[Answered] How Old Is Franklin In GTA 5?

How Old Is Franklin In GTA 5

The Grand Theft Auto series seldom reveals its characters’ age in the series story. The same goes for one of the infamous characters named Franklin Clinton. But the Grand Theft fans have connected the dots and found evidence about Franklin’s age.

How Old Is Franklin In GTA 5? At present in 2022, the age of Franklin is roughly 33 years. But there are a lot of rumors around it and an interesting timeline associated with it. Let’s break that down in this post.

Franklin Clinton’s Character Breakdown

Grand Theft Auto 5 has three main characters and Franklin Clinton is one of them, an ex-street gangster from South Los Santos. The Ex street gangster is now working as a repo man for a luxury car dealership. In reality, the car dealership scams people by first selling them highly-priced fast cars and then forcefully taking them back when they miss paying due. Franklin and Michael execute this scam.

During the execution of the scam, Franklin takes help from his friend Lamar’s dog, Chop, who distracts people when he repossesses their car. The team mostly targets the ambitious, rich youngsters as they are an easy target and less of a threat.

How Old Is Franklin In GTA 5?

If you have played the Grand Theft Auto 5, you probably have seen him riding his car, which has a license plate with FC1988 engraved. On decoding the license plate number, many people found that the license plate stands for Franklin Clinton 1988.

Franklin's Car Number
Franklin’s Car Number – 1988

As per fan theories and speculations, 1988 must be a significant year for him. And speculating on his appearance in Grand Theft Auto 5, speculated it to be his year of birth.

Now the question, How Old Is Franklin In GTA 5? It’s a simple math question 2022 to1988 = 33 years.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 takes place in the year 2013, so according to that, Franklin must be around 25, which also makes sense. Though nothing was revealed officially by the official GTA account about Franklin’s age, the fan theories seem pretty evident. So if this theory is true, then his age in the Grand Theft Auto Online’s The Contract, which takes place in late 2021 and early 2022, Franklin must be around 32 or 33 the GTA Online The Contract.

How was Franklin’s relationship with Michael?

Apart from Franklin, the other protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 5, Michael De Santa’s age also has been a topic of controversy in Grand Theft Auto 5. In the game, we see Michael has a fake grave, and on the fake gravestone, his year of birth has been mentioned as 1965.

Michael and Franklin
Michael and Franklin

But on the other hand, in some instances in the game, Michael has been seen making statements that evidence his being born in 1968. So this creates confusion as Michael’s age can be anything ranging from 45 to 48 years old in Grand Theft Auto 5. So Michael De Santa’s two possible birth year has also been a topic of discussion.

Along with Franklin, Michael is also a part of the scamming luxury car dealers. Michael is a comrade that Franklin met during a job and befriended. But as for Michael, Franklin is more like a son to him than a friend.

How was Franklin’s Relationship with Trevor?

Another main character in Grand Theft Auto 5 is Trevor Philip who has a pretty complicated and unconventional past. He is a criminal in a bank robbery and involved in drug dealing and weapon smuggling in Blaine country.

Trevor and Franklin
Trevor and Franklin

Trevor met Michael during a robbery and befriended him, becoming a loyal friend to him. Due to some issues during one of their heists, they believed each other to be dead but later came across each other to work along with each other. Apart from a bitter-sweet friendship, Trevor also plays the role of mentor in Michael’s life in crime.

Unlike Michael or Franklin, there is no information or trivia related to Trevor’s age in the game.

Is Franklin in GTA5 CJ’s son?

Carl Johnson is the underboss of the Groove street family and was the protagonist in the 2004 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Since his last appearance in Grand Theft Auto: The Introduction, he has not appeared in any other franchise games.

Remember, How Old Is Franklin In GTA 5? Since Franklin is 32 years old, and CJ in San Andreas is about 20-30 years. It’s highly unlikely that CJ produced Franklin in 1988.

In the game, Franklin is raised by his non-biological dad, so some people speculate that Franklin Clinton might be the son of Carl Johnson as they are said to be blood-related in some theories.

It may have happened as an affair between CJ and Franklin’s mom in the past. But due to lack of evidence and lack of any similarity between these two, this theory has been discarded.

Though they are not father and son according to some theories and links, CJ maybe Franklin’s uncle. Though the theory has not been proven, some similarity in Franklin and Denise Robinson from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas makes up some evidence. By this theory, Denise becomes Franklin’s aunt as she is married to CJ.

Sadly, CJ has no appearance or easter eggs in Grand theft Auto 5.

Is Trevor in love with Michael?

Trevor and Michael are friends from the past who have known each other for a long time. Talking about the love angle between these two. Trevor has had some not-so-good love relationships in the past. It is partly due to his abandonment issues which are an effect of the emotional abuse he faced as a child. It also affects him well, making him have a maternal nature towards franklin.

It is evident at some point in the game that Trevor might be a bisexual or pansexual. Though there are many theories about Trevor being in love with Michael, there is no clear evidence.

How Old Is Franklin In GTA 5? 32 years in real life. And what about Trevor? Probably the same age as Michael, so, it can be a father-son bond.

FAQs on How Old Is Franklin In GTA 5

Is CJ Franklin’s dad GTA?

There is no solid evidence that Franklin is CJ’s son. So, as of now, we cannot say that CJ’s son is Franklin.

When was Franklin born?

According to the GTA V story and car number plate, Franklin was born in 1988.

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