Paladins vs Overwatch: Which is the Best FPS MOBA?

Paladins Vs Overwatch

This one is a long-debated question, Paladins Vs Overwatch: which one is better? Most of them say that paladins are just a knockoff of Overwatch. But is it true? Let’s go through some basics details of the two games.

TLDR: Paladins vs Overwatch? Overwatch is better if you are willing to purchase the game. Paladins is best for a casual free-to-play game, but laggy servers stabbed it in the back. Overwatch currently has an adequate player base, and you can definitely enjoy it playing.

Basic Overview of Paladins

Paladins Gameplay

Paladins Champion of the Realm is a free online multiplayer game. It is a first shooter game that needs to be played in a group of 5. Two teams of five players each compete for combat-based goals. The game is grounded in colorful sci-fi fantasy maps, where each player has to choose a hero from a list of 48 different playable characters and a tier list. Each character has its own unique abilities and skills and can be customized with avatars and customizable decorations to represent the player’s profile. The characters are divided into four categories:

  • Damage 
  • Frontline
  • Support
  • Flank

There are 12 frontlines, 15 damage, 10 support, and 11 flank characters. There 3 gameplay modes:

  • Siege: Players have to capture the objective and push the payload
  • Onslaught: players have to defeat the enemies and control the objective to win
  • Team Deathmatch: Players have to eliminate the enemy players.

Paladins were developed by Evil Mojo Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios. The beta version was made open in September 2016. It was launched in the full-pledged version on 8th May 2018 and was available on all platforms like Microsoft Windows, XBOX, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Basic Overview of Overwatch

Overwatch Gameplay

Overwatch is also an online multiplayer, first shooter game. The squad-based combat game is played between two opposing groups of 6 members each. The game is set 60 years in the future. Its background story makes it more fun to play. This colorful team-based game has a diverse staff of powerful heroes. Players have a wide range of 32 different characters to choose from with their unique capabilities. They can be mainly divided into 3 categories:

  • Tank: Soak damage and lead the charge
  • Damage: Seek out and eliminate the enemies
  • Support: Aid the team members by healing and shielding them. There are 8 tanks, 18 damage, and 7 support heroes. The game can be played in the following 7 game modes:
  • Control: Hold and control objective before the enemy
  • Hybrid: Capture and escort the payload
  • Assault: Control with more objectives
  • Escort: Escort the payload to checkpoints (similar to hybrid)
  • Capture the flag: Bring the enemy’s flag to the base.
  • Deathmatch: Just like other multiplayer games
  • Elimination: Search and destroy enemy

Overwatch was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and XBOX. At the same time, the game was released in October 2019 on the Nintendo Switch.

Paladins vs Overwatch – Similarities

Both games have a few similarities, which are stated below:

  • Characters: both games have a wide range of characters with unique abilities. New characters are added regularly.
  • Same style of play: both games have an escort or capture the objective mode.
  • Similar update pattern: New players with different skills are added on a regular basis.
  • Depend on team coordination: both games are team-based and rely heavily on team coordination.

Paladins vs Overwatch – Differences

Both games are similar yet different. The following points distinguish the two games clearly:

1. Background Story

Paladins Story

Paladins don’t have a strong background story when compared to Overwatch. In Paladins, there is a conflict between the Magistrate and the Resistance (Paladins). Magistrate wants to control magic and prevent everyone from using it, whereas the paladins want to make the magic available to everyone and use it for good.

Overwatch Story

Overwatch is set sixty years ahead in a fictionalized world, thirty years after the ‘Omnic Crisis’ resolution. Before the Omnic Crisis, humanity was in the golden age of prosperity and technology development. However, due to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, mankind was threatened. The overwatch soldiers rescued the human race and are continuing to fight for peace.

Paladins vs Overwatch Background Story Comparison: Tie. Both the games have rich lores attached to their stories. Moreover, you can’t compare a new scientific story with a medieval time story.

2. Characters

In Paladins, there are 48 different champions and 3 game-playing modes. At the same time, Overwatch has 32 heroes and 7 game-playing mode. One can swap the characters in between the match in Overwatch. However, that is not possible in Paladins. Paladins characters are basic, whereas Overwatch characters are full of life with unique game styles.

Paladins vs Overwatch Character Comparison: Paladins Wins. Paladins have more characters than Overwatch. Moreover, each of these characters has a back story attached which makes them fit in the story.

3. Price

This is the major difference between the two games.

Paladin is a free game, whereas One has to pay for Overwatch (around 20$)

Paladins vs Overwatch Price Comparison: Paladins Wins. Paladins is free whereas Overwatch cost around 20$. But as you can have more exposure in Overwatch, you can neglect the price of it.

4. Maps

Paladins have 10 maps, whereas Overwatch has 21. The maps of paladins are set in medieval times with many hideouts, tunnels, and areas that can be used as cover. Overwatch maps are set in different countries at different times of the day. It focuses on tiny details.

Paladins vs Overwatch Maps Comparison: Overwatch Wins. Overwatch has better map composition and visual graphics. Moreover, Paladins is known for its buggy maps with lots of pixel spots in them.

Conclusion: Paladins Vs. Overwatch, Which is better?

After analyzing the above points, it is difficult to point to one winner. Both games are entertaining and have a lot of potentials. Some of the characters are extremely similar, having similar features. The characters in Overwatch are full of life, and each one has his/her unique style. In Paladins, one is stuck with the same character throughout the game. One can’t change the character once the game starts. The maps in Overwatch have semi-realistic, which makes the game more alive as compared to Paladins. It also gives some recommendations on how you can benefit your team by choosing the right character.

Thus, one can say that Overwatch wins the competition. If the players are ready to pay a small price, then Overwatch is the best option. It is recommended to start with Overwatch if you are new to the world of online FPS games and then move on to Paladins if you are a fan of Science fiction-related things.

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