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Vaughn Borderlands 3

You will meet with Vaughn, a non-playable character in the Tales, Commander Lilith, and at the Fight for the Sanctuary and in the Borderlands 3. There is a fantastic fact about Vaughn, and it is that he is a friend of Rhys in the story of this game.


If we discuss the background of Vaughn, no one knows much about his previous life. There is just some information provided that Vaughn was 27 years old when the events of the Tales from the Borderlands, and also, he was once working as an accountant for Hyperion. He is also amazing at playing with numbers and excellent at managing financial issues.

But there is something of a coward, and he cannot handle tense situations very well. Remember that Rhys and Vaughn are perfect friends, or the term best friends is the perfect word for their friendship. They know each other very well from their childhood, and both of them are very close friends with Yvette.


Tales from the Borderlands

In the initial phases of the Tales from the Borderlands Vaughn, he works as a low-ranking accountant under Hyperion available at Helios in Borderlands 3.

Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary

In some cases, between the events of the Tales from the Borderlands and Commander Lilith and the Fight for the Sanctuary. Vaughn has developed himself, and now he plays the role of war chief on the band of bandits. Some moments before the events of the DLC, two characters known as Colonel Hector and New Pandora will attack and capture the fallen Hellios, which is available at the clan of Vaughn. Unfortunately, when there is a conflict going on, the Vaughn will be infected by Hector’s spores and will get damaged.

In the other section of the story, when the Vault Hunters will be able to search and get Vaughn, he will be required to get himself rescued as he is infected with the clan at The Backburner. Further, after performing his rescue task and the repair of the firewall, you will see Vaughn will rise up cheerfully and will agree to help the vault hunters and the Crimson Raiders with releasing the Sanctuary, which was previously captured by Hector.

In the grudge, he will also command the Crimson Raiders to make use of his camp as a base for the time being and execute their operations


Vaughn Appearance Borderlands 3

In the next section of the article, we have mentioned a list of sections where you will be able to meet with Vaughn. They are as follows:

Tales from the Borderlands

Similar to other Borderland’s shooter games, tales of the borderlands is a fantastic adventure-based story game. Here you have the option on how the story roles out. You will experience many ups and downs, and it is entirely dependent on your choice. You can use your keyboard or mouse commands to reply to the situations. Don’t worry. The game will wait for you until you come up with a decision, but there are some cases where you have to make sure about your choices before the clock runs out. In this game, you’ll definitely meet Vaughn.

Atlas Mugged

Atlas Mugged is also popularly known as Episode 2, and it is from the second episode of the Telltale Games titled “Tales from the Borderlands.” In this game, if we follow the Gortys project for a top-secret Vault, Rhys and Fiona are responsible for stealing some of the supplies from the deserted Atlas factory. As you know, the Rhys will try to get escaped from the shadow of Handsome Jack, and there will be multiple groups attempts for learning about the Gordy’s Project while being searched and caught by Hyperion and the Vengeful August.

Zer0 Sum

Vaughn Endgame Borderlands 3

In Borderlands game Zero0 Sum is also popularly known as Episode 1. It is the first episode of the Telltale Games of “Tales from the Borderlands.” The initial phase of the attack will start with Rhys, who will be walking around in a desert. He will ask for Fiona, and it will claim that they can do something from it. He will also search everywhere and will check for a surprising and mysterious figure walking towards you.

Catch a Ride

In Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel game Catch a Ride is one of the famous challenges where the Vault Hunters have the responsibility to ride an elevator car from the bottom to top at the Veins of Helios. 10 Badass Points are waiting for you in the Catch a Ride challenge. There are multiple strategies you can follow and practice to complete the challenge. Alternatively, you can build some of your plans to meet the Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel challenge.

The Vault of the Traveler

In Tales from the Borderlands, “The Vault of the Traveler” is the fifth episode available for you. In this game, The Travel is a Vault Guardian has the responsibility to protect the Vault of the Traveler. You will notice him appearing at the final conflict of the game. It has the extraordinary power of apparently teleporting at any location, and also, he can carry its Vault while traveling the entire universe.

Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary

Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary is a content pack that you can download for Borderlands 2. It will bring for you another story campaign, along with some new and exciting locations and new enemies with brand new weapons.

But you should note an important point that the following DLC is only available for you if you are playing the Borderlands 2 game on your PC with Windows or Mac Operating System followed by PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Ports of Borderlands 2.

Alternatively, it is not available if you play this game on Linux Operating System PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, or VR Ports. Although if you are running Linux, you can install and run the Windows version with the help of Steam Play.

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