Power of Persona 5 Affinity Reading Explained

Persona 5 Affinity Reading

We all have the habit of imagining ourselves like a hero or heroines. We try to imitate their dialogues, their actions and jump around exactly like them. Likewise, kids have a fantasy to dress exactly like Barbie and Spiderman. But what happens to a person’s role play when one grows up? And to feed the hunger for your role-playing comes the game Persona 5.

Persona 5 Affinity Reading is one of the best features that is provided in this game. It is a role-playing video game that got released in 2016. It revolves around a school student known by Pseudonym Joker transfers to a group of vigilantes known as the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts.”

This game was developed by P-Studio and got many critical comments. But the game’s worth got a high rank due to its art, direction, gameplay, story, visual presentation, and story. As a result, it has won several awards and was considered one of the best role-playing games of all time. Many game lovers voted for this game, which resulted in releasing different versions.

Records prove that the game has sold over 4.6 million copies and has shaken the world with its brand entry. It is said that the themes and the story were inspired by Picaresque fiction, and the Personas that are present in the game are taken from the rebels in Literature. It involves role-playing and dungeon crawling that are given in social scenarios.

What is Affinity Reading?

In this game, Persona 5, you must mingle up with other characters and rank their points UP. A player should try hard to find a confidant, and Persona 5 Affinity Reading helps you with this. If a confidant is ready to rank up, then it says “UP.” In case if a confidant has nothing near to their name, it means that even if you are hanging out with them, your rank won’t change.

Persona 5 Gameplay

This is where Persona 5 Affinity Reading is used. After doing an Affinity Reading with a confidant and then hanging out with them will increase your rank “UP.” You don’t have any particular time period to do it; you can do it either day or night, and it doesn’t demand any advance time.

How Does Persona 5 Affinity Reading Work?

Persona 5 Affinity Reading works in the easiest way it can. The players don’t feel complicated in working with it. Persona 5 Affinity reading work is to replace bonding sessions with your confidant. It can’t rank up by itself; rather, it pushes the confidant to be ready to rank UP when you hang out with someone the next time. It may require 1 reading or more than that. It depends upon the confidant’s power. For example, a player took merely 3 readings for Sojiro.

How Many Points Is Affinity Reading?

Persona 5 Affinity Reading will grant you 1 Confidant Point (minimum value) for the person you choose. It can either be boosted up or can be done as a free action. It is boosted up by having a Persona of matching Arcana and by scoring high on exams. Persona 5 Affinity Reading seems to be confusing at first, but it helps you in so many ways when you practice. Also, it costs less, and the number of coins you earn will be more than what you spent.

Do Affinity Reading Stack In Persona 5?

Persona 5 Affinity Reading Results

Every player tries to use Persona 5 Affinity Reading with the aim to increase a confidant’s rank up. So it is natural to think of using it very often. But can it be possible? A player can do multiple Affinity Reading before a confidant ranks them up.

It is possible to do multiple Persona 5 Affinity Reading on a single confidant, but you can do only one Affinity Reading per day. Some confidants need more than 1 Affinity reading to make them rank up, but you have to wait for another day to get the next Affinity Reading. Spending time with confidants helps to reach the point they will rank up.

How Do You Increase The Points Of Affinity Reading In Persona 5?

You cannot try to increase the number of Affinity Reading in Persona 5 because it is limited to 1 per day. If you have used it in a day, you have to wait for the next day to get another Affinity Reading. But you can increase the points that you get from them. If you have a Persona of matching Arcana and by scoring high on exams, you can multiply your points.

Do You Need A Matching Persona For Affinity Reading?

While using Persona 5 Affinity Reading, the need for matching Persona depends upon the confidant that one chooses. When you have a normal meeting with another character, you must have the appropriate person on you. You need not check whether it is equipped or not. A persona of the Arcana of the confidant does affect the effectiveness of Affinity Reading. A player should have the matching Arcana Persona with you for the character whom you plan for the reading.

Other Reading Skills In Persona 5

There are merely 7 different reading skills including Persona 5 Affinity Reading. They are,

  • Luck Reading
  • Money Reading
  • Affinity Reading
  • Fate Reading
  • Special Fate Reading
  • Fusion Alert Reading
  • True Affinity Reading

To know about further reading skills, stay tuned.

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