Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil Guide For Beginners

Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil

Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil refers to an upgrade that you can make to your spear so that it can deal more damage. How to add this particular upgrade to your spear is a question that you might be having. However, do not worry, as everything that you will need to know regarding this topic will be discussed in detail in this article, including how to add this particular upgrade to your spear.

Certain conditions need to be met if you wish to add this upgrade to your spear, and we will be looking into all these questions related to Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil. 

That much being said, let us jump into the topic at hand and familiarise ourselves with what Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil is.

Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil

The first thing that one needs to remember when it comes to Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil is that you will only be able to get the various spear mods, including the Spear Damage Coil, if you have the DLC Frozen Wilds DLC.

The game does not allow the players to use any Mods.

By default, the player will not be able to make use of any of the mods for the spear that the player might come across. In order to be able to unlock and make use of the abilities that are available for the mods for spears in Horizon Zero Dawn, you will need to first finish a quest titled A Secret Shared. This quest can be found within the DLC area of Frozen Wilds. 

It is easy to find this quest as it is one of the first available Quests for the players in the Frozen Wilds DLC area, so it is hard to miss.

25% Spear Damage Coil
25% Spear Damage Coil Modification

However, a fair piece of warning to those who wish to traverse the Frozen Wilds DLC area. The level that a player is recommended to have is 30. So it is advised many players of the game to upgrade and power up and improve their level before they decide to enter this area.

The Spear of Aloy allows the players to have one slot for modification. It is not possible for the player to buy a brand new spear. But if, once you have reached a particular part of the main story, it provides the players with the opportunity to have two slots for modification for the Sylens’ Lance.

What the Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil does is that it improves the power as well as the damage caused by your spear. 

Now let us take a look at what to do so that you can add the Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil to your spear.

Adding The Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil 

If you are able to find a coil that can be added to a weapon you will need to assign the weapon you want to add the Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil too. You will be able to assign the weapon of your choice by going to the inventory and then selecting a weapon that has the free coil slot. You need to press the Square and select the weapon to which you wish to add the coil.

Where do I put the spear damage coil and where to find it?

Talk with Kamut
Talk with Kamut

To put the spear damage coil on you have to first upgrade your spear. To do so, you have to first head back to the place where you talked to Kamut (Banuk dye cam, north of Song’s Edge). On reaching there, you have to give the Mounting Rail to get a treasure box in return that contains a new Spear Damage Coil that can effectively improve the power and damage of your spear. 

How can I unlock the ability to use Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil Mods?

To be able to successfully unlock the ability to utilise spear modes, you first have to finish the quest named ‘A Secret Shared within the Frozen Wild’ in the DLC area of the game. This quest is not very hard to miss as it is one of the first of the many available within this area. 

How do you increase spear damage in zero dawn horizon?

Spear Modification Option
Spear Modification Option

First, you have complete the quest titled ‘In Her Mother’s Footsteps’ as an initial step to upgrade your spear damage. This will lead to your spear getting a small damage boost (25%). In order to increase the spear damage further,  you have to visit the level-up menu and choose to unlock damage talents. There are a number of these talents that can increase the base damage of the weapon. These base damages will also increase the ability of your spear to smash armours. 

How do you use spear modifications in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Have a conversation with Kamut once the player has gotten the rail part along with the ability to be able to upgrade the spear just like any of the other weapons that are available. The functionality of this is just like everything else. There will be two slots that will be available for the players to add the modifications on the spear. you will be able to fill them by going to the crafting tab which can be found on the menu.


The Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Damage Coil is an upgrade that we can do to the Spear weapon which allows the players to have more power and cause more damage. A lot of confusion arises when it comes to the topic, especially related to where and how one will be able to get the Spear Damage Coil, as well as what the purpose of this particular upgrade is.

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