64-bit architecture for virtual Android OS support. Not only this but more android updates were first released by the Nox team, then soon were replicated to other emulators.

This kind of impact in the emulators market brings a lot of trusts. Over 150 Million Users in 100+ countries have trusted NoxPlayer to be the one to run virtual Android OS.

2. Good Investors

Investors become an integral part of the company even if they have a fraction of the shares. With their money and reputation in line, they ensure that the company is moving in the right direction. Moreover, investors like Sea, which is listed in an open market, bring a lot of trust to the table. Sea Limited would have definitely done their homework to check the company background and legal checks.

Additionally, these investors can call for the company checkups, and audit reports if they have any suspicion about the company’s operations. This brings us back to our question, is NoxPlayer safe? Invested by big public companies, it is more likely to be safe.

3. Clean Antivirus Tests

NoxPlayer is tested against many Antivirus softwares/applications and found to be clean. This can be verified over the Virustotal database as well. With no such detection, there is no technical reason to call Noxplayer to be harmful or “unsafe”.

Virus Total Report
Virus Total Report

Following antivirus/security companies have marked Noxplayer as safe –

AbusixCMC Threat IntelligenceHeimdal SecurityScantitan
AcronisComodo Valkyrie VerdictHoplite
AICC (MONITORAPP)CyberCrimeK7AntiVirussecurolytics
AlienVaultCyRadarKasperskySnort IP sample list
Artists Against 419Dr.WebMalwaredStopForumSpam
AviraEmergingThreatsMalwareDomainListSucuri SiteCheck
BADWARE.INFOEmsisoftMalwarePatrolTencent URL checkerThreatHive
Bfore.Ai PreCrimeFeodo TrackerOpenPhishTrustwave
BitDefenderForcepoint ThreatSeekerPhishing DatabaseURLhaus
BluelivFraudScorePREBYTESVirusdie External Site Scan
CertegoG-DataQuick HealVX Vault
Chong Lua DaoZeroCERTRisingzvelo
CINS ArmyGreenSnowSangforWebroot

So, Is NoxPlayer Safe? Yes, absolutely. With such relations and being the industry leader, Nox is definitely a safe software to use.

Is NoxPlayer from China?

Yes, NoxPlayer’s headquarters is located in Hong Kong, China. But this doesn’t make it unsafe to use. The company is being in operation for years and is being invested by Singaporean capitalists (SEA). So, NoxPlayer is not totally owned by Chinese citizens.

Is NoxPlayer Safe In Windows?

Yes, Noxplayer is safe to use in Windows on Desktop PC and Laptops as well. Many Android Developing agencies use Noxplayer to test their apps. Moreover, there are no known virus detections found as per Virustotal.

Is NoxPlayer Safe In MAC?

Nox Player in Mac

Yes, NoxPlayer is tested in MAC and is completely safe to use. Since Apple has strict privacy and data sharing policies, it’s hard for any app to cross that line, otherwise, they can get flagged.

FAQs on Is NoxPlayer Safe

Is Noxplayer a Virus?

Even though, its marked as suspicious in Virustotal, it is marked safe by many antivirus companies.

Is Noxplayer a Trojan?

No, Noxplayer is not a Trojan.

Is Noxplayer spyware?

No, Noxplayer is not Spyware and is safe to download and use.

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