Is Kratos Black? Learn About The Origin Of Powerful Character

Is Kratos Black

Is Kratos Black? No, not really. There is no mention or clue anywhere in the story that Kratos is Black. The color scheme of Kratos has always been a mystery as he has always been hidden behind marks and a complete shade of white.

God Of War is a well-known game played by people of all ages. The game has been going on for a very long time and will continue for longer. Staring Kratos who does not want to deal with the gods and exact his revenge on those who had wronged him. I still remember, when I was young, I always asked my dad to buy me a PSP so that I can play God of War. I’m sure you might’ve as well. Since Kratos is the lead character in the game and there’s no such clear explanation for his origin, I decided to write this article.

Here in this article, I will unravel a few of our curiosities. Before moving to understand his color, let’s understand Kratos more.

Who is Kratos?

Kratos is the most loved playable protagonist of the God of War series. A Spartan general who was born in Sparta earned the moniker “Ghost of Sparta” after accidentally murdering his child and wife at the command of “ARES” the god of war. Kratos, after doing so, stopped listening to Ares’s commands and eventually killed him, replacing him as the new “God of War”.

Kratos God of War
Kratos (on right)

Born to the king of the Gods and a mortal human, Kratos was a demigod who was brought up as a spartan in Sparta. Hela, Zeus’s wife found out about what Zeus had done and ordered the execution of the child, but Zeus interrupted and stopped her.

Later Zeus heard about a prophecy foretelling how one of his son’s who bore a mark would kill him. Kratos had a brother called “Deimos” who had a birthmark and when Zeus sent Ares and Athena to kill and dispose him. Ares made the decision to invade Sparta with an army of centaurs and bring Deimos to Thanatos, the God of Death, after observing the unusual birthmarks on Deimos. Ares struck Kratos into a pile of wood as he attempted to save his brother, inflicting a scar over his right eye that will never go away.

Ares was offended by the young Spartan’s defiance and was about to murder him when Athena intervened. Before vanishing into the flames, the Goddess told Ares they already had what they were looking for and expressed her regret to Kratos.

Kratos was forever changed by the death of his brother and resolved never to fail again. Kratos got a tattoo of his brother Deimos’ birthmark on his body as a tribute to him. Later, Kratos would forget that Ares and Athena had taken his brother from him; he wouldn’t remember this until Ares had passed away.

Is Kratos Black?

As per the appearances in the game, the color tone of Kratos is not Black but instead, a whitish ghost color. This creates more confusion as you never know, if he is black or white behind the white color, or if the white color is even real or not.

Kratos’ unusual look is driven by his ghostly white skin tone, which earned him the moniker “Ghost of Sparta.” If you’ve completed the previous game in the series, you’ll know that his body isn’t white, but rather coated with the ashes of his deceased wife and kid. So depending on the sheer looks, you can easily say that he is not black.

Terrence C. Carson & Christopher Judge 2018 | Courtest: Vlad TV

Although I am aware that he is Greek, he was voiced by two black performers (Terrence C. Carson 2005-2013, Christopher Judge 2018-present). In the end, nothing is changed by this.

So, from where does the ‘Is Kratos Black’ question arise? Is it because of his Mother? or Father? Let’s find that out.

Is Kratos’s Mother Black?

Callisto | Kratos’s Mother

A mortal woman named Callisto, was the wife of Zeus the king of god and the mother of Kratos and Deimos. Zeus liked plenty of women, but there is no evidence yet that Kratos’ mother is African. As per her appearances in the God of War game, the scenes do not show her as Black.

Even in Greek mythology, Callisto was the daughter of King Lycaon, who happened to be one of the followers of Artemis. Even in all the images of her in Greek history, she is never portrayed as a Black woman. So, we can easily conclude that Krato’s Mother is not Black.

Is Kratos Black? Or is his mother black? No, until now, we’ve not got any conclusory evidence. Lets talk about his father –

Is Kratos’s Father Black?


As we all know very well, Zeus, the king of gods, is the father of Kratos, who has been portrayed and shown as a male who is fair toned with White/silver Hair and blue eyes. Everyone is aware of what Zeus “looks like.” The picture of the god is readily recognizable. Even if you are unfamiliar with Greek mythology, you already know what Zeus looks like.

Is Kratos Black Before The Ashes?

Kratos is part Greek and half-divine. You can tell by the number of times it’s mentioned in the games, plus the fact that he isn’t black whenever you view how he appeared before the ashes. Kratos is not black, as depicted in the game. There are several scenes of Kratos before the ashes being burnt upon his flesh. So, ‘Is Kratos Black Before The Ashes’? ‘No,’ Kratos was not black even before the ashes of his dead wife and child.


Is Kratos a God?

Yes, Kratos is a Demi-god, meaning one of his parent was a god and the other was a mortal.

What is Kratos’s original color?

Kratos’s original color is ghostly white. Rumors are that it is because of the ashes of the deceased wife and a kid.

What race was Kratos?

Kratos belong to the Greek race from Sparta, Greece.

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