Destiny 2 Disables Telesto Until Further Notice

Destiny 2 Disables Telesto

The Destiny 2’s infamous troubled rifle is back to facing troubles again. It’s none other than the exotic fusion rifle ‘Telesto’.

Destiny 2 Disables Telesto

On 16th October 2021, Bungie Help took it to their Instagram to announce the disabled activities of Telesto in PvP and Gambit activities of the Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost game until further notice.

Destiny 2 Telesto Rifle

According to the sources the disablement of the rifle Telesto is due to the glitch caused inside the PvP mode of Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost.

According to players the rifle Telesto, which projectile motion can be attached to allies in the games is now not taking any damage from opposing guardians inside PvP or even gambit.

This thing is shocking to many players as this is happening as a glitch in PvP. But despite the disabling of the Telesto rifle players can still run around with Telesto projectile attached. Players can also tank the six-shooter supers inside PvP.

History of Telesto

History of Telesto

This is not the first time for Telesto rifle to be in trouble. The exotic fusion rifle ‘Telesto’ was first introduced in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC. Since the starting Telesto has been facing many troubles.

It has been previously disabled because of the infinite super glitches and granting players with god mode. This has been the only rifle among the 100 weapons featured in Destiny 2 to face this much trouble.

The Telesto rifle has a terrible reputation for being on the offensive side of ridiculous exploits in the game’s sandbox rather than being any powerful weapon for any inside activities.

The projectile from the Telesto rifle gets attached to the allies in the game. Previously Guardians have been using the same process.

Also this exotic fusion rifle ‘Telesto’ has an exotic perk which is the “Unplanned Reprieve“, this shoots fusion projectiles that get attached to the target and create a void explosion.

Raiju’s Harness

The exotic fusion rifle ‘Telesto’ is not the only one getting disabled. The Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris’s Hunter’s exotic chest piece, Raiju’s Harness is also getting disabled. The Raiju’s Harness is also creating problems along with the Telesto so Bungie has taken the decision of disabling them till further notice.

Unlike the exotic fusion rifle ‘Telesto’, Raiju’s Harness has been acting strangely in the current sandbox. Following the glitch, in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris, the Raiju’s Harness is granting invincibility to the hunters in all Destiny 2 activities. It is also stopping the super before it actually ends and letting you use super energy for blocking.

The Raiju’s Harness is activated by simply equipping Raiju’s Harness and Middle tree Arcstrider together. Right before the super turn off the blocking mechanism of the arc staff needed to be paired with a dodge with an active super.

This equipment granted an infinite arc staff block and could be used inside every activity.


Though the exotic fusion rifle ‘Telesto’ and Raiju’s harness are disabled for an indefinite time but players are still hopeful for them to make a comeback soon.

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