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Dragon Quest Casino

The first time Dragon Warrior was published in North America until 2005. The founder of Dragon Quest is Yuji Horii. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of Elusive Age casinos are filled with superb prizes.

In Dragon Quest Casino you can get many tips and cool items that give you a considerable advantage in the game. First of all, you have to do inside a casino is to have a reasonable starting threshold of tokens. In starting, you have to collect an entry of receipts, which you will get inside the casino and exchange gold for some tickets. Starting amount would be 500 tokens. You can use these currencies in exchange for prizes.

What is Dragon Quest Casino?

Dragon Quest Casino Appearance

Being the most recurring mini-game of the Dragon Quest series, The Casinos appear and feature in all Dragon Warrior/ Dragon Quest games. They made their debut with Dragon Quest VIII. Since then, they ranked first among the top mini-games of the series. Though it not very clear the purpose of introducing gambling in the series, it was first introduced with Dragon quest II. Even in that era, there was quite a similarity from lottery tickets taking slot machines to merchants selling them. With Dragon Quest IV’s launch, Casino’s full-fledged version came into existence.

Dragon Quest Casino Locations

It would help if you went directly and straight away to the Inn’s basement, situated in the Castle town of Endor. The Dragon Quest Casino comes well loaded with real-life features from Battle arena, Slot machines to Poker Table. Everything is present beforehand to make it even more realistic.

Games in Dragon Quest Casino

Though the number might seem upsetting to many viewers, at present, there are only two major games that can be played inside Dragon Quest Casinos. However, the Good thing about them is that they are found throughout the land. And when talking about prizes, each has its unique and distinctive bonuses.

Dragon Quest Casino Slots

Tip of Advice: before entering any Casino, we advise you to Save your game, Cause no one wants in the first case scenario that their real progress gets wasted.

Thus save your game first, then do anything else. When you are inside Casino, the thumb rule says first to get enough coins to purchase at least 20000 tokens. These tokens are currency inside the game, and you can be quickly looted here. So from now on, make sure you didn’t go along with tokens. The process to redeem them is very simple:

Exchange your gold for a token. The recommended amount would be anything near to 5– coins. There are three types of game or a lottery ticket in the game, which you can play through out the game.

Poker: A simple and easy to understand game, where it calculated what cards to keep to match with the above-shown cards. Upon matching the ticket or LIC, you get free tokens.

Slots: These are amongst the most reliable way of winning free tokens via gambling. The critical aspect of the game, Is speaking with a peon or Dragon Quest Casin workers. They would maximize your profit by getting to know which machine is hot.

Roulette: Hidden gems of this cart are that here you can bet and gamble upon the number, group, or color. If you have massive coins, the best way to earn more money is marketing. Top to note min requirement of coins 20000. Before coming down to the bar, go to the hotel and come fresh. Save your gaming performance somewhere to avoid data loss.

Prizes in Dragon Quest Casino

Dragon Quest Casino Jackpot

As the game has two different Dragon Quest Casino sets, So we have listed and mentioned prices as per the Casino’s.

Puerto Valor Dragon Quest Casino

One of the first Casinos on which you will lay your hand would be Puerto Valor Casino. One of Casino’s powerful and lurking items is Platinium Sword, which many find tempting more than any other jewels.

Prize List

  • Down the Rabbithole (Get for 500 Tokens)
  • Mercury’s Bandana (Get for 2500 Tokens)
  • White Shield (Get for 5000 Tokens)
  • Yggdrasil Leaf (Get for 5000 Tokens)
  • Infernails (Get for 7500 Tokens)
  • The staff of Sentencing (Get for 7500 Tokens)
  • Arriviste’s Vest (Get for 10000 Tokens)
  • Elevating Vest (Get for 10000 Tokens)
  • Spangled Dress (Get for 25000 Tokens)
  • Platinum Sword (Get for 50000 Tokens)
  • Lightning Lance (Get for 75000 Tokens)
  • Platinum Powersword (Get for 100000 Tokens)

Octagonia Dragon Quest Casino

This is the most rigged Dragon Quest Casino in the entire game. Many will find it very easy to reach and access every other Jackpot target. One of the biggest reasons behind all this fallacy is to grant full access; you first need to purchase Monster Ownership. Here the prizes are too expensive with ???? mentioned on them. Sad, but any winning you have made in the game will be removed in the case of failure to have Monster membership.

Prize List (During Monster Membership)

  • Love Potion (Get for 500 Tokens)
  • Medicinal Herb (Get for 25000 Tokens)
  • Cypress Stick (Get for 50000 Tokens)
  • Horse Manure (Get for 100000 Tokens)
  • Boxer Shorts (Get for 500000 Tokens)
  • Magic Water (Get for 1000000 Tokens)

Prize List (In the case of NO MEMBERSHIP)

  • Love Potion (Get for 100 Tokens)
  • Sage’s Elixir (Get for 1000 Tokens)
  • Bow Tie (Get for 3000 Tokens)
  • Your Very Own Aegis of Illusions (Get for 5000 Tokens)
  • Molten Globules (Get for 20000 Tokens)
  • Cheat Sheet (Get for 30000 Tokens)
  • Imp Knife (Get for 60000 Tokens)
  • Scandalous Swimsuit (Get for 70000 Tokens)
  • Fire Ball (Get for 80000 Tokens)
  • Twinkling Tuxedo (Get for 200000 Tokens)
  • Shimmering Dress (Get for 200000 Tokens)
  • Happy Hat (Get for 300000 Tokens)
  • Gringham Whip (Get for 7500000 Tokens)

Dragon Quest XI Casino Tips

The easiest way to earn money in Casino is by spamming the save and re-load events until you win in Casino. Firstly, save your game outside of the Casino as a reference point and then nextly start gambling all your money. When you’ve lost all of your money, reload your game from the saved point and repeat the process. By repeating this you increase your chances of winning a lottery by reusing the same money.

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Final words

If you are looking for a mini-game, you will love this video game. This game is based on series filled with a lot of rewards. At present, it is among the top ten best-selling video games in entire Japan, with each and every main sequence of the game entitled same as “Dragon Quest.” So, go and enjoy the game. In the end, we hope our article would have proven useful to you. If you like our post, don’t forget to bookmark our website. Do let us know about our errors; we will try to resolve them earliest.

Happy Gaming!

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