Dragon Quest 11 Best Party Guide

Dragon Quest 11 Best Party Build

With the best game comes a responsibility to play it too in the best way. If you also wonder about the Dragon Quest 11 Best Party setups and which character to choose for the best party. We are here to guide and assist you in this journey. The post will help you figure out the right member to choose for the right party. WARNING: Spoilers Ahead. If you are new to the game and don’t want any spoilers. We warn you that you might have to receive some via our post.

How to form a Dragon Quest 11 Best Party?

Before you get all hyped up, we will try to make you aware of pinpoint who’s best or who’s worst. One thing crystal clear is that No one is best appointed in a party. Dragon Quest XI: Exclusive Era is a cut-throat competitive game and a broad Role-playing game with a lot of choice on to offer.

Party in Dragon Quest 11

One thing unique about the game is that one makes a party beforehand, and the party remains throughout the game or at least the match. Under this, you can mix things up-, especially when there is a boss battle.

Keeping that in mind, we have some pretty good Dragon Quest 11 Best Party locations and a complete guide of all the characters – later, if you find yourself baffled, these might offer you a help thoroughly or as a useful aid in the start. Don’t stop yourself from experimenting and finding out which suits best for the game.

How many characters can form Dragon Quest 11 Best Party?

Dragon Quest 11 Best Party

It requires at least four players simultaneously to form a playable Dragon Quest 11 Best Party. However, you can have one extra non-controllable or AI controllable player in your party, which is also termed as a Guest party member by many. He/She might be AI-controlled related to the story, but his/her efforts will aid you in your game. There is also an option where you can swap a non-active party member at any point in the battle- Moreover, only four can remain active at a time.

The Dragon Quest 11 Best Party against Metal Monster

Fighting and then assassinating or killing any monster is never an easy task. Still, the adrenaline rush and experience they provide are massive, leading to concluding the amount of money spent is adequate. The game Dragon Quest offers many choices or options to take Metal Slimes at its feet. Even then also you definitely would have wanted to know the right way to take down Metal Slimes. Dragon Quest 11 Best Party offers you the best options to pick for the right situation.

Dragon Quest 11 Best Party

Promptly, it’s entirely possible that a variety of characters can gain the knowledge and art to cut through Defense. Metal Slash is one such move; later with four characters from the game owning a sword (Hero, Erik, Sylvando, and Hendrick), using a blade to cut through metal, they would be your best option. We assure you that metal slash will definitely or guarantee one to two enemy point reduction; keep in mind not wasting your precious time missing those attacks.

Moreover, as soon as you progress up in the game and now when you start facing Metal King Slimes, and higher we know this might sound odd, but even more new characters started being part of the game; dealing in 1-2 damage is not to going to prove any helpful and beneficial in the near future.

Once you reach a certain level in the game and life, you need someone to bank upon and rely on. Similarly, by this point in the game, you need to rely on… However, the good news is that one character knows how to crit. MPs are spending like water in the game; one of Erick’s Critical Ability can cost up to 64 MP. Even then, let all these thieves pull off and work hard to pull unblockable, the unmissable need of the time-critical hit. Erick’s best part is he is always fast enough to remove these before the enemy has any chance to run. But if you wish to increase your speed, go for Meteorite Bracelet, which would help me go even faster.

It’s time for you to learn critical claims. However, options are left very few out there. Our guidelines would be to let Jade use her natural critical chance, all those her instincts coupled with Claws though let her grant entirely fare two opportunities to gain good stats and make best out of it. Next comes Hendrick. He can also master the ax ability or be Hatchet Man, which comes with a higher critical chance and higher hit ratio. When battling Metal enemy, it’s worth having a hatchet-man by your side.

The Dragon Quest 11 Best Party against Boss Battles

Let’s make it simple and easy to understand – each boss needs to have a completely different strategy to survive its blow. While some are equipped with the high magical bang, leaving even Veronica useless. Others use specific tye od status ailments, but the good news is that individual Dragon Quest 11 Best Party members can heal different illnesses. Most surprising of all is one is unique’ he can cast out a Magical Mending; the irony is that even in the worst-case scenario, we have Sylvando would be the best party member to heal the situation.

Even in any worst to the wrong scenario, there are specific ways to deploy individual party members. Let us get to know about them.

Starting the Dragon Quest 11 Best Party at number one is mega damage dealer – Divide and Critical Claim. With Erick’s divine ability, he can create his two Doppelganger simultaneously, meaning now he can use his attack for the next three consecutive episodes. Select and choose Critical Claim on its next turn and notice three significant and successive hits, which are very powerful.

Role of each character in the Dragon Quest 11 Best Party

The best combination is when each player is assigned a role according to his/her skill and abilities. So it aids to the Dragon Quest 11 Best Party rather than being a burden. We have come up with the best setup and role matching each character’s power.

  • Hero – His strength lies in Quadraslash; he is used here cause he overpowers no matter how many enemies are there upfront.
  • Hendrick – Likely Used for Forbearance up to either he dies, or I am all out of his combos.
  • Erik – Likely Used Divide + Critical Claim up to the time he ran out of MP. Unfortunately, if he dies, I revive.
  • Serena – Keen power in generally making everyone Buffs/Alive. However, Kerplunk is a very much helpful ‘nuclear’ button that restores any character’s health up to 100%, even in the back row–keep an Elfin Elixir handy.
  • Sylvando – Serena is the one who could offer the best support, But it’s very tough to make him alive Post Game, which makes it even more difficult to chose his location anywhere on the front line. Especially when Serena is giving buffs in a swing.

Final Words

Please don’t get confused through the named Dragon Quest 11 Best Party, as for many it might resemble one in which we enjoy and hang out with friends. In Dragon Quest, things are entirely different where the party is the bond that helps you survive the game’s harshness. So be careful while choosing your good party. In the end, we hope our article would have proven useful to you and solved all your doubts. If you like our work, don’t forget to bookmark our website.

Happy Gaming!

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