Borderlands 3 Star Helix – Weapon Guide

Borderlands 3 Star Helix

The games without weapons are like a king without the crown. The crown gives a majestic look to the king or queen and the same way in a game the use of weapons makes the player play with freedom. It strengthens the players in every possible way it can and is used to defeat any sort of enemy.

Borderlands 3 Star Helix is a legendary item that gives drastic power to the players. Every player really struggles hard to find some ways to get this item. The enemies can never get escaped from their shot. The shining projectiles that it ejects pieces the opponent’s into pieces.

Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing video game that is ruling the gaming world for years. It is a shooter game that blasts the enemies with its different types of weapons and blasters. It can be played either in single mode or multi-player mode and whenever you kill the enemy they drop the weapons and you can collect them and save them.

What is Borderlands 3 Star Helix?

It is a legendary rifle manufactured by Dahl which had a huge response from the players. It is very easy to get and you can get them from any form of loot source. But, to be particular you can highly expect it as a drop from Power Troopers. We know you would struggle hard to figure out its place and so we decided to tell them now, you can find Power Troopers in Atlas HQ on Promethea.

Special Weapon Effects

Star Helix Path

Borderlands 3 Star Helix is known as a special weapon that is quite better without us. When it is been fired it ejects two additional projectiles that make the main projectile travel in a horizontal oscillating path.


When you learn about the Borderlands 3 Star Helix usage you gradually become one of its fans. As we said earlier, it has the capacity to eject two additional projectiles fro per shot that will meet the central projectile at some distance.

How to get Star Helix?

Star Helix is an exclusive weapon that anyone would dream to get it. With the help of this drop, you can possibly do more than you imagine. But many of the players really struggle hard to find out the trick to get the Borderlands 3 Star Helix. Though it is a random source that can be got from any of the sources you can wait for it without knowing from whom you could get this.

And that one place where you can definitely find Star Helix is by defeating Power Troopers. These are the random-spawning group of enemies which don’t only drop this item but also other legendary items too.

And if you wish to find them you can start at the Atlas HQ fast travel point on Promethea and travel towards the courtyard. Stay near to the right of the semi-circle area and climb up the stairs. Stop here, do not enter into the long hallway rather walk towards the opposite side where the Typhon Log is located.

Borderlands 3 Star Helix Drop

And now it is the time to expect the Power’s arrival. The Power Troopers will come over from the top of the wall. There will be nearly more than four to five so be prepared and make a wise plan to separate them so that you can defeat them easily. In case if the Power Troopers isn’t spawning then without wasting your time just exit to the main menu and go back in.

Features of Borderlands 3 Star Helix

Its special and unique features make the players develop trust in this legendary item. Once you noticed its effectiveness you will never get deprived of it anymore. You can just compare these features with the other legendary weapons that you have got.

  • It has 83% when it comes to Accuracy level.
  • You can be consoled with its handling percentage because it backs up to 75% in it.
  • You have the opportunity to reload it very qucikly becuase the time taken for reloading is just 2.4 Seconds.
  • The fire rate of Borderlands 3 Star Helix won’t dissappoint you becuase it has 7.68 for per second.
  • The Magazine Size of this legendary item is 24.
  • When it comes to damage it just overthrows anyother weapon because it has nearly 18255 x 3 points.

Is Borderlands 3 Star Helix still any good?

Many of the players suggest that Star Helix is not good and recommend not to struggle hard to get this weapon. But that’s not the case. You can still burst your enemies into pieces and it’s a very good supporter.

It has the capacity to do triple damage and when it comes to damaging and handling style this never fails to impress you. Though it stands least when compared to all other legendary weapons it never misses its part.

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