Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt – Far Cry 6

Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt

The Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt is another eastern region location. The treasure hunt quest location is located in the Felicidad, northeast of the Patriotas Peak camp in Sierra Perdida of the El Este.

This walkthrough of the Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt will guide you with all the required information to complete this quest’s objective in Far Cry 6.

Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt Location

Treasure HuntPassing the Torch
RegionEl Este
Sub-RegionSierra Perdida
Reward1 Supremo-Bond (Resolver Material), Fifteen Wishes (Wrist Gear), SPAS-12 (Shotgun)
XP Reward150 Guerrilla XP

In the eastern region of Yarabi, the El Este is a hotspot of treasure hunt location that you should never miss.

This, along with the other seven treasure quest hunt locations, is situated here. While trying to find the particular region might be confusing, so look for the purple diamond towards the northeast region of the Patriotas camp, and you will find one.

Then the rest of the process is the same as others, you need to read the note in the open world, and you will be reached at the Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt location.


Upon reaching the Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt location you need to complete the objective of the quest to complete the mission and get your rewards.

To do so you need to find and reach the stash which was left by the older generation of guerrilla for the new generation of guerrilla as a gift.

This gift is like a memorial of the older generation of guerrillas to the new generation of guerrillas. Completing this objective will earn you many unique rewards.

Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

To complete the objective upon reaching the Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt location, you need to start by finding a way to access the building and the treasure.

To do so, you will need to direct the power to that area, and for that, you need to flip three orange switches; after doing so, flip the last switch in the open hut.

To find the switches follow the powerlines with the lightbulbs on them; these will take you to your destination where these are located.

For the first switch, you need to follow the power line to the yellow house up the stairs.

Enter the building by smashing the wooden panel blocking the hidden entrance from the right of the building. Inside the house, you will find the switch which you need to turn on.

For the second switch head to the Cyan-colored house up there. To enter the house, you will need to go behind the house.

From there, jump across the platforms to reach the window. There you will find the switch inside the house to turn it on.

For the third switch head into the small hut next to the purple house. Inside the hut you will find the third switch but to enter the hut you need to break down the door.

Upon entering the door and locating the switch turn it on.


After locating and turning the three switches on getting back to the open hut at the bottom. There you will find the building with the treasure. Switch open the building.


With this, you will be reaching the treasure chest and will be completing the objective.


Upon completing the objective you will be getting rewards and treasures. This objective will grant you the rewards of 150 Guerrilla XP, 1 Supremo Bond which is a Resolver material, Fifteen wishes which is a wrist gear, and a SPAS-12 shotgun.

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