Level Up Faster In New World: Tips & Tricks

Level up faster in New World

Level up faster in New World with exclusive tips and tricks curated with your ease and enjoyment in mind! New World’s Launch trailer was chilling. Many New World levels grind your guts with a pestle before making your move higher. Read on to find out more about New World and tips to level up faster in New World!

New World : In A Nutshell

Brimming with dangerous enemies and promising rewards, New World is an MMORPG that begs to be devoured. With gorgeous graphics and a constant & extensive player network for communication, New World looks pretty promising on the surface.

The game doesn’t include a goliath you need to vanquish. It is full of adventures. Amazon’s New World is polished, competent and well-voiced. New World has sailors, marauders, combat, leveling, punchy choices, beautifully detailed scenery, and wildlands.

Jump into the island of Aeternum and explore the mysteries that lurk in it. New World is a great game with its own combat, mechanics, factions, and crafting to learn. Keep reading to figure out the game and the best way to level up fast in New World.

“New World features a classless character system where abilities are dictated by the weapons that players equip.”

Nica Osorio, IBTimes

Level up faster in New World : Tips & Tricks

Getting Started

New World Gameplay

Use Weapon Slots Properly – Find a variety of weapons to choose from the beginning. Figure out the weapons you want to use and tailor your build suiting your preferred playstyle. Unlock active abilities and passive skills tied to a particular weapon type by achieving Weapon Mastery. Focus on a leveling build first and then ponder over weapon combinations that will help you beat your enemies.

Weight Issues – Moving around with half a truckload of armor is tempting but not advisable. Although you might need them for your survival, the armors will affect your moving and dodging speeds. Your inventory consists of a weight limit too, so make sure your burden doesn’t drag you down.

Durability For The Win – Every time you use your weapons, tools, or gear or you die you lose a bit of their durability. Free up valuable space and keep checking up on your gears. Repair the parts and tools with a small amount of gold to make sure your tools are at their best.

Use Inn Recall And Camps – Speak to an Innkeeper, check-in, and teleport there for a free one-hour cooldown. You can only activate it for an inn at a time but you can use the feature at any inn. Camp out to gain temporary respawn points and upgrade your camp items while you are at it.

Crafting & Gathering – Although crafting will become more useful at the maximum level, you can try farming better resources for better gear. Get crafting early and you can also sell them at Trading Post.

Territory Troubles – The more activities that you do within a particular territory the more benefits will you get while you’re in that area. Level up your standing within a territory to pick benefits like increased XP, gathering speed increase, and trading tax decrease.

Level Up Fast

Story Rush Method – Use this trick to focus on the main story quests of the game. Rush into each story quest to proceed to the next. Use this trick if you’re playing in a group and gain access to better farming options. The trick though leaves gaps in the questing and leveling process.

Skip the game’s tutorial by choosing Continues to New World in the game’s menu or simply press the ESC button. Levels 1 to 10 are pretty easy and you will be able to move through them like a breeze.

Cancel the recovery animation by Sheathing or Unsheathing weapons while being in the Light Armor Class. Gather 40 Stone, 16 Rawhide, and 40 Green Wood when in these levels.

Grab 4 Green-Wood and 4 Flint to make your first set of tools. These materials will help you with a Skinning Time for Early Quest.

Pick up every quest to unlock essential things for speeding up later progression in camps.

Choose a faction that offers the same rewards from quests and other activities.

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