New D&D Upcoming: New Version, Rulebooks, and More!

New D&D Upcoming

New D&D Upcoming and fans are quite obviously losing their minds. The next iteration of Dungeons And Dragons will debut in 2024. Although it’s not D&D 6e officially new versions of the core rulebooks will be launched coinciding with the 50th anniversary of D&D! Read on to find out more about New D&D Upcoming, Dungeons and Dragons, the previous edition and the one that’s coming!

D&D : In A Nutshell

Designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, this tabletop fantasy game has been published by Wizards of the Coast since 1997. Characters embark upon a fantasy adventure with a Dungeon Master who acts as a referee and storyteller.

The Dungeon Master maintains the setting of the adventures and the characters interact with their environment while playing it. In Dungeons & Dragons the characters solve dilemmas, engage in battles, explore, and gather treasure and knowledge whilst earning experience points (XP) in order to become more powerful.

New D&D Upcoming?

24 hours ago the official Dungeons & Dragons channel streamed and announced further details regarding the future of D&D. The new D&D upcoming is obviously grand news. But what changes will it have? And are players excited about them? Or is this new version going to wreck the game?

Let’s find out.

A lot many people were already predicting 2024 for a new edition/version release. And surely with the impending arrival of Dungeons & Dragon’s fiftieth anniversary players will once again find themselves bedazzled with lores, myths, otherworldly creatures and strange kingdoms. Players will be expecting the solution of issues that had propped up in the initial 5e edition.

Breaking the news about the new D&D upcoming, the official channel remained as cryptic as ever but kept mentioning it as a “new evolution” and “new version” rather than a “new edition”. While 6e should have been the new thing debuting in 2024, players have admired the official decision to keep the same version but make it better. The popularity of the present version is already at it’s peak and we see no signs of reduction in the excitement of the fans.

We think the 5e version with reworks and improvements would be better as it would effectively eradicate the current shortcomings whilst keeping the charm alive. They have also hinted at 5.5e being “backwards compatible“.

Backward compatible simply means that you will be able to enjoy the old stuff along with the new stuff. Many fans are speculating that the new version will include polishing of the existing rules, reworked PHB classes and subclasses and new features or characters.

The Future of D&D panel included Executive Producer Ray Winninger who was caught saying, “Earlier this year, we began work on the next evolution of Dungeons & Dragons.” In the same panel, new sourcebooks were outlined that will now focus on both classic and brand new game settings. “We really really appreciate that feedback. We’re doing our best to give you the version of the game that you really want,” added Winninger.

The new ruleset is going to be just as compatible with Fifth Edition books and supplements. Although this shinier edition will be designed based on the surveys and feedback from the community, not much has been disclosed about the mysterious evolution.

We can’t really say much more yet about what our plans are, we’re still making them,” said Winninger about the new edition.  “Next year we’ll have lots more to say about the future of D&D … and, probably most importantly, when we’re ready to talk more about our plans next year, we’ll have a lot more to say about how the fans can contribute and help shape this game into all that it can be,” was all he said regarding this iteration.

It sounds like the team has been putting in a lot of effort and hardwork into the new upcoming D&D. A lot of focus has also gone to the fans, the community feedback and reviews.

New D&D Book On The Way!

But a “new evolution” is not all that has sent the fan community in a buzz. Wizards of the Coast has also planned to release a new Dungeons & Dragons book in January 2022. Amazon has already posted a listing for a new Dungeons & Dragons book with the price at $169.95.

Although no other information was posted Dungeons & Dragons already had five core rulebooks released this year and has significantly amped up the the number of tie-in products.

The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

Described as a “a wickedly whimsical adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game” The Wild Beyond The Witchlight was released on 21st September. Every eight years a bewitching Witchlight Carnival opens up in your land.

Mister Witch and Mister Light, the owners, know how to captivate the audience and make them clap till their hands hurt. The magical extravaganza is charming, but is joy the only thing they bring with them?

The carnival is a direct gateway to a Feywild domain unseen and unheard of in the material plane. The schemes and strategies of Hourglass Coven is a nimbus, a black splotch on the whole land. Designed for characters of levels 1-8, The Wild Beyond The Witchlight takes you from an innocent fun carnival to a Prismeer.

In The Wild Beyond The Witchlight you will be able to explore the Plane Of Fairie in the official D&D set primarily based in Feywild, chose from two new character backgrounds – Feylost (characters who grew up in the Feywild) and Witchlight Hand (for characters who work at the Witchlight Carnival).

You can also play either as a fairy or as a harengon, a race of humanoid rabbits. Violence is not essential to either the quest or the completion of it. “The plane itself has almost a transformative quality,” Chris Perkins said.

He also added, “It (the plane) responds to emotions. If you’re feeling sad and you sit next to a rock in the Feywild, an expression of sadness might actually form in the rock; or the clouds overhead might start to take the shape of a sad face. But if you’re feeling happy and joyous, and you’re dancing around in the glade, you might find that the flowers in the glade seem to sway or dance with you; that you can exert as a creature of the Feywild some influence over your environment.

Ruled by powerful Arch Fey, The Wild Beyond The Witchlight is an amazing experience of imagination and storytelling.

Rules Expansion Set

Dungeons & Dragons also announced the Rules Expansion Gift Set that will include three of the of the most recent expansion rulesets along with the Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master’s Guide.

This Rules Expansion Set will be released on January 25th, 2022 for $170 and will also include new printings of Xanathar’s Guide to EverythingTasha’s Cauldron of Everything with the new volume Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse.

Mordenkainen Presents Monsters Of The Multiverse

The new rulebook Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse was recently announced at the Dungeons And Dragons Celebration panel. The new book includes content from previously released D&D rulebooks and 30 playable races found outside of the Player’s Handbook.

The book will also include 250 monster statblocks revised and streamlined in response to player feedback. The book will be released in the upcoming Rules Expansion Gift Set slated to release on January 2022. Several changes have been made and one of them will be spellcasting NPCs and monsters. Traditional spell slots and access to spell will be replaced with Spellcasting actions.

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