Destiny 2 Is Removing Old Content In Upcoming Updates

Destiny 2 Is Removing Old Content

Bungie has confirmed that the old contents will be removed from Destiny 2 when the new downloadable content is launched in its next expansion. The subsequent development, Witch Queen, is going to be added in February 2022.

The Destiny 2 developer Bungie Inc. took it to their Twitter to announce Destiny 2 is removing old content from the platform. They reported that the Forsaken campaign would be removed when the new downloadable content appears at its next additional premier.

But before the Forsaken campaign is removed, it will be made accessible for a limited time at the end of the year.

The Forsaken Campaign and The Tangled Shore Removal

The Forsaken Campaign and The Tangled Shore Removal

Destiny 2, which was released on 6th September 2017, will end after nearly four years of being live. Since its release, it has continuously received updates and expansions constantly. So, to keep the crowd of the game under control Bungie Inc. removes contents from the game once in a while and moves it to the vault.

Removing content from the game is not something new. Destiny 2 had previously removed a majority of the content added during the first year of the game.

Again, the developer will also remove the two fan favorites, the Forsaken Campaign and the Tangled Shore location. These two contents are going to be moved to the content vault after being removed.

The removal process will happen after the new expansion is released in February of 2022Bungie Inc. had announced in August that there would be new content available for players, but the removal of the content was not mentioned.

The Forsaken Campaign and the Tangled Shore locations will be removed entirely, and you can not access them in the future too. You also can not access the activities and stories related to these two.

Destiny 2 Is Removing Old Content: The Last GoodBye

But some of the Tangled shore locations that are the Dreaming City and Last Wish Raid will remain available but for the players who bought downloadable content in the year when these two were released.

Destiny 2 Is Removing Old Content: The Last GoodBye

Also, in return for the removal of the content, players will get the Classic raid and three previous PVP levels, one of which will be Fate 1. Before the content removal, the game will also make the Forsaken Campaign available for free to give all players a last bit of happiness.

The game is going to be available for free from 7th December 2021. Players can also access Wish’s latest raid, Forsaken’s exotic weapons, and the Shattered Throne Dungeon in that free access period.

Destiny 2 is currently having its Fate 2, the fifteenth season going on. This season will be on till February 2022 till the Witch Queen is released.

Due to this decision of the developers, the Destiny 2 community is not quite happy and has mixed views on this situation. Though all the data related to the Forsaken Campaign and the Tangled Shore location will be removed, some of the contents will be available, and also the free access will be on in few days. So do not miss the chance.

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