All 68 Dragon Quest XI Recipe Locations

Dragon Quest XI Recipe Locations

Hey guys, as we know, we have a fantastic relationship with the Dragon Quest XI game in the last few articles we saw about “Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors.” Today we will have an in-depth look into the “Dragon Quest XI Recipes.”

Dragon Quest XI Recipe Locations are the special hidden treasures that contain a recipe book. With this recipe book, you can craft weapons, armor, items, and outfits. Finding each recipe book can be tricky due to its hidden nature. This post will go through all the recipe locations and their rewards.

What is Dragon Quest XI Recipe?

Dragon Quest XI Recipe

In Dragon Quest XI, there are Recipe Books located in the various locations of the game and in which the play can collect them. Players can use these books in this mini-game, and they can help the crafted by the players in the game, which can help gear up their gameplay. But remember, Users cannot find these recipe books easily if they do not explore the game’s surrounding locations.

After that, automatically, the recipe gets added into the forge menu, which players will utilize for crafting further once the player found it. A player should try to claim them as soon as possible so that it is easy for them to benefit and upgrade their various equipment upgrades, saving money and reducing the hassle of purchasing from the shop.

The player can seek the recipe during this game in various ways. The only standard practice is to explore and check for the “Red Book” within the bookshelves while visiting every town. The second way is to complete the side-quests, which offers the recipes because of the fruit of rewards, after accepting that a player can check and see whether the provided recipe may be a reward within the quest menu. A number of them will give the player powerful recipes early within the game, and one should try and keep a watch on them.

Coming to the ultimate method, it’s by looking into treasure chests. It’s the smallest amount standard methodology, but you’ll discover the chest recipe available around the island. Just a player should know that they must never miss these items.

Dragon Quest XI Recipe Locations

Dragon Quest XI Recipe Locations

Here below, we can find the list of locations of all the recipe book with their recipe in Dragon Quest XI –

Recipe BookLocation of the Recipe BookRewards
First Forays into ForgingIn the Manglegrove Camp One Bronze Sword is available.
Economies of ScaleManglegrove Camp near the Wood Cutter’s HutA Scale Armour is present.
O Holy KnightCobblestone Revisited inside the ChurchReward available – Templar’s Uniform.
Put a Feather in Your CapKingsbarrow a Treasure Chest locationFeathered Cap is rewarded.
Twenty-Four Carats of ClassHotto situated outside the rear of barGold Ring is received.
An Introduction to ArmourHotto hidden behind InnAward – Bronze Armour
I Love Iron ArmsIt is the reward after completing Smiths and Sparkly Spots QuestOne – Iron Broadsword Second – Iron Claymore.
I Love Iron ArmourLaguna di Gondolia in Treasure Chest located near Central WetlandIron Armour is available.
So You Want to Be a WitchNear, Gallopolis inside the Bookshelf located in InnLamp Post is rewarded.
Furry Fineryplayer receives a reward for walking on the Wild Side QuestReward received is Fur Poncho.
Cutting-Edge KitIt is the reward received for in The Lovely Letter QuestBroader Sword is received.
Filigree for Fun and ProfitLocated at Gondolia near Bookshelf inside the ChurchGold Platter is awarded to the player.
A Slender Sword of Solid SilverMoving into Laguna di Gondolia it is inside the Treasure Chest present in Western WetlandReward found Silver Rapier.
Rings Around the WorldIt is located at Insula Australis inside the Treasure ChestStrength Ring is available as a reward.
Smithing with SteelNear, Zwaardsrust Region inside a Bookshelf at Warrior’s Rest InnPlayer is rewarded with a Steel Broadsword.
Building Butterfly Bric-a-BracIn the Octagonia location within the Bookshelf inside the OrphanageBatterfly Knife is obtainable.
The Dapper ChapReward available for Skincare and for the Fierce and Fabulous in the QuestDapper Doublet is accessible for a player.
Dress Like a DrasilianRuins of Dundrasil is found inside the Treasure ChestA player can access Drasilian Helm.
Your Crafting Career Starts HereIn the location of Puerto Valor Bookshelf present in the villa south of Item ShopPrize available is Jolly Brolly.
All Things NiceFound in Puerto Valor with a Man near entranceThe prize inside the box is a Cute Cap.
Make a Whip-Roaring Success of YourselfReward for Anything in the Love QuestA player with benefited from Beastly Bullwhip.
Sweet Stuff for SwindlersThe player is the reward for Shiver me in the Timbers QuestA player is gifted with Swindler’s Scarf.
Down the RabbitholePuerto Valor Casino, along with that 500 TokensBunny Ears, is rewarded inside the box.
Crafting Comforting ClothingIt is inside the treasure chest of Insula Incognita The reward player can avail is Robes of Serenity.
Building a Blade of Blistering Brutality Treasure Chest near Lonalulu Cautery Sword is being availed to the player.
My First Pearly PiecesLonalulu inside the BookshelfReward present is a Pink Pearl Ring.
Next-Level NeckwearInside the Bookshelf of L’AcadémieStar of Clarity is awaiting as a prize.
Fine and Dandy DesignsL’Académie’s second reward is also present in the BookshelfSmart Suit is received to the user in gameplay.
Lashings of ClassIt is in the Part of Making Things Right QuestQueen’s Whip is there as a bonus.
Kit Fit for a King30 Mini medal stamps are availableCrown of Dundrasil is one of the major rewards hidden here.
Electrifying EquipmentEerie Eyrie is available near the Treasure ChestLightning Staff has been provided.
Build Better Birds’ FeetThere is another Treasure Chest in Eerie EyrieCrow’s Claws is available as a reward.
Dragony DesignsPhnom Nonh in the BookshelfThe available award is Wyvern Wand.
Secrets of the SilversmithsThe next location Phnom Nonh near Magic KeySilver Tiara is obtainable.
Making the Magic HappenMoving on a further place is Gallopolis in the Magic KeyThe hidden prize is Hocus Locus.
Divine DesignsFurther player should travel to Gondolia near the Magic KeyThe player is rewarded with Seraphic Sceptre.
Classy Clobber for Kingly KidsThe player should travel to Zwaardsrust  Magic KeyPrince’s Pea Coat is provided to a player.
Supercool KitSnaerfelt inside the Treasure ChestThe player can obtain Winter’s Wing.
Platinum ProtectionNext location is Hekswood; which is inside Treasure ChestPlatinum Platter is offered to the player.
Platinum PowerIt is in Sniflheim near a BookshelfPlatinum Sword hidden as the reward.
Platinum PlatingThis book is at Puerto Valor in the Bookshelfthe player can collect a Platinum Headgear.
Favourite Fashions of the Masters of MagicInside the Bookshelf of Royal LibraryWitch’s Hat is present.
An Anthology of Elemental EarringsThis recipe is located at The Royal Library inside the BookshelfAsbestos Earrings are offered in this location.
That’s MagicIt is a reward for a Cold Crush QuestMagic Shield is accessible by the player.
How to Outdo the UndeadThe reward is at the First Forest inside the Treasure ChestThe player receives a Zombie Slayer.
The Devil’s in the DetailsThe next location is at Heliodor Castle in the BookshelfDemonsbane is available as a prize.
A Recipe Book of Regal RegaliaAt Heliodor Castle inside there is a BookshelfKing Axe is available as a reward.
Little LifesaversNear Heliodor Castle there is a Treasure Chest available.Care Ring is available as a prize inside.
The Emperor’s New AxeWheel of Harma in the First TrialKaiser Axe is rewarded once again.
Some Reflections on ProtectionIn Second Trial during Wheel of Harma Enchanted Shield is obtained.
Bottling LightningWheel of Harma in Second Trial with15 MovesLightning Conductor is there for the prize.
Corking Kit for KingsProceeding towards the Third Trial in Wheel of HarmaSun Crown is present in the book.
The Mothmask PropheciesPuerto Valor Casino with 1000 TokensDread Dagger is the reward
Gear that GlittersLet us move to the reward available for Delayed Diploma QuestTwinkling Tuxedo has been availed by the player in gameplay.
Glam Gear for Go-GettersReward for Madame Labouche’s Life Lesson QuestTiara Tremenda is the present waiting for the player.
Making the Most of MythrilReward for The Search for the Sage’s Stone QuestThe player receives a Fizzle Foil.
Things to Do with Metal GooFurther, the reward for A Long-Lost Literary Love QuestMetal Slime Sword is the winnings.
Secrets of the Sunken SpiritThis recipe is located near Marking of Momentous Occasion QuestA player successfully rewarded with Full Fathom Fork.
Snowfield StylesIn the Sniflheim Region Treasure Chest is availableThe player is offered with Fenrir Fang.
Gilt GearThe next location is at Gyldenhall in Treasure ChestGold Circlet is rewarded to the player.
Good Godly GearThe next location of the recipe is Lost Land which, is in Treasure ChestSacrosanct Staff is there, as a surprise present.
An Album of Imperial AttireSniflheim Whale Way Station there is a Treasure ChestThe player is awarded with an Emperor’s Attire.
An Encyclopaedia of Expert EquipmentThe Battleground is located with Treasure ChestInside, there is an Ogre Shield.
Brace YourselfAgain in the Battleground, the Treasure Chest present.Life Bracer is the gift for the player.
Sacred Styles for Saintly LadiesIn the Battleground, only another Treasure Chest is situatedGoddess’s Tiara is waiting for the player.
General DirectivesFortress of Fear there is a Treasure Chest located.General’s Jacket is there as a prize for the player.
In Fine Fettle with Liquid MetalAnother Treasure Chest is situated in Fortress of Fear.The player is awarded a Liquid Metal Sword.
Pride of the ValkyriesThe last recipe book at Fortress of fear Treasure ChestThe main asset Warrior Princess’s Headdress is obtained to the player.
Recipe Books Locations and Rewards

Uses of Dragon Quest XI Recipe

The player uses the Recipe Book to collect the players’ rewards in various hidden locations in Dragon Quest XI. As they collect these rewards to upgrade their skills and the players get benefits in the game to compete with other competitive players.

Final Words

Finally, we have come to the end of this article’s journey where we have seen the recipe book with great rewards, and with them, the player can level up themselves and dominate in the game.

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