GTA Vice City No Missions? Here’s How You Unlock New Missions

GTA Vice City No Missions

The gameplay of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is quite similar to that of the third sequel of the game. In this game, with an open-world playing style, the player must follow the storyline to complete the tasks and unlock his property. A new city region will become accessible if a task is completed. The player will complete the objective while moving around on foot, in a car, or on a motorcycle.

GTA Vice City No Missions is the state in-game where you don’t have any new missions to complete. This can be either because of 100% game completion, or you’re simply missing some mission that stopped your progress in the game. This post will look at what you can do if you don’t have new missions after a certain point.

GTA Vice City, and for that matter of fact, any GTA game, revolves around an open-world game whose main scenario is to complete the missions and get a 100% clear rate.

GTA Vice City No Missions

You could reach a point in GTA Vice City when no further tasks are viewable, and no map symbols are available because of how the mission tree is set up.

If you discover yourself in this circumstance, it signifies you have finished all of the primary required tasks and should concentrate on the property missions.

You must buy and finish the tasks for at least 6 Financial Properties (including one that must be “Print Works”; “Phil’s Place” does not count) to advance. There will be a maximum of seven Profitable Properties (including the Vercetti Estate), each of which will be shown on the map with a $ symbol. These are the properties you should look for and try to complete its missions –

InterGlobal Film Studio4
Kaufman Cabs3
Print Works2
Malibu Club4
Phil Cassidy2

GTA Vice City Total Missions

There are a total of 87 missions; let me list them out for you:

  • 38 Main missions i.e; Story Missions.
  • 5 Phone Missions
  • 8 Side Missions
  • 3 Stadium Missions
  • 19 Property Missions
  • 4 Missions are Off Road
  • 3 Missions using a remote control
  • 6 Missions which are for Racing
  • 1 Sparrow Mission

These are a list of all the types of missions that must be played to complete the game. Getting a 100% in the game only requires you to complete the 38 Main missions and 19 Asset missions. The rest can be played as a side mission to get achievements.

GTA Vice City Unlock Final Mission

You must purchase and clear the missions relating to the 6 Properties to unlock the final mission in GTA Vice City. The Vercetti Estate is also automatically unlocked.

Kaufman Cabs
Kaufman Cabs (One of the assets)

The player should have nine assets accessible in GTA Vice City after finishing the “Shakedown” assignment. With a few exceptions, the decision of which 6 to buy and concentrate on is mostly yours:

  • Print Works assignments must be accomplished, and Print Works is required.
  • Phil’s Place is excluded from the six since it is not profitable.

You will be able to access “Cap the Collector” and “Keep Your Friends Close,” the last two tasks in the GTA Vice City narrative, after you acquire a total of seven Profitable Properties marked with $ (including the Vercetti Estate).

GTA Vice City No Missions After Cop Land?

Protection Ring
Protection Ring Property

The “Protection Ring” property becomes available after finishing Cop Land (a $ cash pickup symbol emerges outside the mansion). The “thread” of the mansion is empty of new missions. Similar $ currency symbols (in contrast to the one you obtained at the house) must also be unlocked at six separately purchased companies to complete the last two plot quests.

GTA Vice City No Missions After Phil?

After Phil, there are no new missions that will appear by him as the last mission by Phil is the Boomshine Saigon; These are all side missions given by him, and after these, you will need to complete the asset missions to unlock the final mission to get a 100% completion.

GTA Vice City No Missions After Boomshine Saigon?

The Boomshine Saigon mission is about making sure you transport Cassidy to a hospital in an ambulance after a fatal accident while gang members are chasing you, and your screen keeps moving and makes it more difficult to drive; after reaching the hospital, Phil asks you to take Cassidy to a surgeon that is a friend of Phil’s. The mission gets over after reaching the Surgeon’s place.

Once completed, there are no new missions for Phil. You need to find other missions or purchase other assets to begin with other missions.

GTA Vice City No Missions After Trojan Voodoo?

Trojan Vodoo Mission
Trojan Vodoo Mission

In GTA Vice City, Tommy receives the optional plot assignment known as Trojan Voodoo from Umberto Robina. After finishing both Naval Engagement and Dirty Lickin’s, the ‘Trojan Voodoo’ task becomes accessible. Although this quest is optional, it is necessary to complete the game in its entirety.

After the completion of Trojan Vodoo, a new task called ‘Cop Land’ will be available at Vercetti Estate.

GTA Vice City No Missions G Spotlight?

In GTA Vice City, Tommy was assigned the Asset task G-Spotlight by Steve Scott and InterGlobal Studios. In chronological sequence, it is the 55th Vice City quest, unlocked after doing Martha’s Mug Shot. Tommy pulls out a significant marketing gimmick for Candy and Mercedes’ film.

G Spotlight is the last mission of the InterGlobal Films Studio and no new missions will be available in the property.

GTA Vice City No Missions After Love Fist?

Love Fist Mission
Love Fist Mission

There are no missions after the “Publicity Tour,” which completed every assignment on the map. The previous assignment was Love Fist’s “Publicity Tour,” in which they had to defuse a bomb while they drove. After this mission, you have to finish the property missions to clear the complete game.

In GTA Vice City, How to unlock the Closed Bridges?

You will begin Grand Theft Auto: Vice City playing on Vice City Beach, located on the right portion of the map.

Due to storm warnings, the bridges which connect Vice City Mainland to the opposite side of the map are closed.

As you move through the narrative, the storm warning will be lifted, and after finishing the task “Phnom Penh ’86,” entry to Vice City’s first land will become available.


Can There be a chance for no missions?

Yes, there will come a time when no missions are available. That is when you complete 100%.

Which property has a mission in GTA Vice City?

InterGlobal Film Studio, Kaufman Cabs, Print Works, Malibu Club, Phil Cassidy are properties that have missions.

How to activate missions in GTA Vice City?

Just enter the yellow/pink spot around the mission marker on the map to activate the mission.

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