3 Ways To Fix BAWSAQ Down For Maintenance GTA 5 Error

BAWSAQ Down For Maintenance

BAWSAQ down for maintenance is a message that the player gets when they try to access BAWSAQ. This has caused a lot of confusion among the fans who wanted to know of a fix that would help them overcome it. Don’t worry as you’ve come to the right place as this article will be focusing on answering the questions related to BAWSAQ as well as what to do if the message pops up saying BAWSAQ down for maintenance. It is an easy fix as this is not a real thing and is just a glitch with an easy fix.

That much being said, let us waste no further time and get to know what to do if the BAWSAQ down for maintenance message pops up; however, before we go there we will need to see what BAWSAQ is at first.


In the video game, Grand Theft Auto V BAWSAQ refers to a website known as BAWSAQ.com which allows the facilitation of stock exchange in the game. This site plays a larger role in the game universe as the player will be able to buy and sell stocks using this website.


The website of BAWSAQ.com is directly linked with the RGSC or the Rockstar Games Social Club. The website is completely driven by the GTA V gaming community. Since the website is heavily community-driven, the value of the stock will be different based on the platform that you are playing GTA V on. 

You will see all the information related to BAWSAQ.com in the Rockstar Games Social Club. Since it’s a community-driven website it is easier for the players to predict the trends on BAWSAQ.com when compared to LCN-exchange.com. This is why all the information can be seen on the Rockstar Games Social Club.

It is to be noted that the player can only access BAWSAQ.com if they have an active internet connection and if the player is not connected to the internet the website would show as unavailable.

Now that we’ve got a basic idea of what BAWSAQ is all about let us get into the topic at hand and try to find out what to do if you are faced with BAWSAQ down for a maintenance glitch.

BAWSAQ Down For Maintenance

We have seen what BAWSAQ is and how to access it, but it’s not always possible to access BAWSAQ. Sometimes when you try to access BAWSAQ, a message will appear saying that BAWSAQ is down for maintenance. However, this is not something that is real and is merely just a glitch that as you may have guessed is easily fixable.

1. Incorrect URL

BAWSAQ Down For Maintenance
BAWSAQ Down For Maintenance

Sometimes when you visit the page you will see a message on the top side of the toolbar which says “BAWSAQ down for maintenance”

What you have to do if you are faced with such a situation is that you have to delete the URL “www.bawsaq.com/error” and then type down “www.bawsaq.com” instead. You don’t need to put the “/list” as the “/” does not exist on the typing keyboard in Grand Theft Auto V.  After doing so should result in the website loading automatically and if you take a look at the toll bar you will see that the URL reads as “www.bawsaq.com/list” 

2. Social Club Login

Social Club
Social Club

Many players have solved this issue by simply logging into their Social Club account again. This re-establishes your connection with the server and makes BAQSAQ working again.

3. Restart Steam

Another method that many gamers have tried and worked on is to exit out of the GTA V game completely. Then go to Steam game launcher and open the game GTA V from the game library of steam. This will result in you automatically logging into the social game within the game itself and BAWSAQ will be available to the players. 

BAWSAQ working
BAWSAQ Working

This glitch has happened to a lot of players of the game and almost all of them were convinced that the site was actually down for maintenance. Now you know that is not the case. Hopefully, you will not be faced with this issue. Even if you are you need not fret as this article has provided what you will need to know if you are faced with BAWSAQ down for maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does BAWSAQ say down for maintenance?

BAWSAQ is heavily community driven so there is a chance that this happens due to the servers overloading but most of the time it is just a glitch which can be easily fixed by changing the URL.

Why is BAWSAQ down ps3?

BAWSAQ was seen to be down on both PS3 and XBOX 360 as the servers were taken offline. The game also was seen to be taking a lot of time to load which results in the freezing of the console.

How does BAWSAQ & LCN work in GTA 5?

The LCN and BAWSAQ are two different sites in the video game GTA V which can be used for in-game stock trading. LCN and BAWSAQ work in two different ways. In LCN, it peaks in one Business day or 24 in-game hours after you do an assassination and begins its decline following that. The BAWSAQ however, peaks immediately after you complete the assassination and begins its decline after 24 in-game hours are completed.

Is BAWSAQ available online?

Rockstar has realised that most people are intelligent enough to invest in the Shark Cards but would not buy them which would result in less money for Rockstar. However, even with all this, the site is still available online with a glitch showing BAWSAQ down for maintenance. Which can be easily fixed.


BAWSAQ down for maintenance is a glitch that is seen in the video game Grand Theft Auto V which made many fans believe that the site was indeed down for maintenance. However, later on, it was revealed that it was just a glitch which is actually very easily fixable. This article has tried to provide you with all the information related to BAWSAQ down for maintenance and act as a guide so that you can fix this glitch should you be faced with it.

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