Dragon Quest 11 Choker Accessory Explained

Dragon Quest 11 Choker

Dragon Quest XI is a fantastic role-playing video game that Square Enix published. The famous and long-running series was launched first in the renowned gaming platform of Japan known as Nintendo 3DS, followed by Play Station 4 on 04 July 2017. After the release of Dragon Quest XI, the game was available for all worldwide players using Play Station and Windows machines for their gaming.

Dragon Quest 11 Choker is a star-crossed accessory in the game. During the game, the Choker will appear to you as a critical item and as a cameo of the original game of Dragon Quest. The reserve on the ground looks like a sparkly yellow-colored spot is located inside the Zwaardsrust vault. The following vault contains the Purple Orb, which can only be opened with the help of Magic Key. Also, in the game choker is submissive, and by only providing the warning and examination, it is suggested not to wear because of its ominous aura.

What is a Dragon Quest 11 Choker?

The Dragon Quest 11 Choker is also famous with the name of “Curse Necklace” at the moment, and you can receive very rarely from the reappearing treasure chests which you will get inside the Craggy Cave. The majority of the time, the crate will contain a torch. You will receive the Choker once out of sixteen times inside the chest. As we know that it is a cursed item and very harmful to the issue.

Dragon Quest 11 Choker

Therefore, at the entrance of Tantegel castle will be surrounded by the guards and the king in such status and fear of spreading the curse. But fortunately, there is a method that will help you remove the curse, and the solution is that you have to have a word with the elderly magician located at the Tantegel town. The price of the Choker in the game is 1200 gold, making it a very precious item of selling.

Where can you find Dragon Quest 11 Choker?

In Dragon Quest, the most famous way for hunting the Choker is to search and audit the respawning chests, and you have to do it when the Hero’s inventory level is filled, and mostly it should contain pointless materials. By this method, the items situated inside the chest can be frequently checked without vacating the chest. And finally, when you will find the Choker, which is located inside, you have to discard one of the pointless items from your list.

Where can you find Dragon Quest 11 Choker?

Dragon Quest 11 Choker Menu

A choker will reappear as the main item as a cameo of the original version of the Dragon Quest game in-game. In Dragon Quest XI, you will find Choker on the ground, a yellow-colored sparkly spot located inside the Zwaardsrust vault. Thus, this vault will contain the Purple Orb, and remember, the following vault can only be opened with the help of Magic Key. The Choker will ultimately be unassertive. There is only one warning provided if examined, do not wear it because of its threatening aura.

What is Dragon Quest 11 Choker represent?

In the game Dragon Quest, the Choker is represented as Death of Necklace from the first series of Dragon Quest. It is a cursed item in the game that will provide you a good amount of gold by selling it in the initial phases of the game. But getting this isn’t easy, but sometimes you can get it randomly without putting in any effort.

It is just one of the cursed items from the previous materials in Dragon Quest games. There is a bully that near the ruins there is someone who will offer you 10,000 gold for the item. And it is a recommendation that the cursed items wish to sell at a higher value price in the Dragon Quest. But further, as you take it towards him, he will not have that amount of money along with him.

What is the Dragon Quest 11 Choker used for?

As we know, the Choker is referred to as the Death of Necklace from season one of Dragon Quest. And in the initial sections of the game, cursed items will provide you a massive amount of gold by selling it.  Getting the Choker is difficult, but sometimes you will receive it randomly without effort.

What does the choker necklace do in Dragon Quest XI?

The Japanese version of NES Dragon Quest has the feature of reproducing the passwords. The game does not contain “Save Files.” You have to produce a new password for saving your processing. The choker necklace is repeated in the Dragon Quest XI, and it also permits you to use the passwords created in Dragon Quest I, which will begin a new game and some bonus items. The Choker was a bonus material that you got along with a new password.  


In today’s article, we had gained information about one of the most cursed elements, The Choker in the Dragon Quest. We also got the information where you can get it in the game, and also it is worth it.

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