Far Cry 6 Road Rage Trophy Achievement Guide

Far Cry 6 Road Rage Trophy

The Road Rage Trophy is one of the Bronze leveled trophies in Far Cry 6. In this walkthrough, you will get a guide about the location and how to get the Trophy. This is a level three Trophy.

To get this Road Rage Trophy, you need to perform a vehicle Machete kill on an enemy from a horse, which won’t be difficult.

Road Rage Trophy Task Location

To complete this Road Rage Trophy task, you must go to the various horse pick-up points on maps. On the map, you will find the horse pick-up points in Serpentino park in Costa Del MarPrado Meadows, North of Armonia location, etc.

Try to find near the Guerrilla bases. There you need to choose a horse to proceed with the task. The horse pick-up point is marked with a green horse icon on the map.

Choosing A Horse

Choosing a horse

Upon reaching there, you will find a Saddle with the green horse icon, which will be used as the point to call for a horse. Ongoing close to the saddle, you will find the call for horse option appear on the screen in Far Cry 6.

You have to select that option which will take you to a screen with a horse pick-up option. Choose your horse there. If you don’t have a horse already, you will be getting a horse, La Palmer, to use. After doing so, your horse will appear near you.

Vehicle Machete Kill

Now you have to mount on the horse and ride it to your enemy to complete the mission. You have to ride the main road where you will find your enemy riding a vehicle like a truck or a jeep or a horse on the same road you need to hijack.

Getting a kill from horse in Far Cry 6

On the main road, you will be required to gallop up and down till you spot the enemy’s vehicle. After doing so, you need to ride your horse alongside your enemy’s vehicle. Then upon finding your perfect opportunity, press R3 to proceed with the vehicle machete kill.

This action will eliminate your enemy and will make you jump over and hijack the vehicle. Make sure to press all the buttons correctly and follow all the instructions without any miss, or you might lose a chance to win the Road Rage Trophy.

After hijacking the enemy’s vehicle, you have to bring the vehicle to the nearest pickup point to add it to your list.

Once you bring it to the vehicle pick-up point, you will be able to call for this vehicle from any pickup point. If you get to find any horses from this mission, it will also add to your horse list.


Upon completing this mission, you will get the Road Rage Trophy trophy. Along with an ammo rocket for the launcher as a reward.

Additionally, from the hijacking process, you will also be able to get a vehicle to add to your vehicle list, which will help you in your upcoming missions.

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