Dragon Quest 11 Pale Pearl – Locations & Uses

Dragon Quest 11 Pale Pearl

The Dragon Quest 11 is a fantastic game launched for the players. It is one of the best games for players who like action and adventure to enjoy. While playing the game, a player has to look for the pale pearl.

So, basically, in the game, the Dragon Quest 11 Pale Pearl is the crafting material similar to pink pearls. There are two recipe ingredients: Sacred Raiment and the second essential ingredient is the Saintess Dress.

How to get Dragon Quest 11 Pale Pearl?

get Dragon Quest 11 Pale Pearl

Many players enjoy playing the Dragon Quest 11 game. But they get confused about getting the Pale Pearl and where it is available in the game. So, the answer to this question for the players is that one can win the Pale Pearl in the casino, available in the game. If a player tries their luck and plays poker, they will receive a locked chest instead of cards, and sometimes a player wins double or get nothing. But a player should remember winning the double or getting nothing will unlock the chest

The second option available in the game for the players to get the Pale Pearl is from the item shop. A player can purchase the Pale Pearl at lonalulu available in the game. One can also find this crafting material at every entrance of the town.

How to find Dragon Quest 11 Pale Pearl in Lonalulu?

Dragon Quest 11 Pale Pearl in Lonalulu

The Lonalulu is one of the critical locations for players to get the Pale Pearl. So, Lonalulu is a town that is available in the Dragon Quest 11. This town is situated in the south of Erdrea, and it is minimal compared to other locations of the game. It is the laid-back beach that is available in the game. Lonalulu is a village where the essential popularity is fishing on the south coast of Erdrea. From the vendor, you can purchase the Pale Pearl.

The town has a majority of the population as fishermen, or a Kahuna rules over fishermen’s work and this community. This town connects to a silent graveyard, Sainiki Beach, and the Local Church in the game. This village is the cliff, and there, a woman will fire a cannon for marking the information about morning and evening.

In the game, these villagers are described as laid backs, and they highly believe in superstition. And one of their main superstition believes that they deeply think about the suspicious mermaids after the fisherman’s story who left his wife for a mermaid. These villagers also believe in the sea named after a God anointed Kanaloa, and the people will receive offerings after giving a fish. And one man in the game owns a lucky idol of the Goddess Lona, and this name of the town is inspired in the game. These villagers have their own business of selling items. Pale Pearl is one of those items.

Why do we need Pale Pearl in Dragon Quest 11?

In the game, a player requires three Dragon Quest 11 Pale Pearl for preparing a Saint dress which a player has to get for Serena. Serena has regal and some unique redefined features in the game in the match, having an excellent purple eye along with smooth blond hairs.

How to make Sacred Raiment using Dragon Quest 11 Pale Pearl?

Dragon Quest 11 Sacred Raiment

In the game, the users have to make the Sacred Raiment developed using the Dragon Quest 11 Pale Pearl. The recipe of Sacred Raiment is as follows:

  • Cumulonimbough x 2 Quantity
  • Mirrorstone x 1 Quantity
  • Pale Pearl x 3 Quantity
  • Technicolour Dreamcloth x 2 Quantity

And in the game, one can obtain it from a Recipe titled Gifts from the Goddess. The special effect of Sacred Raiment is the Dark Damage Reduction by 20 %, 30%, 40%, and 50% in the game. The Sacred Raiment has the statistics such as:


  • Standard: 98
  • +1: 103
  • +2: 109
  • +3: 115

Magical Mending

  • Standard: 35
  • +1: 36
  • +2: 38
  • +3:40


  • Standard: 92
  • +1:96
  • +2:100
  • +3:104

Thus, these are the following qualities of Sacred Raiment in the Dragon Quest 11 game.

How to make Saintess Dress using Dragon Quest 11 Pale Pearl?

According to the game, Goddess Tara and the Saintess Dress are both crafted from a recipe book in the game. The Recipe book title is Sacred Styles for Saintly Ladies, and the player finds this recipe book in the chest of Battleground. It is lucky for the players to purchase this chest, or at least a player can trade this chest once in the game. And for doing this one player, all the things a player is required with the following materials with the following quantities.

  • Colorful Cocoon x2 Quantity 
  • Pale Pearl x3 Quantity
  • Mirrorstone x2 Quantity
  •  Sainted Soma x1Quantity

The following section was taken from the board and the guides, but the players require more ingredients in the game.


Q: Who is Serena in Dragon Quest 11?

Serena is capable of using recovery, wind, defensive geared magic, wielding hands and shields, or the spear in the battle. In the game, Serena plays and enjoys the Small Iyer. She has a small younger sister in the game and also has a twin elder sister. Veronica and her keepers in the game have a sword which they carry along with themselves to protect and aid the Luminary along the journey.

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