Borderlands 3 Tannis Lab Puzzle Walkthrough

Borderlands 3 Tannis Lab Puzzle

The gearbox software’s action role-playing looter shooter video game Borderlands 3 has new unique features to level up your gaming experience. With all the other features like a massive array of weapons, new colorful characters, and dialogues with a humourous punch with it. But that is not all it has. Now it has some quests and interesting puzzles in it.

Among the puzzles, there are borderlands 3 Floating Cube Puzzle, borderlands 3 Tannis Lab Puzzle. Between the Borderlands Floating Cube Puzzle and the Tannis Lab Puzzle, the former one is easier to find than the latter one as it is in an easily accessible area.

Here in this article, we are going to give a guide to all the Borderlands 3 tannis lab puzzles.

What is Borderlands 3 tannis lab puzzle?

In the new quests and puzzles added in Borderlands 3, there is a very interesting puzzle added. In the campaign segment after completing the first part of “angels and speed demons”, there is a very interesting puzzle known as Borderlands 3 tannis lab puzzle.

As a highly difficult puzzle in the later part of the quests, it is quite difficult to reach and complete this quest. But with this guide, you can get an easy way to reach the Borderlands 3 tannis lab puzzle.

Before starting the journey to the tannis lab puzzle make sure to be around level 28-30 this will give you an easy way and more broad knowledge about the puzzle.

To get to the Borderlands 3 tannis lab puzzle you need a proper direction as it is not easy to find so here is the guide to reaching the tannis lab puzzle below.

Guide To Borderlands 3 Tannis Lab Puzzle

Borderlands 3 Tannis Lab Puzzle Guide

As written above you can reach the Borderlands 3 tannin lab puzzles after reaching the “angels and speed demons quests” and completing the first part. The Angels and speed demon quest begins after reporting to Lilith at the bridge then, making your way to the Devil’s razor. After reporting there you will be given the firepower in Ronald’s rest after Vaughn request that for your assistance to help you in the left part of the game.

From there you need to teleport yourself to the Arrogant Approach fast travel station in Konard’s Hold.

After reaching the Arrogant Approach there would be a waypoint on a low-level region to the northeast. From their trek towards the north across the railyard. After the trekking, you would be reaching the three waypoints which will take the form of the three broken levers. After reaching their search for the way into the Tannis’ lab. Just behind the waypoints, you will find the minecart with a gas canister attached to the back.

By shooting those minecarts with the gas canister you can blast the wall of the warehouse and get into it.

You need to keep following the waypoints and fight all the Tinks, varkids and other pesky foes in your path.

In the Bleedout Smithy, you will come across an inaccessible elevator. There you do not need to focus on that elevator but look for the loose red portion of piping above you. After locating that part fire to that and break that off and break through the ground. From there head through the ground which will lead you to the Crawling Dungeons. From there jump down to the empty elevator shaft and make your way to Tannis Lab which is present in the underground.

Tannis Lab Puzzle Locked Box

But while going there you need to take a minecart with you by meleeing it down a track and staving off some more Varkids. By doing this the lab will be open and you will enter Angel’s light, where the Borderlands 3 Tannis Lab Puzzle is present.

How To Complete The Puzzle?

After finding your way to Angel’s light, the position where the Borderlands 3 Tannis Lab Puzzle is present you need to fire at the four couplings on the nearby reactors. By firing at the reactors it will cause a spark. The little spark in the reactors will start the puzzle.

The Confusion Of The Console

The spark will open the gate to the Tannis lab where you will find the Borderlands 3 Tannis Lab puzzle. On entering the Tannis lab you will find two consoles in the room. One is a large computer console which is directly noticeable when you enter the lab and the other is a small console.

The smaller console is slightly hidden and difficult to find. To find the smaller console you need to look across the bridge that passes under the reactor which is present towards the southern end of the room.

After locating the small console follow the small path to there and flip the switch. To find the switch there you do not need to struggle much. There you would see a large lever to which the two yellow arrows will be indicating. By doing this you would be completing the puzzle. After flipping the switch you need to wait for a few moments as the reactor will be transported across the room. Then after the waiting head to the garage in the Sandblast Scar. By heading towards the Sandblast Scar you would be proceeded to find your victory in the Borderlands 3 Tannis Lab Puzzle.

Here this small one is the real console that will solve the puzzle. But other than the small console a large console is present which is there to confuse you.

There in the Tannis Lab, you will notice a large computer console with light panels with four red and green lights. It is seen that to solve the puzzle players go to turn all the lights red in the correct sequence by hitting those lights in that.

And they think that turning those lights into red in the correct order will trigger the loading of the reactor. But the trap is that there is no correct way to crack it. Even if you try all the combinations you imagine you can not turn the green lights entirely red as the red lights will keep turning green again and again.

This thing is not useful at all but is a form of distraction, it is a decoy to trick the players into thinking that they are on the right track while in reality, they are just wasting their time on useless stuff which is pretty usual for Gearbox software. So beware and do not fall for that.

Conclusion Note

Though finding this Borderlands 3 Tannis lab puzzle may be a bit tough and confusing but it is there just to increase the excitement level of the game. In finding and solving all the puzzles is extremely engaging as you constantly need to find your way to your destination in the middle of nowhere. But in the end, it is all worth a shot.

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