Top 20 COD Warzone Tips To Win Battles Easily

COD Warzone Tips

Call of Duty has always managed to fulfil the expectations of players. With OGs dominating the old gaming world, COD have also provided the users with good battle royale modes and other new game concepts. Each of these gamemodes is equally exciting and well optimized.

COD Warzone Tips will help you to understand the importance understand every situation in the game and act sensibly to it. With all the compilation of tips at one spot, the players can easily dominate the other players of the same skill level. With the increasing popularity of the game, it’s very important to keep track of the game meta and how things work in the game.

Why do we need useful tricks in COD Warzone?

As Call of Duty: Warzone is an action-based game, and the players are required with useful COD Warzone Tips so that they can survive in the Battle Royale. The tricks will help the player live longer and avoid the basic common mistakes they might pay a huge prize. The tricks may also help a player gain victory in Warzone tips that will help them make a better call as they fight and avoid a massive number of pitfalls, and their enemies will also create havoc or blunder into it.

20 Cod Warzone Tips

This section will note down all the essential tips that will help the player in the gameplay.

1. Reach Quickly to the Battlefield

COD Warzone Landing Tips

This COD Warzone tip applies to every battle royale game. The player should reach the battleground as soon as possible and reduce the time so that they can acquire more weapons than other players. Especially in crowded places, it’s important to land first and grab the weapons. With weapons advantage, you can get easy starting frags.

2. Start to Kill the Enemies Before Landing in the Warzone

As players, we know that the battleground is filled with 150 players. So it is suggested for you to start attacking the enemies while they are on air. For doing this, they have to cut down the parachute at a comfortable location and start shooting the other enemies. This COD Warzone Tip helps you to secure a place easily and helps you to increase your frags.

3. Get a Sophisticated UAV and Spot all the Enemies on the Game Map

While playing this game, the players have an additional feature of purchasing some elements in the Buy Store available in the game. Here, the player can buy a UAV, which will help the players display the nearby enemies that are close by on the map and indicate the enemy position. The cost that the player has to give is $4000, and the disadvantage is that it can be used only for a specific amount of time. Understanding this COD Warzone tip will provide an advantage over enemies in the game.

4. Make use of the Ping majorly

The players should use the ping. It is one of the vital tips we suggest that will help the other teammates locate what is in their surroundings, and the players can double-tap on it to warn their teammates about the surrounding enemy.

5. Share the Loot items with your Teammates

The player should have an open heart and share the loots with their supporting teammates. On the bottom left side of the gameplay screen where players can see the finances of their teammates. It is a useful COD Warzone tip because once in the game if the player gets killed, the other teammates can revive them. So it’s important to be friends with them.

6. Optimize the Weapons Usage 

The players should always try hard to fix their weapons in the war.  Doing this will reduce the recoil of the gun (especially guns), which will provide the players with incredible and better accuracy to attack the player.

7. Do Not Forget to Complete the Contract Tasks

The best way to earn money in this game is to complete the contracts. It is the new add-on in the game. The tasks may differ from killing a player or looting. After completing the contracts, the player will receive cash rewards and some special abilities to the player. This COD Warzone Tip will allow you to earn quick cash along with other utilities.

8. Make Use of Loadout Packages

COD Warzone Loadout Packages

In the game, the player will spend some time collecting and selecting weapons while playing online. The players will earn some perks while playing this game. That is why the Cod Warzone provides the players the feature to purchase load-out packages and call the assets while playing online. It will surely benefit the player with unique abilities and will increase the running speed in the game.

9. Use Redeployment Signal Flare Whenever Necessary

We had already known how a teammate can revive a player once they are dead by purchasing the Redeployment from the Buy Stations in the game. The player should have a watch out for the signal flare, which will start flashing once the tool is used and make sure that all the teammates return to the safe location and should avoid getting killed by the opponent players. Keeping this COD Warzone Tip in mind can create a man advantage against opponents.

10. Use Shield All Times

Like other battle games, the Warzone will not consist of helmets or any kind of special protective gear. In this game, the armor plates are applied under the uniform of the player. The player can apply for uptown 3 plates and can increase the health pool of range between 100 to 250. Many players ignore the importance of a shield, making it an important COD Warzone tip.

11. Help your Teammate in the Gulag

One can help the teammate in the battleground and track them back accurately on the field. A player can show up at the enemy location by using a stone trick on the balcony. In this way, many players were able to kill the enemies by throwing C4 explosives on the grounds of the battlefield.

12. Keep the Priority to acquire the loadout

The player can consume the weapons or some kind of other kinds of stuff from the outset, and mostly all the players try to perform their best in a particular loadout. The player should aim in their mind to get about $10,000 cash so they can shop a Loadout Drop front the nearest and safest Buy Station. In this methodology, the players will develop their custom weapons and prove them in further matches.

13. Never Stop Looting

Suppose if a player in the game is well-equipped with $10,000 to get their loadout but is highly suggested to warn more cash and gear up with the other kinds of stuff. If a player will have more amount, they have an opportunity o purchase a Self-Revive, a gas mask, etc., and shall get a complete stock to win the match a bit easier. This COD Warzone tip explains why upgrades are always better in the game.

14. Play with Great Alert

As we know, playing in Warzone is tuff. Every player cannot give back-to-back headshots by using a sniper and nor can wipe up the whole squad. It takes long practice. At the same time, some players are used to SMGs and tend to play more aggressively. The player should make their own style of strength and be comfortable with it, and once it is developed, the flow of the matches will be in the player’s hand.

15. Divide and Kill

Coming towards the important COD Warzone tip, While playing the game, every player makes a mistake as they see the enemy on the screen and gets hyper to shoot them. But the majority, it is easy for the enemy to get alert and maintain their cover also to prepare themselves for the counter-attack. So it is suggested to wait and check whether the enemy is alone and there is no backup team along with them. This takes place by getting experience by playing this game, and so take a shot only when you are sure.

16. Land on the Exact Spot To Improve Map Knowledge

As perfect shooting is required, it is necessary to perfect landing, which is suitable according to the players’ game style. The places like Superstore or Hospital are the super busy locations, and some areas like the edges of the map are less populated. So players, keep in mind selecting the right landing spot will help you build a strong base for your starting location. This COD Warzone tip will help you to understand the map knowledge in the game.

17. Utilizing the Smokes for Rotating Around

COD Warzone Using Smokes

In the circle, the players play the game in the linear style and making their way from one ring to the second. Sometimes it is not avoidable, but it is recommended to rotate around in a pinwheel motion. And the primary reason is that the gas can act as a shield and prevent the players from the enemies’ attacks.

18. The effort to Complete Contracts

Contracts are the best way to earn money, skills, and gears in the game. The five central Contracts in the game are as follows:

  • Abundance – It is utilized to focus on a specific player. 
  • Recon –  It is used to catch a near point or location of the next circle. 
  • Forager – It will open three close-by chests to gain the stuff. 
  • Generally Needed – The players can mark themselves and can gear up themselves by three minutes. 
  • Supply Run – In the game, the players can reach the closest Buy Station at a minimum time frame and gain maximum discounts. 

19. Plate Up Every Time

COD Warzone Plating Up

It is an essential and crucial COD Warzone tip. If a player has plates, they should make sure that they keep them full whenever possible. A player can equip a full 3 fully equipped plates and store additional five to eight plates at the satchel. During the gunfight, the player should try to plate up and not buy up or loot them in the gameplay.

20. Stay Alert while Reviving

If the enemy attacks the player in the war, they should make sure about few factors such as either they are dead or not. Otherwise, the location is nearby or far apart. During the revival time, the player is open and vulnerable to the enemies, so they must have exceptional attention at revival. This COD Warzone tip will definitely save you big time!

What is the Easiest Way to win Warzone?

The easiest way to win a warzone for the player is to reach the battlefield quickly. The player can abbreviate the time it takes to get to the front line and be the snappiest to land by sending their parachute before returning to the free-fall mode. Keeping the parachute conveyed continuously could back the player off a piece. Being the first to land implies that they will have a greater chance to discover better gear. It will likewise save you from players who open fire during parachute drops and will help them to win the Warzone easily.

Is it hard to win Warzone?

In Call of Duty, yes, it is difficult for the players to win the Warzone. The Warzone is the hottest Battleground in the market. Firstly they have to develop their skills in the game. It is complicated than more other Battle Royal games.

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COD Warzone Tips is the best way to improve your game. Although, your aim and game sense matter in the FPS combat games, still having better knowledge can grant you an advantage over opponents. I’m sure that by using the above tips, you can definitely improve your Warzone plays.

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