Erdrick Dragon Quest Character Guide

Erdrick Dragon Quest

This post will look at another lead character of the Dragon Quest series. Our Hero is Erdrick Dragon Quest, also known as Roto in Japanese and Loto in English, a legendary recurring hero character in Dragon Quest’s Series. The first few Series of the game was known as “Erdrick Trilogy” or “Roto Trilogy.” He is constantly mentioned in the game dialogues, and also, many items are being referred to by his name.

Erdrick can be either a male or female but practically, their attire or can say appearance can be identical almost. If we speak about the male Erdrick Dragon Quest, he is a bit their height and builds average and coming to their hairstyle, and it is far-fetched spiky and brown. Now coming to our female, Erdrick is slightly short than a male character. She wears a green earrings pair and her sticks less.

There is a silver circle Head chain or circlet attached with a green gem around the head. They were a long purple coat over a yellow-colored long-sleeved shirt and pants. They wore a leather boot till knee and hands covered with leather gloves and brown leather belt scabbard strapped at their back. 

Erdrick Dragon Quest Character

The Hero Erdrick has a sword in his hand, a grey and straightforward shield with an insignia dragon head with two crosses swords in front. The Hero’s attire is slightly different from the female. He has a golden color circlet around the head and a dark blue cape around the neck.

Dragon Quest Gameplay

In Dragon Quest XI, Luminary is provided with the title of Erdrick by Yggdragon as an honor for having victory over Calasmos and running the world of evil and cruelty. In this part, it is shown that he is the first person to face the title and moving forward to Ortega and the Hero of Dragon Quest III. The exact origin of Erdrick Dragon Quest is still unknown. There is a cave named after him where a monument can be found in the game series.

Now let us see the items which were occupied by Erdrick :

  • The Sword – It can also be described as the Sword of kings as it is the most potent Sword in Dragon Quest. The most powerful Sword in Dragon Quest XI also boasts high attacks.
  • The Armour – After completing the Sword’s journey, we shall look into the most powerful Armour to protect against the opposites. In Dragon Quest II, t is also known as Erdrick Armour and Dragon Quest III as Auroral Armour.
  • The Shield – This shield of the Hero is found in Dragon Quest II, and it is also known as Erdrick Shield only in Dragon Quest III, and it does not exist now.
  •  The Helmet – This Helmet exists only in Dragon Quest II, not in Dragon Quest VIII. In further remakes, a similar Erdrick Dragon Quest helmet is found known as Ortega’s Helmet, and a player can acquire it.
  • The Emblem – There is always a particular object which proves lineage in Dragon Quest, and it can be acquired in the swamp of Cantlin. In Dragon Quest III, it is referred to as the Sacred Amulet.
  • The Tablet – A message mentioned by the Hero in the Dragon Quest III and kept it remained for the Hero. It is used for further instructions at the time needed for the dragons located at Charlock Castle. This tablet has been located inside the Tantegel castle, famous for Erdrick Dragon Quest’s cave.

After equipping the Sword in the game, a player is granted +40 attacks to the enemy after boosting the flame blade, which is only powered by +28 attacks. Some people claim that this Sword is the only weapon that can attack the despot’s castle, but this is unfortunately false. That is why it is advised to acquire the blade to make the final conflict easier.

In Dragon Quest XI, a sword appears in the game named “Legendary Sword of Light,” which is identical to “Erdrick’s Sword” during the Hero’s ages. Curiously to know that the king of swords was replaced Edrick’s Sword and made a separate appearance in the game in the features of the design and somewhat slight difference from the Sword of light.

Since Erdrick doesn’t appear in the game, the Hero is their descendant. During the game’s progress, the Hero should find the Armour and Sword to see the seal to prove that Erdrick is his ancestor.

Origins of Erdrick Dragon Quest

The only two characters who got the title Erdrick in the Dragon Quest Series were

Hero (Dragon Quest III)

Luminary ( Dragon Quest XI)

In this Series, the Country’s highest honor given to true heroes was Erdrick. In this way, there have been several Rodricks throughout history. In Dragon Quest VIII, the King of Alefgard bestows upon the Hero, ‘the Order of Erdrick’ (an honor given only to true heroes) for defeating Zoma.

History of Erdrick Dragon Quest

In the original Japanese version of games, Erdrick Dragon Quest is known by the name ‘Roto,’ written in runes on the shield. Meanwhile, another romanization of the name is ‘Loto,’ which was used in place of ‘Erdrick Dragon Quest’ during the re-release of Dragon Quest series I, II & III by Enix America, Inc on the Game Boy color. The Game Boy Color screen was too small to fit the text, leading to specific changes comfortably. 

Erdrick Dragon Quest Equipment

The first two games in the Dragon Quest series bears the name Erdrick in its items iconography. But in Dragon Quest III, each weapon has a different name like the Sword of Kings, Auroral armor, and Hero’s shield.

Erdrick Swordotherwise called Sword of ErdrickLoto’s Sword (in the GameBoy remakes), is one of the powerful swords featured in the first three games in the Dragon Quest Series that once belonged to the legendary Hero, Erdrick.

Dragon Quest The legendary blade was found in the Charlock castle off the Dragonlord path. After gaining this Sword, it grants the player a +40 attack, a substantial boost for the player.

Dragon Quest II After being left by the previous Hero, the Sword was once again found in the Charlock castle. Only the Prince of Midenhall equipped the Sword.

Dragon Quest VIII To attain the real potential, the Sword must be reforged in this game’s Alchemy pot.

Erdrick’s Armour cannot be bought at any store but can only be found in Damdara, buried in the ground, but NPC’s in Cantlin give away hints at where it is located. If the player encounters a battle with the knight aberrant and after defeated the Knight, they have to search the ground to find the armor.

Dragon Quest X Here, Armour is classified into top Armour, yet it covers the whole body.

Dragon Quest Builders increases Builder’s defense by +30 and renders them immune to poison and lava.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 The armor increase defense by +30 as before.

Heroes Shield is the common shield item in the Series of Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest III Here, when the player is equipped with both Armour and shield, the shield’s reduction property will affect after the Armour’s. To enter the castle of Cannock, watched over by an old sage in the center of the building’s pond, a Golden key is required to enter the tiny islet. Once obtained, the shield will boost the Prince of Midenhall’s defense by +30.

Dragon Quest Builders increases the Builder’s defense by +16 and has no special effects. It takes two chunks of zenithium, a gold ingot, one ruby, two steel ingots, and two blocks of wood for assembling the shield.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 The Hero’s shield raises the Builder’s defense by +32 and requires two bits of zenithium, one ruby, one gold ingot, and two steel ingots to forge.

Sacred Amulet is given to the Hero by Rubiss and will grant +30, along with complete immunity to instant death.

Erdrick’s Helmet has a defense boost.

Dragon Quest Here, Helmet is drawn as a part of Armour, is included with Armour in the game’s illustration.

Dragon Quest II Prince of Midenhall was granted with +20 defense by exchanging Helmet with Erdrick Dragon Quest’s emblem in the shine southwest of Tantegel Castle.


To conclude, the lead character of the game and his features and assets like the Sword, emblem, shield, and Helmet were explained. Another name of Hero in the game is Loto in the English language and Roto in the Japanese language. These aspects imply the lead character of our game with all his skills.

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