How To Get Pet Simulator X North Pole Wolf

Get Pet Simulator X North Pole Wolf

Pet simulator X North Pole Wolf is one of the exclusive pets amongst the other obtainable and rare pets. There are a lot of limited edition and exclusive pets in pet simulator X. You can use various items and resources to unlock these exclusive pets in the game.

North pole wolf is one of the types of animal in Pet Simulator X with the rarity of legendary pets. It is of three types regular, golden, and dark matter. North pole wolf can get hatched from Christmas tree egg and Egg of many gifts.

Get Pet Simulator X North Pole Wolf

The guide will help us know the information about the North pole wolf and their abilities.

About Pet Simulator X North Pole Wolf

north pole wolf in pet simulator x

The pet is included in the categories of legendary pets in Pet Simulator X. Its rarity is counted under the legendary behavior in the game. You can be allowed to purchase this pet from the mystery merchant. The concept of the Mystery merchants in the game demonstrates the character of a seller that sells exclusive pets of North pole wolf.

The Mystery merchant sells around 65% more affordable pets in the game compared to the traveling merchant. It notes that the North pole wolf is the most vital pet available in the game series in the present states. You are allowed to unlock this pet at the level of 3.78B and allow it to hatch from the Christmas tree egg.

Hatching Procedure of Pet Simulator X North Pole Wolf

You have the advantage of this pet as it is available in the game, but it must go through the hatching process. The initial and individual way to obtain these legendary pets is to permit you to have them from the Christmas three egg and Egg of many gifts. The level of the game is somewhere that influences the possibilities of obtaining these legendary pets.

egg of many gifts north pole wolf

Pet Simulator X North Pole Wolf is capable enough to catch your eyes as it considers the most substantial type of legendary pet. If you are skilled in acquiring these pets, you dominate the game perfectly. In considering the above statements, you are allowed to buy the North pole wolf from the Mystery merchant seller at the cost of a 65% cheaper rate in comparison to traveling merchants.

Process to open Christmas tree egg

Before unlocking the North Pole wolf, you should make it very clear that you have a command to unlock the Christmas tree egg first, as, from this area, you acquire these legendary pets in the game. We have to reach the location of Christmas world to obtain the Christmas tree egg. You can earn these for the cost of 400K in the game resources.

christmas egg north pole wolf

But if you want to hatch the golden variant, you have to pay 3.5M on the game resources. So, remember that before hatching the North pole wolf in Pet simulator X, you should first receive the Christmas tree egg in the game series.

Additionally, the Pet simulator X game series is one of the popular online game setups with numerous followers and you can freely command the game. It considers that these legendary and exclusive pets are the primary attraction in the game. But the chances of their availability are not accessible in this game.

You have the command to hatch the Wolfs from the Egg of many gifts and Christmas tree eggs. The Pet Simulator X North Pole Wolf is one of the legendary pets obtained for the hatching process in the game. So, it is essential to know all facts about the north wolf pet before playing the game setup.


Where can I find the travel merchant?

You might be searching for the travel merchant while chasing the Pet Simulator X North Pole Wolf. But the location of travel merchants is not fixed in the same position for a long time, as they tend to appear sporadically, reappearing and disappearing without any indications. You need to actively look for the travel merchant if you want to make a deal with him.

Is mystery merchant available in the game or it’s removed?

The mystery merchant is still there in the game and can be seen simultaneously as usually, he was available earlier. Earlier, a mystery merchant was seen on every server, but we get to see him in a few servers only after the new protocols.

What is the spawn location of the mystery merchant?

Mystery merchant is mainly seen near the Trading Plaza, or you can head towards the Cave area. But to reach the Cave area, you need to obtain access to it.

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