Life is Strange: True Colors Wavelength DLC Is Available

Life is Strange True Colors Wavelength DLC

On 10th September 2021 Life is Strange: True Colors Wavelength DLC was released on Nintendo Switch and this time it is full of surprises.


Deck Nine developed and Square Enix’s European subsidiary published Life Is Strange is a graphic adventure video game. This game is related to the Life Is Strange series but you do not need to play the series to enjoy this game as it is a stand-alone game.

This game is released on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia.


The Life is Strange is set in Haven springs. The plot revolves around Alex Chan. Alex Chan is a young woman who has the ability to experience other peoples emotions. Due to a turn of events, her brother Gabe dies from falling in a landslide that occurred because of an explosion that happened into a cliff. To know the mystery behind the incident Alex is using her power.

As the circumstances before the death of Gabe was suspecting Alex is now adamant to find if it was just a coincidence or a murder.


Life is Strange True Colors Wavelength DLC Preview

Life is Strange: True Colors is a game that you would not like to let go of. In this game, you fall in love with Haven Springs and the characters.

Life is Strange: True Colors Wavelength DLC

Life is Strange True Colors Wavelength DLC

This game will be available as a part of Deluxe Upgrade, Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition. But if you don’t have that version then unfortunately you won’t be able to play it.

This bonus chapter is going to be a prequel to Life is Strange: True Colors Wavelength DLC. Here it will showcase the past story of Steph Gingrich a year before Alex moved into the Haven springs.

Steph Gingrich

In the series, the character that is surpassing the main character in terms of fans and counts is definitely Steph Gingrich. Steph Gingrich’s warmth, passions, and bright confidence has smitten everyone these characters also made him one of the biggest highlights of the game as it attracted everyone. Due to his popularity Deck Nine is going to return with the Life is Strange: True Colors Wavelengths DLC. It is a bonus episode to fulfil your dream of yours to be in charge of Steph.

Senior Narrative Mallory has explained that in the bonus episode there will be answers to questions as to how did Steph end up in Haven Springs? How she evolved as a person from the last game? and many more. The Life is Strange: True Colors Wavelength DLC will really make you feel like Steph. In Life is Strange: True Colors Wavelength DLC as Steph you can also play with other features like a dating app to explore her romantic history. Steph’s romantic history is really relatable and realistic which gives a sense of relevancy to you.

In this bonus, episode players can become the host of the KRCT radio station where you can chat to the callers by spinning the records about the ongoing D&D campaign. There you can also play the brand new soundtracks from Girl in Red, Alt-J, Portugal, The Man, Foals, Hayley Kiyoko and Maribou State.

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