Fatal Frame: The Truth About Mt. Hikami Trailer Released

The Truth About Mt Hikami Trailer

The Truth About Mt. Hikami trailer raises more questions than it answers. The amount of buzz around ‘The Truth About Mt. Hikami’ Trailer is still very much alive and thriving.

But ‘The Truth About Mt. Hikami’ Trailer does not kill the suspense it has built around the mysterious and ominous mountain; on the contrary, it fuels the interest and excitement of it’s watchers. Read on to find out more about Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water and The Truth About Mt. Hikami!

‘The Truth About Mt. Hikami’ Trailer

The Truth About Mt. Hikami trailer is a spine-chilling, hair-raising experience. A glitchy video and a spooky voice set the mood for the game quite early in the video. The mountain is a mystery. It is full of secrets, corpses and ghosts. Countless ghosts have been spotted here.

Dark deeds have squeezed innocence and purity out of the place. The developers have done an amazing job at making the mountain look like a hopeless, desolate haunted place. Diving deep into the murky waters of mysteries, Project Zero: Maiden Of Black Water gives you a peek into the paranormal world.

If you love reading chilling reddit stories in the night whilst getting scared out of your wits at the same time, you will love this game. Launching right in time for Halloween, the game is going to feature new character costumes that will charm you off!

Although the game will be released later in the month, this new trailer has bewitched viewers and gamers alike. Producers have also confirmed that a sequel will depend heavily on the success of Project Zero: Maiden Of Black Water. The plot of the game revolves around the elements of the game.

It’s pretty clear that Koei Tecmo’s True Account – The Truth About Mt. Hikami is not actually based on true events but provides us with a terrifying plot based on Japanese legends and beliefs. People who go vacationing to Mt. Hikami at the dead of the night simply do not return.

The Truth About Mt Hikami Trailer Gameplay

Inviting The Dead, Lost Things and Exorcism are just a few phenomena that will make your flesh crawl. The game’s main setting remains Mount Hikami and it is filled with poltergeists, ghosts and other supernatural creatures.

The game is going to be released on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, X, and Xbox One, as well as the PC platform. The Truth About Mt. Hikami takes us through the story behind the mountain’s dark haunted past.

It was once, and probably still is filled with terror, dark entities and occult. The Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water comes out after seven long years which is why many fans believe it to be a remake of the 2014 game of the same name.

The Truth About Mt. Hikami: Gameplay And Elements

Fatal Frame Gameplay

Players will have to use Camera Obscura, a special camera that will help them repel vengeful ghosts by sealing off their powers. Divided into several missions, with each mission being led by a new protagonist, the story is thrilling.

Camera Obscura can also be used to reveal latent things ignored and unseen by the human eye. It will also aid you in recovering lost things.

New elements of the game include – improved screen resolution, new costumes and accessories, new Snap Mode (freely place characters and spirits for creative shots), an updated ghost list, and updated controls.

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