Will the New World have Controller Support?

New World have Controller Support

On 28th September 2021, the New world game got launched. And the question that has been arising since the release dates were announced was “Will the New world have controller support?”


On the 28th of September 2021, Amazon Studio‘s new massively multiplayer online role-playing game, New World is released. The game allows players to explore the fictional island of Aeternum in the Atlantic Ocean which is set in the mid-seventeenth century where the players colonize a fictional land inspired by America.

The game was scheduled to release in May and later in August but now is released in September. This game is going to be a buy-to-play game as there would be no monthly subscription fee.

About New World

Players can play solo or by forming a team of five members. Players can join one of the three factions which are the Mauraders, the Syndicate, and the Covenant. The players can explore a bunch of activities here to like using node resources, craft items, gain control over the settlement, go on a quest, explore the world, fight monsters of that world, or other players.

In the game three travel methods exist where players can forward speed boost, dodge, and climb. In the game players will be getting gold coins to make purchases they can also trade things with players for gold coins.

Controller Support

New World Controller Support Settings

Though the game is having a good response among the players there is still a question surrounding the controller support. Players, who still have not to happen to get the opportunity to have the game yet are wondering as does the game have built-in controller support? Well to answer that the game does not have controller support for now.

But if you want to know if they ever will have that feature then the answer can be a yes or maybe. Earlier in March, the developers tweeted that there would be controller support with the full version release of the New World game.

But as the delay happened in the release of the New World game the plan got changed. The developers informed that due to the delay in the release there would not be controller support on launch.

But that does not mean that it can not entirely support the controller. The game can support the controller but it would be a load of work to do. The creators have said that all of the game’s inputs are re-bindable and can be most accessible with the control device.

If anyone really wants to do all the things to make the game support controller you have to go through and re-bind every single input to a controller.

If this is feeling more complicated then you can download different 3rd party software available which will allow the New World to support the controller. But this feature may not be totally supported in the game.

Conclusion Note

Though it is totally cleared that there is no controller support but it is possible that there will be controller support in the New World as it was actually planned in the first place. So you need to wait to know if it is going to happen or not.

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