Dauntless Best Weapon: Full Tier List Breakdown

Dauntless Best Weapon

Dauntless is a free-to-play cooperative online video game that can be played on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. The game is set in a fantasy universe that has been ravaged by giant monsters called Behemoths.

The player takes the role of a Slayer, who hunts these creatures for the glory of their city-state. Slayers are equipped with weapons and armor to hunt Behemoths. 

Dauntless best weapon? In this article, we will take a look at the best weapon in Dauntless.

About Dauntless

Dauntless is a free-to-play cooperative action RPG video game developed by Phoenix Labs. The game was released in May 2018 and is available for Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. The game offers players the opportunity to explore an open-world environment, complete quests, fight battles with their friends in co-op mode or solo mode.

The game features a variety of weapons and armor that are customizable with different skins and parts. Players can also hunt down Behemoths in the world to collect materials for crafting new gear.

In Dauntless, players explore an ever-changing world in search of the next big challenge. They take on quests from the four main factions in order to build up their armory and arsenal, as well as to advance their character’s skills. Players can forge alliances with others to take on bigger challenges or simply join up for a quick hunting session.

You must have come here to know Dauntless Best Weapon. So here’s the list of dauntless best weapon according to tier:


1. Aether Strikers

Aether Strikers

Aether Strikers are weapons made of a blunt form. Armed with these weapons tools, the Slayer will pound any beast to the ground. The Aether Strikers also recharge the energy and use it to unleash unique attacks. These attacks are so powerful that we can easily say, Aether Striker is the Dauntless Best Weapon.

Aether Strikers have two special attacks that are Adamant Bolt and Titan’s Crash. Adamant Bolt is a targeted blast of energy unleashed, and Titan’s Crash is an energy wave loaded with unrestrained energy.

In the end, when you look at the Aether Strikers are an S-tier in their own right but can be improved to a higher level with appropriate investments from the player.



Axe is a great weapon with enormous damage with slow attacking speed. The player must accumulate a meter through attacking, and then unleash it to increase their power.

The Axe has two abilities, Resolve and Determination. Resolve is activated when an attack vertically is tripled in charge, rendering the Slayer resistant to staggering. The determination is based on one horizontal or vertical attack to get charged and provides a higher damage output. Overall, the Axe is a good weapon and this can be called one of the Dauntless Best Weapon.


Chain Blades

Chain Blades

The Chain Blades are a dual weapon that gives you extreme mobility and are of the type slashing. They are one of the best weapons in the game. They are fast and do a lot of damage.

Its special abilities include Insatiable Dance, Cruel Riftstrike, and Reaper’s Dance. Insatiable Dance will move the targets closer to the Slayer if they are away, and it will remove them from the other side of them if they are near and it’ll heal the Slayer. Cruel Rifstrsike is a teleport with some extra damage. Reaper’s Dance is similar to Cruel Rifstrsike but it’ll do bonus damage instead of bonus healing.

The Chain Blades are unmatched in mobility and speed, so they deal the most consistent damage of all weapons making them one of the Dauntless Best Weapon.




A sword is a classic weapon with great slashing ability. It has the ability to sever behemoths’ body parts. It is mainly a close combat weapon that will damage more quickly when the meter is full.

Some specials for the Sword include Ardent Cyclone, Valiant Overdrive, Avenging Overdrive, and Feast. Ardent Cyclone is a spinning attack that can be used to hit multiple opponents at once. Valiant Overdrive allows you to hunt more quickly. 

Avenging Overdrive allows the Slayer to deal massive damage over the behemoth. Feast has the ability of Valiant Overdrive with lifestyle ability.

Overall the sword is a sturdy weapon that gets better with time as the user has with it.




The Hammer has the highest potential to deal-out raw damage in the game. It has a slow attack speed, but with well-placed blows, it deals high amounts of damage.

Special abilities of the Hammer include Concussive Salvo, Mighty Landbreaker, Molten Edict, and Ironheart Landbreaker. All of them load ammo and deal higher damage in some way.

It has the highest skill but it is way slower than other weapons. Overall, this could be the best weapon to break behemoths’ body parts.


War Pike

War Pike

War Pike deals great damage per second due to its fast hits. The pike has some basic combos and attacks that have a good reach to them.

Special abilities of War Pike include Concussive Payload, Savage Wellspring, Godhang, and Reckless Leap. Concussive Payload shoots missile. Godhang releases a laser beam. Reckless Leap is a lunging attack.

War Pike consumes a lot of stamina for attacking and it makes it hard for the slayer to dodge the attacks of Behemoth. War Pike has limited mobility and it prevents your evasive actions. If this weapon consumed less energy and had more mobility then this weapon could have become Dauntless best weapon.


In this article, we have discussed the Dauntless Best Weapon and the Weapon Tier List. 

The conclusion of this article is that, while there are many weapons that have their own strengths and weaknesses, it is hard to predict which ones will be most effective in combat. The one which suits your play style would be always better.


What is the highest DPS weapon in Dauntless?

Inferno’s Decree is the highest DPS weapon in Dauntless.

What is the Dauntless best weapon in 2022?

If you are a ranged player, then the best weapon for you would be the bow or rifle. If you prefer close combat, then use a sword or axe.

What is the most powerful Sword in Dauntless?

Sovereign’s Torment is the most powerful Sword in Dauntless.

What is the hardest weapon in Dauntless?

The hardest weapon in Dauntless is the Frostback Spear. It has high damage and range, but it also has the slowest attack speed.

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