All Borderland 3 Eridian Writing Locations

Borderland 3 Eridian Writing

Borderland 3 is the next version of the part 2 series with advanced features in a package of action sequels designed for the first-person shooter role-playing format video game. This game is published and developed by 2K games and Gearbox software, respectively. The platform of borderland 3 are PlayStation 4, Microsoft software, and Xbox One, released on September 13, 2019, and further generated for apple MacOS on October 30, 2019.

Here are some of the Borderland 3 Eridian Writing with the locations of the game, which is a must-visit to find the eridian writings. The list will help you know the exact locations and let you visit the places accurately.

As soon as you reach the location translate those writings and achieve as much reward you can, by following this list you will get the eridian currencies quickly rather than exploring the in-game world and expecting these eridian writings to be visible on their own, depending on your luck and hard work.

Borderland 3 Eridian Writing with Planet Names

Below is the list with planet name followed by the type of eridian writing, edge name, area, and lastly the exact location to get the eridian writing.

Planet Name: Nekrotafeyo Eridian Writing

Edge nameAreaExact location
Desolation edgeInitiated on sub-area of Twilight arcadeFinal chamber near the entrance of Twilight arcade
Desolation edge 2Eridian templeThe exit point of a cave near the cliff’s edge
Tazendeer ruinsTazendeer ruins areaAntechamber near eridian statue
The Pyre of starsThe Pyre of stars areaCOV begins near an elevated platform

Planet Name: Eden 6 Eridian Writing

Eden 6 Eridian Writing
Edge nameAreaExact location
Floodmoor Basin eridian writing oneFloodmoor Basin regionOn the edge of the cliff near beneath a tree
Floodmoor Basin eridian writing twoFloodmoor Basin region Corner of the map near the dinosaur’s nest
The AnvilAnvil regionThe left side of the broken grate near a door on the back wall
Jacobs EstateJacobs Estate regionNear the small swampy area on the backside of the tree
Voracious canopy Voracious canopy regionThe right side of the wall near the left side of the waterfall
Ambermire eridian writing oneAmbermire regionNear the skeleton of a giant swamp creature
Ambermire eridian writing twoAmbermire region Near the giant tree under the root
Black barrel CellarsBlack barrel Cellars regionWith the secret cavern under the waterfall

Planet Name: Promethea Eridian Writing

Edge nameAreaExact location
Meridian outskirtsMeridian outskirts regionOn slabs of rock in the medical’s doctors room
Meridian metroplexMeridian metroplex areaOn the pillar across the medical vending machines and weapons
Lectra cityLectra city areaOn the wall of the abandoned train tunnel
Skywell-27Skywell-27 areaOn the damaged structure near the small area
Atlas HQSubarea of the executive suitsRhys’s office near executives suits
Neon arterialNeon arterial areaThe backside of the stone near-final corridor
Athenas End of the levelOn the small obelisk near the center of the walkway

Planet Name: Pandora Eridian Writing

Pandora Eridian Writing
Edge nameAreaExact location
The Droughts eridian writing oneThe Droughts areaSmall cave entrances near lavender Crowley Varkid
The Droughts eridian writing two—-Tennis dig side near the drought
Ascension Bluff eridian writing oneAscension Bluff areaNear the printing station
Devil’s razor eridian writing oneNortheast of Roland’s rest in Devil’s razor Underground of the skag territory
Devil’s razor eridian writing twoNorthwest of Devil’s razor On the outcropping small stone near the cliff
Splinter landsSouthwest region of Splinter lands Climb over the cliff ridge
Carnivora eridian writing onePandoran campaign Near the cliff on the outskirts
Guts of Carnivora Pandoran campaignWall amidst on the cluster of monitors
konrads hold eridian writing oneThe demon in the dark Mines in Konrad’s hold
Cathedral of twin gods Cathedral of twin gods areaNear the cave system
Destroyer’s riftDestroyer’s rift areaEnd of the hall in the tunnel

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Final Words

I hope, this list will help you to obtain the currencies quicker compared to those who are trying to find these eridian writing on their own. The currencies will let you purchase or upgrade the skills and items which will allow progressing in-game quickly. Always keep yourself updated with us to have an advantage over common players.

This game was designed online for both multiplayer and single players whenever they want to complete side missions and quests for leveling up. The game’s concept was the same as battlefield players allowed to kill the enemies that make them drop weapons when they lose, and winning players get to unlock new abilities based on their experiences.

Borderland 3 allows players to make the game more mysterious as after facing some levels in the main story, you will qualify to translate eridian writing; after that, the players get the reward of eridian currencies and unlocked many grounds.

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