Animal Crossing Big Update Upcoming

Animal Crossing Big Update

Animal Crossing’s big update has turned their fans’ world all topsy turvy. Whoever said that good things take time said it right. Quite a long time has passed without any news from Nintendo and now the sudden Animal Crossing update has sent the world abuzz.

Developers at Nintendo revealed their plans of releasing a massive update on Friday night to enormous amounts of reactions from the gaming community in general and their fans in particular.

Read on to find out more about Animal Crossing’s big update!

Animal Crossing Big Update: What To Expect

Nintendo took its own sweet time to announce the huge update but fans have taken to social platforms hounding for even more material whilst talking about their expectations from the coming update.

Animal Crossing Big Update Recipes

In a 23-minute long Livestream, Nintendo managed to spill the beans on the new update. The barista pigeon Brewster makes a comeback and this time gets his own coffee corner.

Explore mysterious islands and experience mellow tunes with The Roost and Kapp’n! What’s more? Katrina – your friendly fortune-teller will make an appearance on Harv’s Island.

Can you hear that weird noise? No? Listen carefully. It’s the Gyroids returning in the massive Animal Crossing update.

Animal Crossing Big Update New Hairstyles

The Animal Crossing: New Horizon is obviously going to have tempting new features that Nintendo can’t help but share.

But if you think the list has ended with just Brewster, Gyroids, and Katrina, you are in for a surprise! Even Brewster has got its new coffee nook when I still have to pay undivided attention to the instructions on the back and still create an unknown potion (or poison?) whenever I want coffee.

Animal Crossing Big Update Ceiling Decor

But what’s the use of crying over spoilt coffee right? After you have stopped feeling sad about my coffee crisis, maybe you could rejoice about the fact that the 2.0 update introduces an enormous amount of new characters and features designed to sweep you right off your feet!

Ancient franchise characters will also make a comeback and will now collectively increase the amount of fun you will have with an expansion of island-building capabilities.

This update will also include the return of the ever-melodious Kapp’n who keeps carrying the players to mysterious islands with never-seen-before resources and rewards!

Animal Crossing Big Update Boat Tours

Both the update and the paid DLC expansion will be available on 5th November. Be patient for a few weeks more and you will be able to enjoy new house exterior options!

Get the decor you have always wanted or try out the new storage expansions! Curl up your hair and check out your look in the mirror or experiment with that one hairstyle you are unspeakably forbidden of trying (the one that will make your parents disown you in real life).

The Harv’s Island including a sole photo booth will also feature a nook that will allow players to purchase from shops roaming non-player villagers like the carpet-carrying Saharah, leather-yielding Kicks, everyone’s “favorite cousin” Redd, and shrub master Leif without them testing your patience further.

The lifestyles of players will be made even better by additional villager activity features. Now you can cook your own food and farm the veggies you want to eat!

Nine new fence types have been added along with an option to customize them. Claim items through Nook Mile tickets put your storage shed to use.

The fun still doesn’t here. The Happy Home Paradise will cost you about $24.99 and will let you explore an archipelago of islands while helping the visitors build their dream paradise homes on the resort.

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