Big Boss VS Solid Snake: What Is The Difference Between Them?

Big Boss VS Solid Snake

In Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4), players take on the role of an old Solid Snake (also known as Old Snake), employing stealth, close combat, and standard Metal Gear combat.

Big Boss Vs Solid Snake is one of the unknown topics in this game. Especially, then both of them have eyepatches and looks almost the same, one might wonder, what is the difference between the two? Are those related to each other is some way?

The only physical difference between Big Boss and Solid Snake is that the latter doesn’t wear an eye patch to conceal a damaged eye, and they both have the same demeanor and traits. So, before moving to Big Boss Vs Solid Snake, let’s understand both these characters and what their role was in the game.

Who Is Big Boss?

Big Boss
Big Boss

Big Boss, also known as Jack and formerly Naked Snake, was a well-known member of the special forces and mercenary leader. His actual name is John. He was one of the original Patriots who formed the Militaires Sans Frontières mercenary organization and the U.S. Army Special Forces Unit “FOXHOUND“.

To carry out his plans to construct a country for warriors, Big Boss eventually founded the militaries of Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Lands as bases for his businesses. He gained the nicknames “the Legendary Soldier” and “the Legendary Mercenary” and was dreaded in battle by both friends and foes as a hero and a maniac. He was sometimes called “The Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century.”

Who Is Solid Snake?

Solid Snake
Solid Snake

David, better known by his aliases Solid Snake and Old Snake and temporarily by his Iroquois alias ‘Iroquois Pliskin’, was a former mercenary, special forces soldier, and spy. The acclaim he attained from his military feats earned him titles like “Legendary Soldier,” “Legendary Hero,” and “the Person Who Makes the Impossible Possible.” He has an IQ of 180 and is conversant in six languages.

Snake completed his final mission in 2014, defeating Liquid Ocelot and wiping out the Patriots. Snake decided to spend out his last days in peace after one final confrontation with Big Boss.

Big Boss Vs Solid Snake

Big BossSolid Snake
They both look the same, but Big Boss wears an Eye Patch.Solid Snake looks like Big Boss but does not cover his eye.
Big Boss will clear a mission regardless of the damage or causalities.Solid Snake will prioritize the safety of his companions over the mission.

Difference Between Big Boss VS Solid Snake

Snake Meets Big Boss
Snake Meets Big Boss

Except for the fact that Solid Snake doesn’t wear an eye patch to conceal a missing eye, they resemble one another almost precisely in terms of appearance. They also have a similar personality and set of traits. Ironically, Snake’s CQC is on par with Big Boss’s, but that’s where the similarities end.

Big Boss uses all measures required to complete tasks. Solid Snake has repeatedly put his life in danger to protect his teammates, even if it results in his demise. The distinction between the two is that. Solid Snake was just a clone from the DNA of Big Boss, which was taken from him unknowingly. So in Big Boss Vs Solid Snake, the main difference lies in the eye patch and the care for the team.

Big Boss Vs Solid Snake Vs Venom Snake

Big BossSolid SnakeVenom Snake
Big boss is best at Exterior stealth and Survival situations When pure combat and stealth are being spoken about Solid Snake cannot be beaten Mobility, gear, and overall power is the Venom Snakes forte.
Big Boss, also known as Jack and formerly as Naked Snake, was a well-known member of the special forces and mercenary leader.Solid Snake is a former mercenary, special forces soldier, and spy.Venom Snake was a dependable soldier at Big Boss’s MSF camp.

Who Is Better, Big Boss VS Solid Snake?

This meant that Big Boss was responsible for everything that made Solid Snake quite a fearsome persona in the first place. It would also imply that Big Boss would likely triumph over Solid Snake in a pure CQC fight.

As great as Solid Snake is, he would have only advanced so far without Big Boss personally training him. Although Master Miller was one of many mentors for Solid Snake, Big Boss taught him what it took to become a warrior and CQC. Together with his teacher The Boss, Big Boss was a co-creator.

Big Boss Lying Down
Big Boss Lying Down

Solid Snake overcame his father, his father’s body duplicate, and his genetically stronger brothers despite all of this. All of this occurred because Solid Snake battled with unwavering will and wisdom. He battled more capable Metal Gears and invaded maybe even more locations than Big Boss.

His achievements earned him the title of “the man who makes the impossible possible,” and they quickly became legends. So much so that, amid the course of Metal Gear Solid 2, the Patriots sought to make Raiden into a replica of Solid Snake. However, Solid Snake was a genetic clone of his illustrious father, his legacy far beyond his ancestry.

FAQs on Big Boss Vs Solid Snake

Who Is Stronger, Bigboss, or Solid Snake?

Bigboss is stronger than Solid Snake in a 1v1, but when executing missions, Solid snake is much better than Bigboss.

Is Big Boss the same as Solid Snake?

No, they both are two different persons.

Can Solid Snake beat Big Boss?

Depending on the situation, there is a slim chance of Solid Snake beating Big Boss.

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