Bandersnatch FFXV – How To Find and Fight Efficiently?

Bandersnatch FFXV

Bandersnatch is one of the enemy types seen in the video game Final Fantasy XV (also written as FFXV or FF15). The enemy is part of a timed quest and allows the players to gain a lot more QP. This article will contain all the information that you will need to know regarding the topic of Bandersnatch. Information related to Bandersnatch FFXV, such as the description of the type of beast it is also known as Bestiary, the Hunt, Battle, Strategy etcetera, will be listed in this article. Another commonly asked question about Bandersnatch FFXV is where to find the beast, that too will be covered in this article.

That said, without further ado, let’s jump into the world of Final Fantasy XV and understand these beasts.

Bandersnatch FFXV

As mentioned earlier Bandersnatch refers to one of the many enemy types that are seen in Final Fantasy XV. You will be able to fight the enemy in Malmalam Thicket. The Bandersnatch is the boss of the side quest titled Malmalam Thicket and also the Hunt titled The Malmalam Mirage Hunt. You will also be able to find Bandersnatch FFXV to the north of Hammerhead in Leide in a depression seen north of it. 

Finding Bandersnatch
Finding Bandersnatch

Here, Bandersnatch FFXV will be seen as a common regular enemy. You will be able to fight Bandersnatch FFXV as part of a Timed Quest on particular days of the month. The 3rd and the 12th day of the month are when this will be possible and once you defeat the beast you will be able to gain 100 QP. 



They are beasts who have wide jaws and have a bit of an anger issue. They can be seen to be fuming with rage when they are angered. Besides these things, which are glaringly obvious when one looks, very little is known about this species. This specimen is commonly seen in Cleigne and sometimes spotted in Leide.

They can grow up to 54.29 feet and weighs around 38.38 t. 


Bandersnatch the feral and savage animal is a beast feared by all others. This frightening beast has the habit of bathing itself and many bold cameramen have risked their lives to try and capture this moment of vulnerability but in vain. They were only able to find themselves helpless before the bashful terror.

They can grow up to 54.56 feet and weighs around  38.40 t


They are fabled “pets” of the Witch of the Woods. The Malmalam Thicket is said to be off-limits to hunters. For the same reason, they are neither able to confirm nor deny the existence of the beast. 

They can grow up to  54.95feet and weighs around 38.55 t 

Bandersnatch FFXV Battle

Fighting Bandersnatch
Fighting Bandersnatch

The beast, Bandersnatch FFXV is a huge beast who has an incredibly strong and long tail that is able to sweep the party off the ground. However, it is weak against Polearms as well as Lightning. When the beast spins it takes out its very long and strong tail and whips it around before charging at the player. More often than not, this move is followed by a powerful side bash. So try dodging these heavy attacks.

When you are in the Malmalam thicket, you will be able to make use of the command called warp to point, warp high up on the tree. When you have downed the beast Bandersnatch, you will be able to trigger and make use of the team technique known as a cross-chain. Just like other enemies who are huge in stature Noctis will try to fend off the attacks done by Bandersnatch by making use of the fire flask. 

Bandersnatch FFXV Strategy

The Storm Lance is undoubtedly a very good weapon against a Bandersnatch. Attacking the beast’s tail or legs will help stun it, especially by using powerful warp strikes. The player can then assault its face with the Armiger when the Bandersnatch topples over. You can also use a cross-chain if the beast becomes available.

Defeating Bandersnatch
Defeating Bandersnatch

When you are fighting Bandersnatch FFXV near the location Leide, the player should try to use the hit and run strategy. What you will need to achieve this is to strike while warping and then point warp away from the beast before it can launch a counterattack.  However, one needs to keep in mind that there is a high chance that the members of your party would die pretty fast. 

If fighting a Bandersnatch early on near Leide, the player can use the hit-and-run strategy by warp-striking and then point-warping away from it before it can counterattack. However, the player’s party members will likely die quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you fight Bandersnatch FFXV?

The best weapon to make use of while fighting Bandersnatch is the Storm Lance. When you attack the Bandersnatch on its tail or legs, you will be able to stun the beast especially if you are making use of powerful warp strikes. After doing so you can attack its face using the Amigar which will make the beast stumble down. 

Will there be an FFXV 2?

While the universe of FFXV is continuously expanding and growing a full-on sequel is not in the works. The director of the game said in an interview that the developers would like to explore Final Fantasy XV in much smaller ways unlike the other editions of the franchise. 

Did they fix Final Fantasy 15?

The game Final Fantasy XV has had a lot of different patches since the game’s initial release. The new updates added new DLCs, new story scenes and new weapons along with bug fixes as well as other quality of life improvements. 

Is there a prequel to Final Fantasy 15?

 A Series of five anime shorts called Brotherhood was released which works as a prequel to the events taking place in the game. This also helps in the setting of the story as well as an introduction to the heroes you take control of. 


Bandersnatch FFXV is a terrifying beast that has kept many of the players of the Final Fantasy XV awake many nights. Many game players had doubts about how to defeat these curious creatures. This article has attempted to clear your doubts regarding the topic as well as prove all the information that you will need regarding Bandersnatch FFXV. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has provided the readers with the information needed to appreciate and enjoy the game so much more and appreciate the details put into Bandersnatch FFXV by the game developers!

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