New World PvP Builds To Make A Powerful Character

new world pvp builds

New World PvP Builds are vital for your survival in the Aeternum. Lead your faction into victory and triumph by starting with the right build. Although players have the option to not engage in player-vs-player clashes, the MMO is certainly built for it. Read on to find out more about both PVP and PVE builds! 

New World PvP Builds 

Every weapon is important in some way or the other, but using the ones that will move you closer to your goals is essential. New World’s combat system is very flexible and open. There is plenty of space for customizing weapon load-outs. You will have two weapon slots, so make sure you keep them both filled at all times.

Cover your weaknesses and use smart weapon pairing to get yourself an advantage over others. Although builds are open for experimentation and there’s no real class-specific build, feel free to try these out. The below-mentioned New World PvP Builds will aid you in your adventure regardless! 

New World Best Tank Build 

First amongst the New World PvP Builds is the New World Best Tank Build. Strength and Constitution should be your main tank stats. Pair the Sword and Shield with the Great Axe to get a tank build. Spend your attribute points on Defender mastery. The Great Axe has a better skill pool than the War Hammer. The Mauler is perfect for crowd control. 

New World Best DPS Build

New World Best DPS Build

The second amongst New World PvP Builds is the DP Build. You won’t regret having a Berserk-focused Hatchet on your side. It is one of the strongest DPS weapons that has a strong set of passives which will help you stay alive for a longer period of time whilst dealing with high damage even when you have low health. This build gets it’s benefits from Strength, Intelligence and a little bit of Constitution

New World Best Healer Build

Next on New World PvP Builds is the Healer Build. This flexible class of New World has only one healing weapon – Life Staff. The Life Staff’s build-depends a lot on your playing style. If you’re playing solo, make sure you pair off the Life Staff with Sword and Shield while keeping the Healing mastery branch as your first priority.

Level up the Swordmaster branch to gain DPS potential that will help you through most fights without breaking a sweat. But if you are a party player, try Protection (because of its AoE buffs) and a ranged weapon, like a musket. This build will ensure your protection while still letting you swap your way between support and DPS roles. Build benefits from stats like Intelligence, Dexterity, and Strengths

New World Character Builds

Aeternum‘s natural dangers give a good chance to players for experimentation of different builds, weapons etc. Players must remember that Hatchet and Spear don’t really compliment each other unless you prioritize the latter’s Zoner skill tree.

Though Hatchet and Bow or Hatchet and Life Staff provide you with either ranged abilities or the option to heal yourself before starting faction wars, it’s essential to figure out your own styles mesh. New World PVE Builds include – Life Staff and Hatchet, Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlets, Great Axe and Hatchet & Musket And Spear.

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