Dragon Quest 11 Jade Character Explained

Dragon Quest 11 Jade

We will see about Jade, a lead character in a role play game named Dragon quest 11. This game was released firstly for Nintendo 3D in Japan, later globally for Play Station 4 and Microsoft Windows. The main thing is that the critics have declared this game as the best series game and the best new game coming from the design point of view. Till September 2020, over six million copies of the game were shipped.

Let’s begin with the lead character of the game named Dragon Quest 11 Jade, a martial artist. Martina, which is a Japanese name version of Jade. Jade is a feminine version of the Romanian name known as Martinus. Her name surrounds Jade’s complete profile as the meaning is the Roman God of War. It also relates to Martial Artist. Coming to her personality, she is a tall fit lady having purple shaded eyes and a ponytail tied hair of blackish-purple color.

In the game, the default appearance of Jade is a green-colored top with a green leather skirt which is over a pair of black short shorts. She also wears a pair of high-heeled green laced pair of boots. In her hand, she equips a weapon or glaive, which resembles the symbol between Japanese Naginata and the Chinese Guandao.

Dragon Quest 11 Jade – Overview

Dragon Quest 11 Jade - Overview

In her childhood days, Dragon Quest 11 Jade was fascinated by reading tragic love stories of sea sailors and mermaids. She developed this interest after reading the story written by Queen of Dundrasil. The sad thing is that she lost her mother quickly as she was born, but Jade grew up with Queen and was never ignored and would have felt separated when she and her husband visited Heliodor while business trips.

Jade’s favorite cuisine or dishes were deserts, and she has a deep wish inside her to eat abundantly sweet dishes without worrying about gaining weight and becoming chubby. While she gets stressed up, she likes to do is or enjoy burning the incense for diverting her mind from one of her stressed situations, and her most favorite possession is a hairclip, which she wears every time.

Game plot around Dragon Quest 11 Jade

In the world of Erdrea, the Monsters army invaded and destroyed the kingdom Dundrasil, where the game is all ready to kick off. Here, the protagonist of the game is an infant (Luminary) who was helped by Dragon Quest 11 Jade, the exiled princess of Heliodor, to escape during the attack of Dundrasil. After that, he faced many hard times while grown-up, but he was believed to save Erdrea from evil by the world tree Yggdrasil. 

Dragon Quest 11 Jade – Personality

Now discussing her personality, Dragon Quest 11 Jade has a fair amount of good common sense and is very understanding to other people who respect them and their needs. Jade is very courageous and has great dignity. However, while discussing herself, a softer side of her gets highlighted when she is with a hero who protects him as an elder sister and shares a deep bond with him. Even in the game, she cannot save the Hero. She has a strong desire in herself to protect someone.

Dragon Quest 11 Jade - Personality

As the game whirl around exploring the Virtual world and different monsters attack, it becomes necessary to know about the definite characters and nature. This article pivots on one of Jade’s prime characters, who play a vital role in the overall game plot of Dragon quest 11. Jade, a martial artist, can fight with her fisticuffs, multi fleet ability against a target with a high defensive rate, who was also highly attracted by charming the enemy with her bonking beauty.

Dragon Quest 11 Jade Goofy side

Often, in her childhood, she was described as a tomboy who would often get scolded by her father to roam around the city everywhere. This made her a great martial player and a warrior in the future. She has immense courage and dignity and a strong desire to protect someone or something with her physical strength.

Dragon Quest 11 Jade is physically very much strong in her beliefs; she will never accept “no” for any answer. Jade is physically a lot stronger, especially in the legs section, as she utilizes them mostly while kicking. During the young days or in youth, she was called Tomboy by the surroundings. She used to get scolded regularly by her father, and the reason was, she used to run around everywhere. Later, this side took her into a martial artist’s journey, and she became a warrior.

Jade is a very hardworking, dedicated woman who protects Luminary in any condition. But due to some situations, she could not save Luminary, and in the past, this breaks her inside. Despite all of these things, Dragon Quest 11 Jade is very soft-spoken towards other people. She gets mingled up and quickly develops friendships after joining the group. We know Jade is closer to Rab and acts like an elder sister to her, but we understand why she is close because they have spent years wandering Erdrea together.

Dragon Quest 11 Jade – Abilities

Spear is one of the most aggressive characters that makes her excel in the game. With her spearing ahead ability, enemies are more likely to damage higher.

Multi thrust is one of the attacking options she often made to create massive destruction on multiple targets at a time. 

Fisticuffs using leg sweep is a single target attack that attempts to knock down an enemy, but the success rate is 75%, and it also dependent on enemy’s resistance.

Jade’s Claw path would drive Jade to a back seat, as it causes less damage to the target than Fisitcuffs and Multi thrust. Jade’s claw path’s abilities had similarities to that of Rab, a capable spell caster and martial artist who often fights with heavy wands or claws.

Jade’s Allure Path is considered the most benefits compared to the rest of her abilities once her grid expands. Every ability in this path had a greater impact on enemies, which is done by her charm. Puff puff, Sexy Beam, Femme fatale, and Pink Tornado is considered to be most destructive than her other abilities.

Puff puff, a single target attack that attempts to attract an enemy with lesser damage as if the enemy has greater resistance.

Sexy Beam causes heavy damage to a single target with 25% of beguiling an enemy. Enemy resistance also factors into the success rate of Beguilement.

Femme Fatale, an impact made by Jade’s charm, with a 10% chance of inflicting sleep by causing heavy damage to the enemy.

Pink Tornado,  an all-target attack that damages and can fool an enemy.

Kickboxing, a basic attacking practice used by Jade in order to display herself as an enemy where she uses only kicks instead of spears and claws. She can learn new skills that can target multiple enemies at the same time.

Dragon Quest 11 Jade – Appearance

Dragon Quest 11 Jade - Appearance

Despite being an aggressive female fighter, Jade makes her the most beautiful character of the game by her feminine look. She has a high ponytail, but her hair is still down to her knees.

Jade, A Princess or A Tomboy

With the perfect blend of masculine and feminine beauty, Dragon Quest 11 Jade maintained a balanced personality throughout the game. She made herself ideal in the game, whether to participate in a beauty contest or a fight against the enemy. Her powerful and brave character proves that she never gets afraid of seducing the enemy, even insignificant battles.

Final Words

At last, we conclude that Dragon Quest 11 Jade is a strong physical character and the lead. As it shows, Jade has seen many struggles and describes her physical and emotional strengths.

Of Japanese Computer role-playing games ( JRPGS), Dragon Quest XI was considered to be the best in the Dragon Quest video game series by many critics. Meanwhile, a secondary view also prevailed for traditional practices’ superfluity and less innovative game designs.

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