Fix Failed To Verify Username Minecraft Error

Fix Failed To Verify Username Minecraft Error

Designed by Markus Persson, Jens Bergensten, Stephen McManus and Developed by Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, Telltale Games, 4J Studios, Double Eleven, Other Ocean Interactive is a 3D game where players can seemingly move from one house to another. The game is designed such that one can do both, destroy and create a city.

You might have come across the “Failed To Verify Username Minecraft” or “Session Invalid.” issue before you tried joining your Minecraft server. This issue is no new and is tackled by many more as it occurs basically because the client’s launcher failed to re-authenticate with Mojang’s session servers. Fortunately, the good news is this can be fixed with just a few steps.

This is an error that makes a lot of trouble for a true Minecraft lover. When out of nowhere in between the game, the Error pops up. This Error proves to be the most frustrating and fastidious for players.

What is Failed to Verify Username Minecraft Error?

Failed to Verify Username Minecraft

Failed To Verify Username Minecraft error also occurs if you are running a non-premium version of Minecraft. And if you haven’t bought the premium version yet, you entry to most of the servers would be restricted. The fact that the server is running in online mode, the good thing is that you can change to online mode reasonably, very quickly.

The important thing is that it occurs for both Licensed players and Crack code players. Although for a licensed one, it’s much easy to fix. But even for players with cracked codes, it can be easily set by following few simple steps already clearly mentioned in the article. So read the article carefully, and we would solve all your doubts regarding this article.

What are the Causes of Failure to Verify?

This is the Failed To Verify Username Minecraft error that is encountered by numerous other users when they try to connect to other servers. In layman’s terms, the issue is that the data of servers is licensed under, and it’s designed to scan the player — whether the player is authorized or not under the Minecraft license. The Error in simple language that failed to verify Username or Email Address means that their authentication servers [Minecraft/Mojang] are currently not performing up to the expectations, meaning it won’t permit you.

Failed to Verify Username

If you try to re-join, kindly note that your side has not raised this issue or problem (offline mode). It would be best if you wait patiently. For the time, Minecraft/Mojangservers are back online. Our article has clearly described the Failed To Verify Username Minecraft errors related to connecting to servers and the solutions right there themselves.

How to Fix Failed to Verify Username Minecraft?

Fortunately, these issues are easy to solve, and by following these line by line process of How to solve. We assure you your gaming won’t halt by this Error. We have divided the entire Failed To Verify Username Minecraft Error into two parts, which are-

If only Failed to login: Invalid session, then try restarting your game and the launcher.

If it blinks, Failed to verify user name or email address.

When Connecting Premium Server[Premium version]

If you are connecting to an unknown server and face a Failed To Verify Username Minecraft error related to the session, possibly it can only mean that — the server works only with licensed accounts (for example,!


1) In TLauncher, log in under the Minecraft/Mojang license in the “Accounts” menu item in the panel.

1.1) If you haven’t purchased a license yet, find a server that doesn’t verify for a license. You would find plenty of them.

When Connecting to Personal Server[Cracked Codes Version]

Failed to verify the personal server minecraft

If you only have created the server by using a separate server-client, say, Aternos, then it might because the server, by default, checks the license of your account.


In that case, you need to disable the license check of the server in the panel:

failed to verify username offline mode minecraft

1) For a separate server client: Search for the (Server Properties) file in the server folder, hereafter look for online-mode=true line and make it to online-mode=false. After this, you can connect to the server.

2) For Aternos and similar other hostings: In these interfaces, search setting menu items as online-mode, License Check, Cracked Client Access. Right away, Disable such settings!

Common issues faced 

After you restart the launcher, players still can’t join.

If you are currently using the premium version of Minecraft and have already followed the steps How to resolve the Error and still cannot join, try restarting the server. It should work perfectly fine by now.

How to Fix Failed to Verify Username Minecraft for Mac?

Since the Apex Hosting software doesn’t come for Mac, you cannot solve this issue. Moreover, there is rarely a situation where this error appears in Mac. As a last option, you can try re-installing Minecraft to check if the error persists.

Other Minecraft Servers

SCP Minecraft
Captive Minecraft Server

Final words

Encounter with Error is part of our life. Many philosophers believe that errors open room for success to let in. Keeping this in mind, we advise you that be patient even if, after one or two attempts, the Failed To verify Error doesn’t resolve. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, it might be very well possible that your network connection is slow or Ping is high.

Or you are stuck with in human mind’s limitation. Brain Cramps are very easy to get if one keeps on repeating the same task again and again. It’s very well possible that you are seeing something and applying something else. Have a calm mind and follow the instruction and steps, and this Error would never pop up.


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